The 56 Most Comfortable Things On Amazon Under $35

When I think of cold weather, images of cozy fireplaces, fleece sweaters, and warm slippers always jump into my mind. But keeping comfortable when the weather is below freezing isn't always easy. Snow, rain, or even sleet can quickly get you feeling the winter chills — that's why I've made this list filled with some of the most comfortable products you can find on Amazon.

Comfort isn't just about what you wear — it's also the sweet somethings that you surround yourself with at home. For some, it's a pair of faux fur throw pillowcases. To others, it's an ultra-soft sherpa blanket that keeps you warm while it's snowing outside. No matter how you define the word "comfortable," I've made sure to gather some of the absolute best products out there for this list.

So whether you're looking for a few splashes of color to help decorate a monochromatic home, or you're in the market for a pair of memory foam pillows, there are tons of clever Amazon products to choose from that can help keep you feeling cozy. So what are you waiting for? The weather is outside may be frightful, but perusing through this list, on the other hand, is delightful.

by Lisa Fogarty

1. A Basic Tunic That Looks Amazing With Practically Anything

From denim, to leggings, to leather pants — this basic tunic is the perfect piece to pair with practically anything. It falls below the hips with a relaxed fit, plus it comes in two different shades: light heather grey or black. Available sizes: x-small — xx-large

2. These Fleece Tights That Are Incredibly Warm

Stay toasty and warm on cold winter days with these fleece-lined tights. Unlike other tights, these ones are completely opaque, and there's enough stretch in them that it's easy for you to stay comfortable.

3. A Shaggy Throw Blanket Made From 100% Plush Microfiber

Whether you're getting cozy for a movie, or you're just taking a quick nap, this plush throw blanket is practically a must-have. It's made from ultra-soft microfiber that feels incredibly luxurious against your skin, and draping it over your couch is an easy way to change up the textures in your home.

4. The Heathered Socks That Are Super-Cozy On Chilly Toes

The next time your feet are feeling frosty, make sure to put on a pair of warm, cozy socks like these ones. These socks are super-thick which makes them a great alternative to slippers, and they're available in eight different colors.

5. These Memory Foam Pillows That Are Extra-Breathable

Unlike other memory foam pillows, these ones won't trap your body heat and cause you to sweat since they're extra-breathable. They contour to the shape of your head and neck for added comfort, plus the removable cover is hypoallergenic.

6. These Furry Slippers Made With Plush Memory Foam

These fuzzy slippers are made from thick, cushioned memory foam that springs back to life after you've worn them. They have an anti-slip sole so that you can easily wear them outside to grab the mail, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that they're as "soft as rabbit fur!"

7. This All-Season Comforter That's Lightweight, Yet Warm

If you're looking for an all-season comforter, search no further than this one. Not only is it lightweight, but it's also able to keep you warm when the cold winter wind is howling outside your window. There are eight corner and side loops that help prevent it from shifting if you decide to use it as a duvet insert, and some of the color options are even reversible.

8. The Trendy Shearling Jacket That Instantly Updates Your Look

Made from faux fur with an oversized collar, this shearling coat is an easy way to update any winter look. It's available in 17 different colors, including red, pink, navy, and more, plus the baggy fit makes it perfect for layering.

9. These High-Waisted Capri Leggings That Come In So Many Colors

Not only are they incredibly stretchy, but these high-waisted capri leggings also have a hidden pocket on the waistband where you can stash keys or cash. They're available in dozens of colors, including strawberry, orchid haze, blue moon, and more — as well as your basic blacks and grays. Available sizes: x-small — xx-large

10. These Cute Sneakers That Are Water-Resistant

Meet the cutest, most lightweight sneakers that you can pair with practically everything from denim to dresses. They're water-resistant so you won't have to worry about accidentally stepping into a puddle, plus the bow tie on the top is adorable.

11. These Fluffy Slippers Made With Super-Soft Fleece

Made from super-soft fleece, these slippers are made with a springy memory foam insole that contours to the shape of your foot. The sole is also waterproof, as well as anti-slip so that you can wear them inside, and outside.

12. The Chunky Wool Blanket That Looks As Good As It Feels

This chunky wool blanket feels like a warm security blanket, but also adds a gorgeous pop of color to practically any room. Unlike other heavy-duty wool blankets, this one feels incredibly soft — not scratchy.

