This Weird Pillow On Amazon Can Do Wonders For Neck Pain & Headaches

Filled with grain hulls instead of foam or feathers, the best buckwheat pillows offer a firm, supportive consistency that some sleepers prefer. First used in Asia, buckwheat pillows have gained a reputation as the best pillows for migraines and neck pain. As a result, they've skyrocketed in popularity and are now readily available on leading retail sites, including Amazon. That said, not all buckwheat pillows serve the same purpose, so before you make the investment, it helps to prioritize your needs.

First, consider the size and shape of your pillow. Buckwheat is heavy — the bigger the pillow, the more buckwheat is needed to fill it. Consequently, if you're looking for a travel pillow, you may want to opt for a smaller size. The ideal shape depends largely on its intended use: rectangular pillows are best for sleeping, roll pillows for neck or cervical support, circular pillows work as floor or seat cushions, U-shaped pillows offer neck support during travel, and bolsters are great as yoga props or reading pillows. For the cover, you'll want pure cotton or bamboo — best for breathability and comfort, especially for sensitive skin.

This list has prescreened pillows to include only those whose filling consists of 100 percent genuine buckwheat hulls, meaning the manufacturer hasn't supplemented with cheaper, less supportive filling (namely cotton or shredded foam). Additionally, all of the options below include a zipper feature, which allows you to customize the amount of buckwheat, impacting the pillow's loft and density.

No matter which size or shape you're looking for, these are some of the best buckwheat pillows on Amazon.


The Overall Best Buckwheat Pillow On Amazon

For the highest-rated, most well-rounded buckwheat pillow on the market, this one from ComfyComfy secures the top spot. Filled with 5 pounds of U.S.-grown buckwheat hulls (cleaned without chemicals), this pillow comes with a 100 percent pure cotton twill case, but you can buy without the case. The case's zipper feature allows you to personalize loft and density with the 1 pound of additional hulls that come with your purchase.

The classic size is large enough to support your head and neck while taking up minimal space on your bed or in your suitcase.

Size: 14 by 23 inches

Reviewers say: "An excellent product from an exceptional seller. I never gave much thought to a pillow until I had discomfort in the morning. Now my buckwheat pillow is a prized and essential possession. [...] And the seller has the best customer service I've experienced on Amazon."


The Most Affordable Option (And The Best For Travel)

Instead of investing in a full-size buckwheat pillow, many buyers opt for a smaller one, which serves two purposes: a compact travel pillow and a supplemental pillow to a standard bed pillow for neck-conforming support at a reasonable price.

The space-savvy Sachi Organics small buckwheat pillow has an organic cotton canvas zipper casing to add or remove hulls and boasts a 4.4-star rating. At $22, it's extremely cost-efficient, considering most other buckwheat pillows are three times the price.

Size: 9 by 15 inches

Reviewers say: "This is my third buckwheat pillow in about 20 years. I love the way it conforms to my neck no matter what position I lie in. Great for relieving sore neck muscles. The size is just right for throwing into my suitcase when I travel, so I don't need to worry about hotel pillows being too hard or too soft."


The Largest Buckwheat Pillow

This king-sized buckwheat pillow is ideal for those who prefer a spacious, firm pillow that stays beneath your head despite tossing and turning. Since this pick is large and heavy, it's not the best for travel — but its 12 to 15 pounds of buckwheat hulls conform to your spine instead of collapsing like foam. Finally, this pillow is covered in unbleached cotton with a zipper for loft and density adjustments.

Size: 20 by 36 inches

Reviewers say: "It looks right on my king-sized bed and [gives] me lots of room to pick a spot at night." Another buyer says, "I like a firm pillow. This forms around my head and there's no movement unless I shift, and then it shifts with me. I'm getting better sleep than with my old standard pillows."


The Most Comfortable Buckwheat Roll

For those looking for neck or cervical support, this buckwheat roll pillow offers a versatile, cylindrical shape. The 100 percent buckwheat hulls are encased in a hypoallergenic and mite-resistant bamboo cover, which can be removed for washing without the hulls spilling out, thanks to the cover's dual layer. Plus, the inner buckwheat-hull cover also has a zipper to adjust the pillow's loft and density.

Size: 17 by 6 inches

Reviewers say: "I've been using Buckwheat pillows for about 2 years. I use the pillow roll version for reading in bed as it sits well on my Buckwheat sleeping pillow. I also use the rolls to rest my Kindle on when reading in a recliner chair."


The Best U-Shaped Travel Pillow

For a more breathable and supportive travel pillow than air or memory foam alternatives, this U-shaped travel buckwheat pillow has over 200 five-star reviews for good reason. Easy to pack, this pillow keeps your spine in an ergonomic position while sitting upright and comes with a soft, cotton-polyester zipper cover that allows for buckwheat density adjustments, cover removal, and washing. Choose from four different colors: black, red, orange, or navy.

Size: 12 by 13 inches

Reviewers say: "I fly a lot including transatlantic flights. I won't fly without my Bucky pillow. It is very comfortable, molds to the shape I want, and doesn't take up too much space."


The Best Buckwheat Floor Cushion

For an extra seating option or meditation, this buckwheat floor cushion has rave reviews. Available in six colors, each pillow has a convenient handle to move it from one spot to the next. The machine-washable zipper, cotton casing is strong, heavily stitched, and openable for buckwheat-hull adjustments. The dense buckwheat filling the pillow comes with promotes optimal posture. Finally, the crescent shape tilts your body forward so your spine is positioned vertically.

Size: 18 by 9.6 by 5.7 inches

Reviewers say: "This little pillow is surprisingly sturdy. The shape makes it easy to sit comfortably on the floor for long periods of time, tilting the pelvis at just the right angle to properly align the spine."


The Best Buckwheat Bolster Pillow

Initially designed for restorative yoga practices, reviewers have since found use for the Brentwood Home Crystal Cove bolster as a daybed cushion, a pregnancy pillow, or a reading husband. Certified vegan and made of non-toxic, natural materials, this pillow's washable organic cotton inner cover zips open and closed to allow for buckwheat-firmness customization. Just note the outer cover also zips off and so is washable, but made from a stretch-knit not the same organic cotton as the inner cover. The dense 12 pounds of buckwheat filling conform to support your whole body.

Size: 25 by 11 by 6 inches

Reviewers say: "My husband bought this for me for my birthday — it's fantastic. It's pretty enough to sit on our chaise lounge like an accent pillow (no need to find a place to store it) and it's firm enough to provide support as a yoga (or pregnancy) bolster!"

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