5 Comfy Socks For Cowboy Boots That Won't Slide Down & Are Great For Sweaty Feet

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When it comes to finding the best socks for cowboy boots, grabbing any old pair from your sock drawer just won’t do. To keep your feet as happy as possible, you’re probably going to want to invest in socks that will provide great height, breathability, and cushioning.

For starters, you’ll want to purchase a pair that's high enough to reach your calf muscles while offering the ability to stay up (so you won't find yourself constantly pulling at them all day). Getting a tall pair with ribs or elasticity around the top will help keep the socks in place, while also protecting your boots from rubbing and chafing against your skin. Spandex in the makeup of your socks is a good choice, because it'll help add some stretch that's needed to keep them in place.

With that being said, the socks' overall material construction will also be an important factor in your decision-making process. Great cowboy boot socks are often made with moisture-wicking fabrics that keep odor and sweat at bay while also providing breathability. Merino wool and polyester are often used because of their moisture-wicking capabilities. Acrylic is another popular moisture-wicking material, but many types are not as breathable as the others. (It still boasts the ability to retain heat, though.) Meanwhile, a nylon blend is also viable when it comes to boot socks, because nylon can wick water away, too.

Whether you're looking for long socks, short socks, or something budget-friendly, you're sure to find the best socks for cowboy boots on this list.


The Best Socks For Cowboy Boots, All Things Considered

Made with a blend of 35% merino wool, 35% acrylic, 28% nylon, and 2% spandex, FoxRiver's knee-high socks are soft and comfortable to wear underneath your cowboy boots. They have a high rating on Amazon and feature patented Wick Dry technology that offers extra moisture control. Plus, the reinforced nylon toe-and-heel boxes provide added strength and durability where it's needed most. Not to mention, the product's "memory-knit" design also helps them keep their shape — and their fully-cushioned legs provide comfort throughout each and every wear.

What fans say: "Best boot socks! Feet are nice and warm and sweat is wicked away completely!"

  • Sizes available: 6 - 12


The Best Budget-Friendly Socks For Cowboy Boots

Wrangler's Western boot socks are big on style, quality, and value. This fan-favorite is made of 80% polyester, 17% nylon, and 3% spandex, which also makes them breathable and moisture-wicking. And at less than $20 for three pairs, they're also super affordable. Not to mention, these socks come with some arch support, padded soles (with half-foot coverage), and enough elasticity to stay up without being too tight around your legs. You can buy them in three colors: black, gray, and white.

What fans say: "Love these socks with cowboy boots! They don’t slide down!"

  • Sizes available: 6 - 9


The Best Cowboy Boot Socks For Cold Weather

Constructed with 60% acrylic, 20% merino wool, 17% nylon, and 3% spandex, Realtree's wool-blend boot socks will help keep your feet warm and comfortable in inclement conditions and beyond. Their naturally moisture-wicking components prevent odor and sweating — and, just like other options on this list, their reinforced heels and toes offer maximum durability. They also feature an impressive stay-up design and cushioned legs. However, these don't offer any arch support. Still, you can buy them in two shades including navy and olive.

What fans say: "They're perfect with boots of any height, don't bunch at the toes, and the cuffs don't slip down. LOVE them & plan to get more."

  • Sizes available: 6 - 9


Another Heavy-Duty Sock With More Color Options

With five colors to choose from, Carhartt's boot socks offer plenty of options when it comes to socks for cold weather conditions. Similar to the boot socks by Realtree, these are made with a blend of acrylic, wool, nylon, and spandex that's designed to keep your feet warm and cozy when you need it most. However, unlike the other cold-weather option, these feature a mesh ventilation system for ultimate breathability. But thanks to the added "FastDry" technology, they're also completely moisture-wicking.

What fans say: "These are warm and comfy, fit great in cowboy boots. Also helped w circulation. Would order again if needing boot socks."

  • Sizes available: 4 - 12


A Pair For Low-Cut Cowboy Boots

Dan Post's Cowgirl crew socks are designed with a blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex — and they're great options for anyone who wears shorter Western boots or is just looking for a lower reach. They feature added support around the arches and ankles, along with cushioned soles that provide comfort. Plus, the Sta-Cool yarn in these socks make them extremely breathable and antimicrobial. These come in a pack of four, so they're less than $10 each.

What fans say: "Love these socks! They are the best boot socks!"

  • Sizes Available: 7 - 10

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