13. This Elegant Shawl That Looks Great With Skinny Jeans, Leggings, And More

Add instant color and life to a basic pair of leggings or jeans — this warm shawl has a loose fit that makes it perfect for layering. It comes in more than 20 colors and prints, and the fashionably jagged hemline extends to below the knee.

14. The Colorful, Warm Shawl Made From Soft Cotton

Add a beautiful pop of color to practically any outfit with this warm shawl. You can wrap it around your neck, underneath a coat, or even drape it around your shoulders for a little extra warmth — and the tassels are a cute touch.

15. A Chic Area Rug Made From Faux Sheepskin

Step out of bed and onto this amazingly soft faux sheepskin area rug — it's like a comfortable pillow, but for your feet. It's available in a variety of different sizes to fit practically any room, and the faux leather bottom prevents it from sliding across your floors.

16. A Body Pillow That Gives You Support Where You Need It

Keep your back, legs, hips, and neck comfortable while you sleep by using this body pillow. It can be positioned to suit practically any sleeping style, and the hypoallergenic fiber fill is great for anyone who is sensitive to dust mites.

17. These Velvet Leggings That Are Incredibly Warm

The weather outside might be too cold for leggings — unless you decide to wear these velvet ones, of course. They're lined with fleece to help keep you warm when it's chilly outside, plus they even look cute layered underneath a skirt.

18. A Pair Of Sweatpants Made With A Warm Sherpa Lining

Go for that early morning winter run, or just stay inside with coffee on the couch — these sweatpants lined with warm sherpa are ideal for either scenario. They have a relaxed fit along with two side pockets, plus you can grab them in navy, red, pink, and more. Available sizes: x-small — xx-large

19. The Travel Pillow That Contours To The Shape Of Your Neck

Get some quality sleep during that long commute or flight with the help of this supportive neck pillow. The memory foam filling contours to the shape of your neck for added comfort, and the cover is made from soft microfiber.

20. An Orthopedic Knee Pillow That Can Help Keep Your Spine Properly Aligned

If you experience back or hip pain, the solution could be as simple as incorporating this orthopedic knee pillow into your routine. This high-density memory foam filling helps support your hips for better spine alignment, and the zippered cover is removable so that it's easy to wash.

21. These Microfiber Bed Sheets That Are Stain-Resistant

More than 55,000 reviewers are raving about these microfiber bed sheets. Not only are they wrinkle- and stain-resistant, but they're also available in more than 40 colors. Each set comes with two pillowcases, plus they're even resistant to dust mites.

22. The Lumbar Support Pillow That Attaches To Your Car Seats

When you spend hours upon hours sitting in an office chair or car seat, your lower back can start to suffer. This lumbar support pillow is made from memory foam so that it provides cushion where you need it, and the adjustable buckle makes it easy to install.

23. A Cushioned Mat That Can Help Prevent Foot Fatigue

Simply swap your current floor mat out with this anti-fatigue mat, and it can help reduce tension as well as prevent soreness in your feet. The foam contours to the shape of your feet to help keep you comfortable, and the edges won't curl to help prevent you from tripping.

24. This Lace Bralette That Won't Leave You Feeling Itchy

Who says you can't wear a pretty lace bralette like this one without being completely comfortable? The adjustable straps let you customize how much support it provides, and unlike other bralettes made from lace, this one won't leave you feeling itchy.

25. The Fuzzy Sherpa Pullover For Keeping Warm On Cold Days

Wintery weather got you feeling chilled? This fuzzy sherpa pullover is an easy way to keep warm, and the kangaroo pocket is a great place to store your phone, or even just keep your hands toasty. It's available in 18 different colors, including beige, white, black, gray, and more. Available sizes: small — x-large

26. A Silk Pillowcase That Can Help Reduce Frizz And Bedhead

Made from 100% Mulberry silk, this pillowcase is an easy way to help reduce frizz in your hair, as well as prevent bedhead. It won't leave creases in your skin like traditional cotton pillowcases, plus it's available in dozens of colors, including red, black, purple, blue, and more.

