Say Good-Bye To Sweaty Feet With These Breathable, Moisture-Wicking Socks

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For some, socks are an afterthought. Sadly, those are usually the same people who end up with blisters and slippery, sweaty feet — been there, done that, no thank you. Investing in a pair of the best bamboo socks might not be as exciting as buying a new pair of Dunkin' Donuts sneakers (yes, these are a thing), but they're more crucial to your overall well-being than you might realize; A decent pair of socks can mean the difference between a comfortable day spent walking and an experience consisting of pain, sweat, and torture.

A tribute to bamboo is in order here — the eco-friendly and sustainable fiber is slowly, but surely, becoming a favorite staple in wardrobes (and home goods, like sheets). Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and resistant to odors, which makes it an ideal material to use for socks that rub against sweaty feet all day long; They'll keep your feet dry and fresh for much longer than other fabrics.

The options on this list range from knee-high compression socks that promote healthy blood circulation to frilly bamboo crew socks that will jazz up any outfit. Once you get used to cocooning your feet in this soft, breathable fabric, you'll never look back.


These Compression Socks That Help Improve Blood Circulation, Reduce Body Aches, And Speed Up Muscle Recovery

If you experience chronic foot and leg pain, have an illness that slows down your circulation or are an avid runner or traveler, it helps to have supportive socks that will reduce lactic acid buildup and swelling in your feet and legs. And if you can benefit from compression socks, these knee-high socks made from antibacterial bamboo are a top-notch choice. They also naturally wick moisture as you sweat and are three times more absorbent than cotton or polyester. They're designed using odor-kill technology that's said to kill 99.9 percent of the bacteria on your feet and legs, and they come in three color choices: black with blue, gray, or pink gradients.

  • Available Sizes: small and large


These No-Show Socks That Are Invisible Under Loafers And Sneakers

There are days when you need to wear socks because blisters or smelly feet are a painful reality, but you just don't want the world to see them (because they'll instantly kill your look). These no-show socks are the solution: They're made from 90 percent bamboo fiber, which has natural moisture-wicking abilities that will keep your feet dry and odor free. They also feature a large silicone grip on the heel that keeps them in place, and considering how often no-show socks tend to wiggle free and get lost in a shoe, this feature is essential.

But it gets better. These socks have a thick cushioned sole and extra padding to prevent your feet from getting sore, which is super helpful if your commute involves walking. They come in gray, white, and black, with three no-show socks per pack.

  • Available Sizes: XS-M


These Grippy, Toeless Socks For Yoga And Barre

Get more out of your yoga, barre, or pilates practice with these non-slip grip socks that help you maintain your balance. The toeless ankle-length socks are made from 80 percent bamboo fiber with 15 percent spandex and 5 percent elastane for incredible stretch and comfort. Silicone grips are positioned all over the heel and footbed and eco-friendly bamboo fibers are ideal for workouts because they absorb sweat and kill bacteria. These socks come in black and gray or pink and blue, and you also can opt for a regular version that has covered toes, should you wish. Reviewers say they're aces at keeping you from slipping and sliding in class and that your feet will be completely dry and fresh after working out.

  • Available Sizes: Women's Shoe Sizes 5-10


These Soft, Shin-High Socks To Wear To The Office

When work attire calls for professional crew socks that won't slip and slide down to your ankles, this bamboo option has an added benefit: They'll keep your feet cool during stressful work situations. They're made from 80 percent bamboo viscose, 17 percent polyamide, and 3 percent elastane and come in four neutral, goes-with-everything shades: gray, black, brown, and navy. With five pairs of socks per pack, they're also a budget-friendly choice.

These hypoallergenic socks are a favorite amongst most reviewers because they stay in place without a tight elastic band that can cut off circulation and retain their color and fit even after repeated spins in the washing machine.

  • Available Sizes: Shoe Sizes 6-10


These Low-Cut Athletic Socks That Keep Your Feet Dry During Workouts

You put your athletic socks through a lot — which explains why most tend to have a short shelf life and require constant replacement. But these bamboo sports socks, made with 80 percent bamboo fiber, are durable, breathable, and excellent at absorbing sweat and bacteria from your feet. Not only will they prevent odors, they can help keep your feet free from Athlete's Foot and fungi. Across the board, reviewers rave about how comfortable and soft they are, but be aware that they do have an elastic top that some find constricting. They're available in white, black, and gray.

  • Available Sizes: Shoe Sizes 4-11


These Cute Frilly Socks That Add A Playful Touch To Any Old Outfit

Give your outfit a hint of color — and lacy, frilly cuteness — with these vintage-inspired bamboo socks, which come with five shades in one pack: black, red, pink, cream, and taupe. They're made from 80 percent rayon from bamboo, 18 percent nylon, and 2 percent spandex. Not too thick or too thin, these boot socks pair well with everything from sneakers to strappy heeled sandals. Reviewers say these are comfortable, soft (you can thank the bamboo for that), and insanely breathable.

  • Available Sizes: Shoe Sizes 5.5-9.5

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