If Your Sign Is One Of These 5, You're REALLY Going To Feel The Effects Of This Month's Full Moon

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This month's full moon, also known as the pink moon, has been referred to as the most magical full moon of the year. While the April 29 full moon has gifts and lessons for every sign, the zodiac signs that the April 2018 full moon will affect the most might have a few challenges to overcome. "The Scorpio full moon is always deeply transformative and is one of the best times for letting go and cleansing away things that no longer serve you," Intuitive Astrology revealed on its website. "Scorpio represents death, rebirth, and unconditional love. It also represents the stages of consciousness, or the peeling back of layers. At the core layer, Scorpio energy brings us the power of unconditional love, but on the surface layers, Scorpio can bring us ego and greed."

For those who harness the magical energy of the pink moon without any ulterior motives, the rewards include stronger relationships, time for much-needed self-care, advances in professional development, and an overall sense of well being. However, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Leo must make conscious choices to use the April full moon's energy to their advantage so it doesn't manifest as a draining life force. "Around the time of the full moon, pay attention to what new insights, thoughts or feelings emerge for you," Intuitive Astrology explained. "This may be a time of deep introspection, or you may feel the need to also retreat and protect your energy from the outside world."

What's more, "feeling extra sensitive may be a definite side effect of the April full moon, so be sure to protect your energy field and be kind toward yourself and others." For Sagittarius, which has a tendency to open its energy field to almost everyone, being an ongoing sounding board and confidant for every person on the planet without taking the time to replenish their own energy fields could leave this sign feeling sluggish and worn out. "A full moon occurs in water sign Scorpio, the sign before yours, and you can feel more emotional but may keep that to yourself, not wanting to burden anyone else," The Dark Pixie Astrology explained. Therefore, Sagittarius-born people need to make sure they are seeking out as much love and support as they're giving to others.

The twinning nature of Gemini usually allows this sign to travel in opposite directions without any problem. But, the pink moon might have the twins favoring pushing forward without taking time to rest, which could result in one side of Gemini's duality becoming a proverbial parasitic twin. Gemini, ignoring your own well being could mean that all of your effort is for naught, which is why it's important to stay balanced during the April full moon. "You may take on a lot, which can cause a lot of stress, so try not to push yourself too much," Intuitive Astrology advised. While a full moon in the sign of Scorpio could bring welcome gifts to this sign, it depends on how Scorpio decides to use the moon's energy.

While being aloof and emotionally distant usually works to your advantage, Scorpio, that's not the case with the pink moon in your sign. Astrology King noted on its website that this full moon will focus on your intimate relationships. You'll be able to identify pain points and deepen connections if you're willing to open yourself up to others and take off your usual mask of mystery. For Aquarians who are used to charting their own courses without any obstacles, the April full moon will identify which projects need your attention and which ones you should abandon because you're just not that passionate about them.

Basically, it's perfectly fine to admit that you're just not into something or someone, as long as you're kind when you walk away. "You can make progress with the goals you’ve worked hard and smart at and really care about, or experience setbacks or delays with goals you don’t care much for or need to change your approach with," The Dark Pixie Astrology explained. Listening to your gut is more important now than ever before, and it's vital for you to dispel any self doubt in order to make informed decisions that are right for you. "You can focus on making good impressions and connecting with the right people, and may finalize long-term plans."

Leo, while everyone loves being around you all of the time, your relationships can't sustain themselves on admiration alone. In general, you're good about giving back as much love as you receive. However, the go-go-go speed of 2018 may mean you've neglected some of your most important relationships. The April full pink moon in Scorpio is an opportunity to identify personal and professional relationships that need some nourishment. "Sundays full moon in Scorpio focuses attention on your home, with family and other close relationships, especially with women. You are likely to be more emotionally sensitive than usual. The aim here is not to react too emotionally, not to take things too personally under this influence," Astrology King advised.

"However, the full moon itself focuses on the benefits of the planet Saturn which are preparedness, steadiness, determination and final success. It brings the stability and security to crystallize recent changes and make them permanent improvements." For every sign in the zodiac, like everything else in life, how you harness the energy of the pink moon is really up to you. While it might seem like the pink moon is giving some signs a pass on anything difficult, it's important to look at any struggles highlighted by the April full moon as opportunities to make things better. Because, that's the least you deserve. and the pink moon wants to help you get everything you want if you're willing to listen.