27. This Shaggy Indoor Rug That's Perfect For Bare Feet

Early mornings, bare feet, and this shaggy rug — they all go hand in hand, especially when you're feeling chilly. This rug is designed with super-fluffy velvet that feels extra-soft against your feet, and it easily wipes clean with a damp cloth if it ever gets dirty.

28. The Reading Pillow That Helps Support Your Back

Read, watch TV, and enjoy your relaxation time while taking the pressure off of your lower back with this comfy reading pillow. Unlike other support pillows, this one has a pocket where you can stash phones, remote controls, and more, plus the handle on the top makes it easy to transport.

29. These Chic Throw Pillows Made From Velvet Corduroy

These pretty throw pillows are an easy way to help elevate the decor in your home, plus they're also incredibly comfy — great for naps, Netflix, and more. They're made from soft velvet corduroy, and the invisible zipper adds to their elegant appearance.

30. A Cozy Throw Blanket Made From Super-Plush Sherpa

Drape it over yourself whenever you're feeling cold, or even take this sherpa throw blanket with you to stay warm while you travel. It's made from ultra-soft sherpa, and comes in eight neutral colors that can easily match the decor in practically any room.

31. An Absorbent Bath Mat Made From Soft Memory Foam

Step out of the shower and right onto this soft memory foam bath mat. Unlike other bath mats, this one dries super-quickly so that you won't have to step onto a soggy mat hours after your bath, plus it even has a non-slip backing.

32. These Faux Fur Throw Pillow Covers For A Luxurious Look

Elevate your room in an instant with these faux fur throw pillow covers that are every bit as luxurious as they look. They're machine-washable in the event they ever get dirty, plus the invisible zipper won't catch onto your hair or clothes.

33. The Sleep Masks That Won't Put Uncomfortable Pressure On Your Eyes

Give yourself the gift of better sleep with these contoured eye masks. They're made from soft foam, and the contoured 3-D shape won't put uncomfortable pressure on your eyes. The headband is adjustable for added comfort, plus they're particularly great for anyone who suffers from insomnia or migraines.

34. These Stylish Ballet Flats Made With Memory Foam Insoles

Unlike most ballet flats, these ones have a springy, supportive memory foam insole that contours to the shape of your foot for added comfort. They're great for casual days around town as well as business outfits for the office, and one Amazon reviewer raved that they're "very comfy, even after 10 hours at work."

35. These Bluetooth Headphones You Can Comfortably Wear To Bed

If you love falling asleep while listening to music, these soft Bluetooth headphones are practically a must-have. They're made with HD stereo speakers for clear sound quality, and if they ever get dirty, you can easily remove the speakers from the band to wash.

36. A Knit Leopard Scarf That's Every Bit As Warm As It Is On-Trend

Jazz up simple outfits with this one accessory — a knit scarf in a fun, punchy animal print. Reviewers say the scarf is fantastic quality (which is even better because it's affordable), plus it's warm, fuzzy, and even holds up in the wash.

37. The Basic Bikini Panties Made From Breathable Cotton

Even if your current lingerie collection consists of more lace than cotton, these bikini panties are the underwear essential that practically everyone needs for comfy days. They're made from a blend of cotton and stretchy elastane, plus there are zero itchy tags to bother you.

38. A Seat Cushion Made With A Smooth Velour Cover

If you spend a lot of time sitting at work, you may feel the consequences in your lower back. This seat cushion can be placed practically anywhere, and its memory foam filling can help alleviate tailbone, hip, and back pain. The velour cover is removable so that it's easy to wash, plus you can even use it while driving.

39. These Fluffy Throw Pillow Inserts Filled With Feather Down

Filled with soft feather down, these throw pillow inserts are also breathable since they're made from lightweight cotton. The stitched design helps prevent feathers from sticking out, and many Amazon reviewers noted how they're "well-made."

40. A Sherpa Chair Cushion That's Super-Soft And Comfy

Made with an Oxford cloth exterior that's waterproof, this sherpa chair cushion is a great option for anyone looking to add some comfort to practically any chair. It's available in a variety of fun colors, plus you can even use it in your car.

41. This Adjustable Twist Pillow That's Made Out Of Memory Foam

For any frequent traveler, this twist memory foam pillow is super-useful. It's able to adjust and twist in all different kinds of shapes so that you can easily relax with comfort, and the snap closure makes it easy to attach to your carry-on bag.

