These Sink Strainers Will Change The Way You Do Your Dishes

In most households, the kitchen sink serves a myriad of purposes, and for that reason, it's important to keep both your basin and drain in the best possible condition. The best kitchen sink strainers can keep debris and build-up at bay, limit the growth of germs, and protect the efficiency of your garbage disposal and drainage system. That said, since it's typically the first line of defense for your pipes, there's a surprising amount of research that goes into choosing the correct one for you.

When purchasing a new sink strainer, there are a few things that you'll want to consider. Overall, you'll want to be sure to find one that is durable, easy-to-use, and made of materials that suit your needs. As you start shopping, you'll find that they come in a large variety of materials. Stainless steel often proves to be a good option because it doesn't rust, while a strainer made with silicone provides ultimate flexibility, allowing for easy emptying and cleaning. The best are often made from a combination of the two. For the most part, you'll want to steer clear of plastic unless it's an extremely durable version.

Next, find one with holes that are large enough to let liquid drain through efficiently, yet small enough to prevent things from getting lodged in your pipes. If you've found yourself in the predicament of having a sluggish and clogged drain, purchasing a strainer with smaller hole diameters (around 2 millimeters) will help stop unwanted back-up. However, it's important to note that strainers with smaller-sized holes can also be more difficult to clean. If you opt for larger holes for hygiene purposes, keep in mind that, although the clean-up of the strainer will be easier, you should have a garbage disposal as well; this will ensure that your system is up to the task of breaking down larger particles that will enter your drain.

At first, its purpose may seem minor, but having good kitchen sink strainer is more imperative than most think. With all of the aforementioned information to guide you, here are the six best options available.


The Best Sink Strainer, All Things Considered

When it comes to kitchen sink strainers, the OXO Good Grips' two-in-one strainer is a clear-cut winner all across the board. With over 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, it's easy to see why fans of the product have referred to it as "the Cadillac of sink strainers."

This one works as both a strainer and stopper, preventing back-up while still protecting your pipes from large particles — and allowing you to fill up your sink with water for dish-washing purposes. Thanks to its BPA- and PVC-free silicone basket that flips inside-out with one pull, it can be easily cleaned simply by tugging on its center tab. Twist the same tab from left to right to switch between a strainer and a stopper.


The Best Budget Option

If you're searching for a cost-effective option that still gets the job done, Solid's kitchen sink strainers offer an amazing overall value. For $6, you get two high-quality strainers made from premium stainless steel. Both are sturdy and come with 2-millimeter diameter holes, which makes them extremely efficient at filtering out unwanted debris.

Currently, they have an incredible 4.9-star rating, and reviewers are asking, "Is it silly to love a sink strainer? ... [They] stop just the right amount of food waste. Would I buy these again? Absolutely! But I don't think I'll need to for a long, long time as they seem built to last."


The Most Easy-To-Clean Strainer

The Grand Fusion Housewares' strainer will help to make all of your kitchen sink duties a breeze. Made with a steel rim for durability, but with a soft silicone body, this drainer prevents unwanted particles from passing through while its pull tab allows for easy cleaning. At $12 for two strainers, this product is also easy on the pockets and comes in two colors that will allow you to coordinate it with the rest of your kitchen decor.


The Deepest Basket Sink Strainer

If your sink is not equipped with a garbage disposal, Coflex's sink strainer is a great device to help keep things in your basin flowing properly. Designed with an extra-deep removable basket, it has the ability to hold back a remarkable amount of debris that would otherwise travel down into your drain. Made with stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish, the strainer is easy to install and comes with an accompanying lid that tightly seals for soaking dishes and food items.


A Sink Strainer That Won’t Get Clogged, No Matter What

If your largest complaint is that your sink strainer stops allowing water to drain during the dish-washing process, the SinkShroom clog-free strainer is your ideal option. Its unique design and center-hole placement allows water to flow freely, even when the basket is entirely filled with food particles. The strainer also features a raised cylinder which prevents dishes from blocking the sink's opening, so not even the biggest pot in your collection will plug up the drain.


The Most Decorative Sink Strainers

These Betwoo's flower sink strainers are both efficient and pleasing to the eye. Even though they're made from plastic, reviewers still love them because they're durable and constructed from environmentally-friendly materials.

The flower-shaped design comes in a wide variety of colors and offers a pretty alternative to traditional sink strainers — plus, they're great for color-coding sinks for differentiation, like in Kosher homes. Since the holes are a bit bigger, they're easier to clean, but better-suited for use over a garbage disposal.

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