5 Korean Eyebrow Tattoo Makeup Products That Last For Days

A great eyebrow day can require patience, time, and lots of brow makeup application skill. But if you're tired of losing all that hard work the moment you wash your face, makeup that temporarily tattoos your brows might be the perfect solution. The best Korean eyebrow tattoo makeup comes in the form of a marker that you draw on like any other brow makeup, or a gel that's left to dry and then peeled or washed off. These long lasting, waterproof eyebrow tints are literally made to last for days, so you can stop saying goodbye to your brows on a nightly basis.

Leave it to the Korean beauty industry to come up with a technologically savvy cosmetics solution that can create stained brows that last up to one week. That's one whole week of not having to break out brow liners and meticulously groom yourself in front of a magnifying mirror. That's six extra minutes of your life that you get back each morning. That's a reason to celebrate.

The brilliant Korean Beauty trend of tattoo makeup isn't ubiquitous yet, but that doesn't mean you can't jump on the bandwagon now and make life a little easier on yourself. And you should start with these five Korean eyebrow tattoo tints, which provide incredible pigmentation and won't wash off without a fight.

A 2-In-1 Tattoo Pen & Brow Mascara That Comes In 3 Shades

Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow, $15-$17, Amazon

Because brows aren't all the same color and require more than a tattoo fill in, Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow thoughtfully gives us a 2-in-1 product that is the sole brow tool you'll need. On one end you'll get a brow tattoo pen that defines and shapes brows while depositing lasting color that dyes brows and sparse areas between hairs, and on the other, a brow mascara and wand that keeps hairs in place. The dye formula is gentle and can last 3 to 7 days — and, yes, it'll still be there after you wash your face.

One of the best things about this product is that it comes in three realistic shades: dark brown (for the darkest hair), soft brown (which is best for light hair), and earth brown for medium to dark hair. Reviewers say it does an incredible job of staying in place, even after a long, hot, humid day or a workout at the gym.

A 7-Day Eyebrow Pen You Use Before Bedtime

TONYMOLY Perfect Eyes Gel Tint, $13, Amazon

The key ingredient in this TOLYMOLY Gel Tint is DHA, a sugar-derived ingredient that allows maximum pigment absorption into skin for a waterproof tattooed brow that lasts up to seven days. This is a dark brown eyebrow pen with a thin enough tip to get in between brows and fill them. It's also one that should be used at night: after washing your face (don't apply night cream beforehand) and about 1-2 hours before bedtime, use TONYMOLY to fill in brows and leave it on overnight so that the color penetrates. Peel the brow gel off and if necessary, retouch your brows every 3-4 days to make the color even more long-lasting.

The fine tip is perfect for drawing individual hairs and also allows for buildable coverage — use light strokes or press harder to change the shade of your brows.

A Brow Tint Peel That Won't Remove Brow Hairs

Etude House Tint My Brows Gel, $9, Amazon

The thing about any brow product that peels is that it can leave you in mortal fear of peeling off the eyebrows you work so hard to maintain. But scores of reviewers say Etude House Tiny My Brows Gel is a gentle tint that you apply to brows, leave on for a few hours or overnight (depending on the intensity you desire), and then peel off to reveal perfectly filled-in brows.

This product comes in three color options: brown (for darker brows), light brown (which has a warm undertone), and gray brown, which is a taupe-like shade that works for ashier or lighter brows. Expect to get about six applications with each tube and keep Q-Tips on hand to quickly correct any mistakes before the product dries.

A Bold Brow Tint That's Perfect For Light Hair Colors

Secret Key Self Brow Tattoo Tint Pack, $7, Amazon

If you have lighter eyebrows, it can be challenging to find a brow tint that doesn't leave you with overly dark, inky brows. Secret Key brow tattoo tint is a leave on, peel off formula that comes in a variety of shades — including #2 Mocha Brown, which light-haired reviewers say is perfect for blonde or light brows.

Apply the tint carefully, clean up any mishaps with a Q-Tip, and then leave it on for a few hours so that the color settles and dyes the skin in between brow hairs for a fuller look. Peel it off gently and expect your color to last 2-4 days, depending on the products you use and your exposure to rain, according to one reviewer.

Secret Key comes in four shades: #1 Milky Brown, #2 Mocha Brown, #3 Choco Brown, and #4 Ash Brown.

A Peel-Off Brow Tint With A Warm, Natural Color

Reddy Long Lasting Tattoo Eyebrow Pack, $9, Amazon

A water and sweat-proof stain, Reddy eyebrow tint is applied a few hours before bed and left on overnight for lasting color that's actually a lot more subtle than it is Joan Crawford intense. Carefully peel the tint off starting at the tail of brows and do not use a cleansing product for 24 hours after an application. Reviewers are split between those who crave a bolder brow (which this won't deliver) and those who are fans of Reddy's more "natural" color, which is ideal for anyone who needs to fill in a few small areas or wants to take the brow they have and kick it up a notch.

This tint has reddish undertones, which is perfect for people with red or warm hair colors. Reviewers say this tint lasts anywhere from 2-5 days and that it's simple to use and peels off gently.

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