42. A Compression Eye Mask That Can Help Alleviate Headache Pain

If you experience migraines or tension headaches, this compression eye mask can help alleviate pain. You can keep it in your freezer as an easy way to help yourself cool off after a long day, and it conforms to the shape of your face to block out light.

43. This Square Floor Pillow That's Versatile And Comfortable

Made from 100% chenille, this square floor pillow is a soft, cozy option when you've run out of chairs for guests. The edges are scalloped to give it a super-cute appearance, plus it's available in four different colors: aqua, blush, grey, and ivory.

44. A Foot Rest For Comfier Traveling

Ideal for constant travelers, this foot rest is great for anyone who is prone to muscle pain and stiffness while sitting for long periods of time. You can use it on planes, busses, or even underneath your desk at the office, and the straps are adjustable for added comfort.

45. This Memory Foam Toilet Mat That's Dries Super-Quickly

This memory foam toilet mat is comfortable, soft, and warm. Unlike other bath mats, this one also dries super-quickly, and the non-slip backing helps keep it securely in place without sliding around.

46. A Foot Rest That Helps Keep You Comfortable While Traveling

Ideal for constant travelers, this foot rest is great for anyone who is prone to muscle pain and stiffness while sitting for long periods of time. You can use it on planes, busses, or even underneath your desk at the office, and the straps are adjustable for added comfort.

47. This Turkish Bath Towel With Over 1,000 Positive Reviews

Lightweight and durable, this Turkish bath towel is made out of 100% cotton that's super-breathable. It's great for bathrooms, trips to the pool, or even days at the beach, and it dries quickly so that you're not left carrying around a soggy towel.

48. These Towels Made From 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton

These 100% Turkish cotton towels are certified by Oeko-Tex, making them free from any harmful pesticides or chemicals. They're also vat-dyed in order to help keep their vibrant color, and the hems are double-stitched for added durability.

49. A Toilet Stool That Folds Down For Easy Storage

Just put your feet on top of it when you're ready to "go," and this toilet stool can help make eliminating waste an effortless experience. It's able to support up to 500 pounds, and the gripped surface helps keep your feet stable while you use the toilet.

50. A Pair Of Headphones That Are Waterproof

Since these Bluetooth headphones are waterproof, you can easily wear them outside while jogging in the rain. The battery lasts for up to eight hours when it's completely charged, and they even help cancel outside noises so that you can better hear your music.

51. This Heated Massage Pillow That Can Help Soothe Sore Muscles

With three different speeds to choose from, this massage pillow is a great choice when it comes to soothing tired muscles. Each order comes with a protective cover to help keep it clean when you're not using it, and the built-in heating function is great for those extra-sore days.

52. A Pair Of Headphones That Are Waterproof

Since these Bluetooth headphones are waterproof, you can easily wear them outside while jogging in the rain. The battery lasts for up to nine hours when it's completely charged, and they even help cancel outside noises so that you can better hear your music.

53. The Skinny Jeans With Made A Super-Stretch Fit

Jeans don't have to be uncomfortable — especially when you're wearing this pair of super-stretch Levis. The vintage look makes them stand out from regular blue jeans, plus they won't stretch out and lose their fit like most pants.

54. A Pair Of Orthotic Shoe Insoles That Can Help Alleviate Pain

It doesn't matter whether you have pain in your metatarsals, arches, or heels — these orthotic shoe insoles can help soothe your feet into comfort. They're designed to work with neutral, low, as well as high arches, plus they even fit into most dress shoes.

55. The Shoulder Wrap That You Can Use Hot Or Cold

Keep it in the refrigerator to cool down after a long day, or pop this shoulder wrap into the microwave to help soothe away pain from sore muscles. It's filled with weighted clay beads that help stimulate your deep tissues, and the cover is made from breathable velveteen fabric.

56. A Pair Of Soft Insoles Made From Plush Sheepskin

If you love the way your UGG boots feel on your feet, then try putting these sheepskin insoles into your shoes. They're just as soft as your UGG boots, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that "they are comfortable, and versatile enough to fit several different types of shoes." Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments. This article reflects price at publication and may change.