If You've Been Folding Your Pants, These Hangers Will Change Everything

By Emily Estep

You invest time and money into your pants so, naturally, you want to store them in a manner that keeps them easily accessible and safe from wrinkles and creasing. With the best hangers for pants, you can keep all of your trousers, jeans, skirts, and various other bottoms comfortably in a closet, utilizing your space as efficiently as possible.

In order to choose the right hangers, start by considering exactly how many pairs of pants you're looking to hang and how much space you have. There are many sets of individual hangers available for wardrobes that only hold a few pairs of pants, and there are also space-saving hangers designed to stack four or five pairs in the amount of space that would typically only be occupied by one. There are even hangers that prevent heavy or slip-prone pants from falling to the ground.

And if you just don't have enough closet space — or a closet at all — you could look into a pants hanger cart, which conveniently stores tons of pairs along with other articles of clothing, too.

These are the best pants hangers, and they're ready to accommodate any wardrobe and any amount of storage space with room to spare.


Cascading Hangers That Can Be Used Individually Or Together

Whitmor Add-On Skirt/Slack Hanger, $5 (3 Pack), Amazon

This set of hangers can either function as three separate units or be combined to create a cascading hanger that stores multiple pairs of pants in one spot. They're made of sleek chrome, with clips covered in black vinyl that grip clothing tightly without causing damage, so your clothes won't fall to the ground. Metal construction means these hangers will last much longer than their plastic counterparts, too.


Hangers That Feature A Non-Slip Rubber Coating

RoyalHanger Open Ended Rubber Hangers, $17 (20 Pack), Amazon

These budget-friendly pants hangers have an open end that allow you to slide a pair of folded pants on easily, preventing creases. They're covered in rubber, too, so no pair of pants — no matter how sleek — will be able to slip off and fall to the floor of your closet. And because the hangers are made of stainless steel, they won't lose their shape over time, and they can hold up a heavy pair of pants.


A Set Of Pants Hangers You Can Use For Tops, Too

Home-it Clothes Hangers With Clips, $10 (10 Pack), Amazon

These value hangers have sturdy clips to hold up pants, skirts, and any other bottoms you need to store, but you can also use them as standard shirt hangers, making them super versatile. They're even covered in a soft, velvet material to prevent tops from slipping off. One happy Amazon user raved, "I was looking for hangers for my skirts and dresses that can't hang on regular hangers. These fit the bill!"


A Rolling Pants Trolley That'll Store Whatever Your Closet Can't

Evelots Rolling Pants Trolley, $27, Amazon

This pants trolley has 18 slots for pants, and you can remove them individually for easy access. With wheels on the bottom, you can move it to any room, and you can obviously hang other garments on it, too. The trolley is easy to construct and comes with everything you need to put it together.


A Multi-Hanger That Saves A Ton Of Space In Your Closet

Whitmor Swing Arm Slack Hanger, $12, Amazon

In the space of just one hanger, this multi-hanger can store four pairs of pants with vinyl-coated steel bars that swing out, allowing you to drape a pair of pants over one bar without disrupting the clothing on the others. It's durable and will last you for years, and is able to hold the weight of multiple pairs of pants without struggle. This way, you'll have way more room in your closet for everything else.


Hangers Made Of Wood That Can Handle Heavy Items

Tosnail Wood Skirt Hangers With Clips, $15 (10 Pack), Amazon

These wooden hangers with broad clips are made of sturdy, natural wood for a neutral look that's extra durable. No pair of pants is too heavy for these hangers, which even have full-width gripping grooves to keep clothing in place without creating any creases or wrinkles. Between the clips, there's also a thin strip of anti-slip sponge to prevent your clothes from falling and bunching up on the floor.

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