Yes, Hardwood Floor-Specific Dog Socks Are A Thing — & These Are The Best Ones

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Hardwood floors look stunning in your home, but they can be a nightmare for dogs. By the same token, dogs can be a nightmare for hardwood floors — the floors make your pooch slip while your pooch makes the floors scratched-up and dirty. So what do you do? Blocking off a whole section of the home or putting gates up everywhere can be cumbersome and annoying. Trying to keep your dog off the floors without physical barriers is an exercise in futility. No — you need to invest in the best dog socks for hardwood floors.

If you’re not familiar with dog socks, they’re pretty much just what they sound like: Little booties that go on your dog’s paws to provide protection for your floors and traction for your pup’s feet. It’s a win-win — your floors stay smooth and pretty while your dog reduces their chance of getting hurt. Plus, if you get the indoor-outdoor kind, you can also use them to protect your pup from elements such as snow, ice, mud, and hot pavement.

Here’s a list of the best dog socks for hardwood floors to help you settle the dog-versus-floor issue for good.


Waterproof Dog Socks With Snug Velcro Straps

Built with a cozy knit material dipped in waterproof, anti-slip coating, these versatile dog socks are perfect for wearing on hardwood floors while also offering something for outdoor use. The waterproof socks keep your pup's feet dry when it's wet outside and also offer mud protection for when you head back indoors. They have grippy soles and velcro straps to help them stay on, as well as an elastic band at the top. Just one thing to keep in mind: they run slightly small, so you may want to order one size up.

  • Available sizes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


Knit Dog Socks That Come In Cute Animal Patterns

These easy, lightweight dog socks slip on quickly and make a great choice for indoor-only liners to protect your floors and offer a bit of traction for your pup. They're constructed with comfy cotton and silicone gel on the bottom for enhanced grip. The socks come in cute knit patterns with different animal paw prints including bears and giraffes. "These are lifesavers for my elderly terrier on our laminate flooring!" said one enthusiastic reviewer. "The quality is excellent. The fabric is thick, soft and stretchy, and the grippy-pad on the bottom is thick and effective."

  • Available sizes: S, M, L, XL


Disposable Dog Socks You Can Throw Away Afterwards

For dog owners interested in a disposable option, these flexible dog socks bend with your pooch's paw, offering plenty of mobility while still protecting your floors. They are built with natural rubber and made to be 100 percent biodegradable. The smooth and snug design means you don't need bulky straps or elastic bands, keeping them super light and breezy. On top of providing exceptional grip on hardwood floors, they guard your pup's paws from ice, snow, salt, hot cement, and other perilous elements.

  • Available sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL


Breathable Dog Socks For Pooches Who Get Hot Easily

For pups who get hot easily, theses ultra-breathable dog socks provide grip and protection without excessive warmth. The upper section features an air-permeable mesh fabric with a soft hem and stretchy cuffs that fit snugly enough to prevent dirt and debris from sliding in. Rather than having traction dots on the soles, the bottoms of the socks feature grippy, no-slip material throughout the whole section. They're easy to slip on and can be adjusted with a simple elastic strap.

  • Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL


Suspender-Style Dog Socks For Pups Who Pull Their Socks Off

If you've tried dog socks before but your pup is always pulling them off, or they keep getting lost while playing outside, this clever contraption offers a suspender-style method of ensuring they stay on. On top of the comfortable, traction-heavy booties, it features leg straps with suspender clips that attach on one side to the socks and the other side to a strip on your dog's back. The straps are tension-adjustable with nylon webbing and a Quick-Connect buckle. As a bonus, the elastic on their legs offers therapeutic benefits for conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other mobility challenges.

  • Available sizes: S, M, L, XL


As An Alternative — Stick-On Paw Protectors

As an alternative to full-on dog socks, these stick-on paw protectors offer a way to prevent your pooch from slipping on the hardwood floors without having to wear bulky socks. This is particularly handy for dogs who either pull their socks off or get too hot when wearing them. The low-profile protectors are easy to use — just peel them off and stick them onto your pup's feet. The strong adhesive will stay put while the thick rubber works to add traction to their step.

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