These Meditation Cushions Are The Secret To Getting Comfy (& Supported) In Your Home Practice

Also known as zafus or bolsters, the best meditation cushions are supportive, made from quality materials, and the right size for your body. As more and more people adopt home meditation practices, the selection of tools keeps growing — which is great in terms of availability, but may make it more difficult to narrow down the best options.

Despite the name, meditation cushions shouldn't actually be cushion-like; instead, they should be relatively rigid in order to keep your spine as straight as possible. Most high-quality brands use buckwheat; these grain-like seeds adjust under your weight and contour to your body, but do so without collapsing. On the outside, look for materials like cotton (or another breathable, easy-to-clean-fabric) for the cover. Bonus points if the cover is removable, machine-washable, and made with a built-in handle for portability.

Last but not least, check the dimensions of a meditation pillow before you make any purchases. The diameter should support most if not all of your bottom, while the height should be tall enough to roll your hips forward, which automatically takes pressure off of your legs and boosts circulation.

With all of that in mind, scroll on for the best meditation cushions on Amazon.

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The Best Extra-Large Meditation Cushion

Most meditation cushions are small and compact in order to promote portability — but if you prefer a larger sitting area, the Florensi meditation cushion is the way to go. With a diameter of 16 inches and a height of 5 inches, it's one of the roomiest options on the market. It's also filled with supportive buckwheat hulls, which you can add or remove to suit your preferences, and it has a 1-inch layer of foam to provide comfortable padding. Finally, the removable cover is made from soft polyester velvet, has an eye-catching mandala design, and offers a built-in handle.

  • Dimensions: 16 by 16 by 5 inches

One reviewer wrote: "We ordered two, one for my wife and one for me. They are very sturdy and very comfortable. I'm a big guy and I was worried that the cushion wouldn't be comfortable but I've been using it twice a day for over a week and I love it!"


The Most Affordable Option

Looking to save some money? Despite its under $25 price tag and free Prime shipping, the Incline Fit zafu has an overall rating of 4.5 stars. The cotton canvas cover can be removed for washing, while the interior is filled with buckwheat hulls, just like the higher-end options. Yes, it's smaller than most, but if you're looking for a deal or something that's extra portable, you likely won't find this level of quality elsewhere. Get it in solid black, gray, or blue, or one of two uplifting patterns.

  • Dimensions: 13 by 13 by 4.5 inches

One reviewer wrote: "Why pay more for a meditation cushion? I had to replace my $50 meditation cushion and took a chance with this one to save money. I love it... Solid construction, zipper to remove the solid black fabric (machine washable), buckwheat hulls and a great price!"


The Best Crescent-Shaped Zafu

Some prefer crescent-shaped meditation pillows because of their ergonomic design; since you'll likely be sitting cross-legged, the flat end presses right up against your calves while the curved end fully supports your bottom. In this category, the Peace Yoga bolster is the best of the best. It's filled with adjustable buckwheat and covered in machine-washable cotton. It also has a built-in handle and comes in your choice of three solid colors. No wonder it has a 4.8-star rating after nearly 300 reviews.

  • Dimensions: 18 by 9.6 by 5.7 inches

One reviewer wrote: "I like this cushion a lot. I am not as limber as I used to be and am not able to sit on my mat and cross my legs without discomfort. With this cushion, I am able to sit, legs crossed and it does not hurt."


The Best Acupressure Cushion

The best acupressure mats have taken the internet by storm, with many saying that they boost circulation and encourage the flow of endorphins. This cushion from Body Quiet takes that same acupressure-point technology and incorporates it into your meditation practice. The buckwheat filling is supportive and sturdy — but the real selling point is the removable cover, which has a built-in lotus flower design that stimulates pressure points in your butt and legs. Get it in your choice of gray, purple, or blue, all with a built-in handle.

  • Dimensions: 13 by 13 by 5.5 inches

One reviewer wrote: "This acupressure cushion has become an indispensable addition to my meditation practice in the few days that I've been using it. [...] I've used an acupressure mat for a long time, and the acupressure flowers on this pillow have a terrific additional benefit."


A Two-Piece Cushion That's Worth The Splurge For An Intensive Practice

Yes, it's an investment, but if you spend ample time on your meditation cushion each day, it's a worthy one. The Awaken Higher Self set comes with two components: a U-shaped meditation cushion and a comfortable meditation mat. They're filled with supportive buckwheat and soft cotton — plus both 100% cotton covers are removable and washable. While the design prioritizes your comfort, it's also made for longevity, thanks to the reinforced outer layers and sturdy zippers. This set is available in gray, orange, or purple.

  • Dimensions: 31 by 27 by 4 inches

One reviewer wrote: "I've been meditating for about two years now and finally decided to buy a proper cushion. What a game changer this was for me. I went from meditating on the floor for about 20 minutes to meditating with this set for an hour with no pain or numbness."