These Waterproof Socks Will Keep Your Toes Totally Dry — & They Come In Fun Designs

As you probably know, walking around in wet socks is not only uncomfortable but it can also lead to further issues down the line, like bacteria buildup and blisters. In order to avoid situations such as these, it's important to find the best waterproof socks to help your feet stay dry and comfortable in wet situations.

While choosing a pair that's right for you, there are a number of things to consider, such as sock height and material. Will you need a pair that can be submerged into water up to your knees, or an extra-thick pair with non-slip grips? You'll also want to factor in your comfort preferences, because that's very important. Some waterproof socks have reinforced heels, and others are lined with wool.

As a general rule of thumb, waterproof socks are typically made of three layers that protect the feet from outside conditions. Usually, there’s a breathable fabric outer layer, a water-repellent middle layer, and a comfortable lining that's made of moisture-wicking material that'll help your feet stay comfortable and dry.

In addition to the aforementioned prototype, there are other socks made of different absorbent materials (like neoprene) which offer waterproof protection for activities such as diving and swimming. However, these types of materials generally tend to be less breathable than layer-protective socks.

The key is to find great waterproof socks that meet at the intersection of function, comfort, and breathability. Here's a list that'll help you find your next pair.


The Overall Best Waterproof Socks With Mid-Length Height

These Randy Sun Waterproof Socks are made with three-layer construction, so they're waterproof, yet breathable. Thanks to their mid-length design (that's not too tall and not too short), they'll provide coverage without being overbearing. The socks are also comprised of antibacterial materials that'll help keep odors at bay. Additionally, they have a windproof feature that'll offer extra protection in inclement weather. The socks even come with a reinforced heel and toe that'll give your feet long-lasting comfort without the wear and tear. You can choose from over 20 different colors and prints.

Reviewers say: "Went snow boarding, my feet stayed warm and dry the entire day, no issues."

  • Available sizes: XS to L


A Knee-Length Waterproof Sock With Wool Linings

These waterproof socks by SealSkinz are ideal if you're looking for something to give your feet and legs maximum coverage. The stretchy knee-high design has an outer layer made with nylon and elastane (aka spandex), a middle "hydrophilic membrane" that's waterproof, and a cozy inner fabric made of moisture-wicking merino wool. The triple-layer design makes these socks breathable, comfortable, and ready for just about any high-performance situation. They also have elasticated ankles for extra comfort and flexibility.

Similar to the previous pair, these socks are windproof. However, they don't come in any additional colors.

Reviewers say: "These socks work great with my rubber boots in cold, muddy and wet conditions. My feet stayed dry and warm all day in adverse weather."

  • One size fits most


The Best Ankle-High Waterproof Sock That Won't Be Too Visible

Similar to the previous Randy Sun selections on this list, these ankle-high waterproof socks are constructed with triple-layer protection, featuring a waterproof membrane and an antibacterial lining to keep your feet comfortable and dry. Each sock features a lightly-padded, non-slip sole and extra heel support, making them great options for strenuous activities that don't need full leg coverage. They're great selections if you prefer short socks that aren't too visible.

Like the other Randy Sun options, these are windproof and come in various different colors. However, they're much shorter than their mid-length counterparts.

Reviewers say: "These are great. I wear them with my pool shoes and it makes my exercise in the therapy pool very comfortable."

  • Available sizes: XS to L


A Low-Cut Waterproof Sock That’s Also Sand-Proof

Thanks to their low-cut fit, anti-slip soles, and neoprene-constructed design, Hevto Waterproof Socks are great for diving and other water-related activities like snorkeling, rafting, surfing and more. Like the others, these socks are soft and pliable — but they're also sand-proof and easy to walk around in (even if you're walking on gravel or rocks). That makes them must-haves for beach sports, such as volleyball and soccer.

Unlike various other waterproof socks, these don't come in multiple colors. They are, however, great picks for anyone who isn't looking for full-leg coverage.

Reviewers say: "I will never be without a pair of these perfect beach socks. I live on the Oregon coast and I've been walking five miles a day ... at least 4 days a week in only a pair of the low booty socks."

  • Available sizes: XXS to XL


Waterproof Statement Socks With Bamboo Linings

These MEIKAN Waterproof Socks are perfect for anyone who's trying to make a statement while staying totally dry. Unlike other socks mentioned on this list, they only come in various bold prints featuring bright shapes and designs. However, similar to other waterproof socks that I've mentioned, they also boast windproof triple-layer protection with a waterproof membrane. The inner lining on these socks are made from a combination of bamboo rayon and nylon, which makes them comfortable and breathable. On top of that, the soles, toes, and heels of these socks feature a "COOLSUN" fabric that'll prevent any unwanted moisture.

Reviewers say: "True to size, comfortable, and yes they do help keep your feet dry in wet conditions. I have not had them long enough to give a[n] opinion on how much wear they can handle, but if they hold up well to constant use, then I would say they are a[n] excellent pair of sport sock all around.

  • Available sizes: S to XL

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