Your Pup Will Love Lounging On These Cozy Dog Beds — & They're All Under $50


One of the most essential things for all dog owners to have is a great dog bed. Unfortunately, a lot of high-quality dog beds are expensive, and many of the more affordable options are stiff and rigid or built with flimsy materials. If you’re on the prowl for the best cheap dog beds, it can be tough to find a decent quality option.

But all hope is not lost. There are indeed dog beds out there that will provide your pup with a cozy sleeping pad without blowing your entire paycheck. When picking an inexpensive dog bed, the biggest thing to keep in mind is that every dog bed is different, and suited for dogs of different sizes, breeds, and personalities.

If you have a young, anxious puppy, for example, you might want a covered bed that reduces nervousness, or something waterproof to mitigate accidents. If you have an older dog with compromised mobility, by contrast, a bed that’s softer with features like orthopedic cushioning will be a better option.

There are also dog beds designed to be easy to travel with, or ones elevated from the ground to keep your pup cool when they're laying out in the heat. And, yes, they're affordable too.

Whatever your dog’s lifestyle and personality, there is something on this list of the best cheap dog beds to keep them comfortable while minding your wallet.


Best Overall, All Things Considered

For just $24, this cozy bed is made with a soft, microvelvet top layer on top of a thick, medical-grade foam. This cushioning is comfortable yet firm enough for any dog, and even provides extra orthopedic support to pups with issues like arthritis or hip dysplasia. The ergonomic shape follows the contours their body, delivering enhanced neck and back support for their achy joints. Best of all, the step-on style makes it accessible for smaller dogs, as well as older or disabled pooches. For the money, you won't find a better affordable bed for your dog.

  • Available Sizes: Small Jumbo


Best Waterproof Bed

This waterproof dog bed is perfect for pups who are prone to accidents, whether due to potty training, incontinence issues, anxiety, or simply having trouble waiting to get outside. Designed originally as a crate pad, the comfy cushion works great as a standalone bed, too. It features a waterproof nylon liner that stops liquid from seeping through to the polyfill cushioning. This nylon liner is removable and 100 percent machine washable, so you can easily wash it if an accident occurs. On top of that, it has a non-skid bottom that prevents your furry friend from sliding around on the floor. At just $12, this bed is a total steal.

  • Available Sizes: 20 inches 36 inches


Best Elevated Dog Bed

This elevated dog bed will keep your dog refreshed and cool if they're laying outside. The cot-style sleeper is lightweight and breezy with breathable, mesh PVC panels that allow air to circulate beneath your pup. It's built with a sturdy iron frame that features ergonomic contours and four durable feet so it's safe to climb up. The bed, which elevates your dog 7 inches off the ground, is easy to assemble, and comes with all of the hardware you'll need to set it up. As a bonus, being elevated will reduce the presence of dirt, dust, fleas, and mites in your dog's fur, and the amount of fur on your floor if you're lounging indoors.

  • Available sizes: Extra-Small Extra-Large


Best Dog Bed For Burrowers

This covered bed is a great buy for dogs who get anxious or like to burrow into sheets and blankets when they sleep. It provides a gentle, reassuring cocoon that keeps your dog feeling warm and safe. While this dog bed is also orthopedic like the one above (it's made of egg-crate foam for extra support), it's a bit more expensive. That being said, because its cover can easily be removed via a zipper on the side and is machine washable, this bed is a great convertible option that you can use as a covered or flat bed. It also comes in two different diameters to accommodate pups of larger sizes.

  • Available Sizes: 26 inches, 35 inches


Best For Large Dogs

If you've struggled to find an affordable dog bed that fit your large dog, this inexpensive dog bed may just be the ticket. It's 54 inches in width and suitable for pups up to 110 pounds. Constructed with polyester synthetic fur, it has a comfy overstuffed border around the perimeter that provides a cozy headrest for your pup. The padded, rectangular shape is machine washable and capable of withstanding the dryer, too.

  • Available Sizes: 18 inches 54 inches


Best Travel Dog Bed

This ultra-lightweight, portable bed is built with a simple design that lets you easily roll it up and take it with you anywhere. It has easy hook-and-loop fasteners with a sturdy carrying handle to keep it snugly rolled together. The bed itself provides 2 inches of faux fur padding and soft, interlocking memory foam baffles. "I bought the bed for the lake and boat," said on Amazon reviewer. "My dog liked it so much it has become his bed at home and I got another one for the lake. It has a nice canvas bottom that stays clean even when used outside. It rolls up to a small size that is easy to carry around."

  • Available Sizes: One Size Fits All

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