Bring The Spa Home With These Dual Shower Heads That Feel Like A Soothing Rainstorm

There's nothing more relaxing than taking a warm shower at the start or end of a long day — and having one the best dual shower heads can turn your tub into a spa-like haven, but be sure to zero in on models that offer you control over the water pressure and flow direction, including features like multiple spray settings, a large stationary spout, and a removable handheld for customized coverage.

While choosing the best dual shower head for you, take your preferred water flow pattern into consideration. Many dual shower heads offer varying modes that eject water with different strengths and pulses out of each section (such as rainfall, misting, or massaging). Along with that, you'll want to pay attention to the product's diverter that controls which nozzle the water will come out of. Diverters for dual shower usually come with either two-way or three-way options. Two-way diverters allow you to only use one shower head at a time, while three-way diverters give you the ability to use each head independently or simultaneously.

When it comes to the hose, you'll want it to have a flexible one that stretches to at least 5 feet so that you can use it freely while the second half stays mounted. This'll come in handy not only for yourself, but also if you want to use it to bathe small children or pets.

Some other features to consider may be sliding bars that allow you to adjust the height of your handheld shower spout, easy installation if you plan to put it together yourself, and chrome finishes that are both durable and decorative.

With these things in mind, it's time to take a look at this collection of the best shower heads with two spouts.

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The Overall Best With Almost 3,000 Positive Reviews

With almost 3,000 positive reviews, this shower head combo is a favorite of many. This set — including the 7-inch stationary spout and the 4-inch handheld spout — features an all-chrome finish, and each head is equipped with six stream settings that massage, mist, pulse, and more. This device offers a three-way water diverter, so you can choose between using one shower head or both at the same time. Plus, it comes with a flexible, 5-foot stainless steel hose that allows you to use the removable spout as a handheld sprayer or an overhead attachment. Plus, the stationary spout is angle-adjustable. This shower head is easy to install on most shower arms and requires no tools. It comes in three finishes total, including chrome (shown here), brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.

What fans write: "I love it! It was super easy to install, only taking about 15 minutes. It is easy to change between water settings and to switch between shower heads. I love having the option of using both heads at once."


Another Popular Dual Shower Head With 1 Extra Water Mode

This dual shower head is similar to the aforementioned option, and it boasts over 1,600 positive reviews (as opposed to 3,000+). However, this one's different because it offers one additional water mode within the handheld spout, bringing the total from six settings to seven settings. Those modes include varying levels of rainfall, massaging, misting, and more. This option is also equipped with a three-way diverter, so both shower heads can be used separately or together. The flexible, 5-foot stainless steel hose allows for customizable use with the 4-inch handheld spout, while the angle-adjustable 7-inch rainfall head stays in place. Again, the chrome finish adds an elegant touch to your shower's existing decor. However, unlike the first option on this list, this one is only available in one shade of chrome.

What fans write: "I love this shower head. Honestly had no idea I was going to be this happy with it. It has several power settings for the water streams, and you can use the two shower heads together or on their own."


A Dual Shower Head With A Sliding Bar

Like others on the list, this dual shower head comes with a flexible, 5-foot, stainless steel hose for easy maneuverability and use. However, this one's different because it's equipped with a 22-inch bar that lets you slide the handheld spout up and down for customizable height and coverage. Both 4-inch nozzle faces feature six different stream settings and angle adjustability — and thanks to the three-way diverter, you can use each of them independently or at the same time. The chrome finish makes it a great addition to any home, and it's super easy to install without the use of tools. This one only comes in one shade of chrome, though.

What fans write: "This product is made with higher quality materials. Easy to adjust the heights between me and my wife. We highly recommend it."


An Oversize Rainfall Shower Head

To get the feeling of standing in the middle of a (warm) rainstorm, this dual shower head is just the thing you need. It's designed with an extra-large, 9-inch square overhead attachment that has an adjustable angle, along with a 4.5-inch shower head that can be placed in the holder or used as a handheld. The removable piece can be operated through push-button control to change between the three settings that range from high-power rain to massage and waterfall. This one has a two-way diverter that allows you to only use one head at a time, while the flexible 5-foot stainless steel hose adds convenience. It also has an all-chrome finish, and it's super easy to install on standard shower arms without the use of tools.

What fans write: "What a luxury to have this shower head! Both the hand held and rainwater shower heads are absolutely amazing."


A Shower Head Combo With Antimicrobial Jets

This dual shower head features two spouts that can each dispense six relaxing settings, ranging from rain and mist to water-saving mode. This one sets itself apart from the rest because it's specifically designed with anti-clog, anti-microbial jets to prevent the growth of mildew and bacteria (thanks to Microban technology, as noted by the brand). The smaller 4-inch shower head comes accompanied with a 5-foot stainless steel hose, and the angle of the stationary 7-inch shower head can be adjusted. Like others mentioned on this list, the three-way diverter allows you to operate each sprayer together or separately. This particular set can be installed without the use of tools in standard showers, and it's offered in one attractive chrome finish with blue nozzles.

What fans write: "The water pressure was wonderful, even with both shower heads on, and with a shower water filter, the water had great pressure. The Microban ensures that bacteria won't build up in the nozzle, and having two shower heads made this one of the best investments I've made."