Stressed Out? These Are The Best Essential Oils To Get, According To An Aromatherapist

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When you're feeling tense, the best essential oils for stress might be able to help. According to certified aromatherapist Jean Liao who works with beauty brand Way of Will: "When applying essential oils, the aromatic compounds travel through the user's olfactory nerves and send signals to areas of the brain such as the limbic system and the amygdala. These areas control our memories, emotions and mood. When stress-relieving essential oils are used appropriately, it helps to relieve mental stress for the users."

Each scent has its own benefits (Liao recommends lavender, rose, and sweet orange in particular for relaxation and stress-relief), but overall quality and production methods are also important factors. "A reputable supplier should have this information for each batch of their oil: common name, latin name, batch number, GC report, country of origin, top chemical constituent profile, cultivation, extraction method," Liao wrote in an email to Bustle. And, Liao notes: "If possible, always buy organic."

Finally, consider the means of use. Essential oils can be diffused into the air, wafted from the bottle, or applied to the skin. (If applying them topically, Liao advises that you always dilute them first.) You can even enjoy essential oils with household items ranging from your laundry to bath salts.

These are some of the best essential oils on Amazon when it comes to stress-relief no matter what your preferred method is.

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The Best Essential Oil Blend For Stress-Relief

With over 800 reviews and a 4.6-star rating, Edens Garden's Stress Relief blend is a favorite with customers on Amazon. It contains sweet orange (one of Liao's recommendations for relaxation), as well as bergamot, patchouli, grapefruit, and ylang ylang. Each batch is tested to ensure purity and GC/MS reports are provided. Plus, you can get this blend in five different sizes, including a pre-diluted roll-on blend. However, it's not certified organic.

One reviewer wrote: "I have been using Eden's Garden Stress Relief synergy blend for a couple of years now. I get so many compliments on how good it smells. I have my husband, mom, and brother using it in a roller ball. I also use it in my diffuser necklace. It is very calming and just really takes the edge off of stressful situations."


The Best Single Essential Oil

"A topical oil should always be diluted with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc.). This is to ensure that when applied on the skin, it doesn't cause damage or irritation," Liao wrote to Bustle. This organic lavender essential oil from Red Silk Essentials comes ready for topical use, as it's diluted with MCT oil and placed in a convenient, mess-free roll-on bottle. All the ingredients are USDA-certified organic and each bottle comes with a lot number and is GC/MS tested to ensure purity and quality. Lavender is a tried-and-true relaxing essential oil that has even been scientifically well-studied.

One reviewer wrote: "Lavender is one of my very favorite scents when I want to relax and unwind, so having pre-diluted lavender oil in a roller is great for de-stressing on long flights and on the go. Can't wait to take this along for my next red-eye!"


The Best Soothing Massage Oil

"This oil consists of lemongrass, peppermint, and German chamomile essential oils," Liao wrote about Way of Will's Soothe and Cool massage oil. "Lemongrass and German chamomile are both sedating oils that help to calm the nerves while peppermint helps to soothe tired muscles." These essential oils are delivered in a nourishing base including organic jojoba seed and apricot kernel oils that hydrates skin without causing irritation, and all of the aforementioned comes in a convenient pump bottle for mess-free application. It's great for relaxation and stress-relief, but reviewers also love it for post-workout recovery and general soothing of any soreness.

One reviewer wrote: "I love this stuff. Added this after exercising and it makes such a big difference, soothes my muscles and smells amazing! I'm gonna try putting some on before bed and see if that helps me sleep."


The Best Essential Oil For Cleaning & Laundry

If you're looking to get creative with your stress-relief aromatherapy, Woolzies's rose essential oil blend is a great way to do so. Dilute some of this into your favorite DIY cleaning solutions or add a few drops to your dryer ball or laundry detergent. The soothing scent will permeate your space or clothing to help reduce stress throughout the day. While no GS/MC report is provided and it's not organic, many customers have even diluted this into bath water or added it to a diffuser with great results.

One reviewer wrote: "Heavenly aroma! It really does smell like roses. I put this on my wool dryer balls which, when not in use, rest in an open box on top of the dryer. That room always smells wonderful and so does my finished laundry."


The Best Bath Soak For Stress-Relief

This Himalayan salt soak is another direct recommendation from Liao, because it's packed with soothing essential oils and uses only high-quality ingredients. It's "a blend of aphrodisiacs (patchouli, ylang ylang, and cedar wood) which is stress relieving and sensual," Liao wrote. "The black pepper helps to increase circulation and relax the muscles," too. You'll find all of this in a base of Himalayan salt, which aims to reduce aches, exfoliate the skin, and deliver essential minerals to the body.

One reviewer wrote: "It smells amazing and luxurious. It makes my whole upstairs smell like a spa, and the scent lasts on my skin, even hours later. I use it in moderation as a treat because of its price, but so worth it."