From Sprays To Vacuums, These 6 Genius Cleaners Will Get Your Laptop Clean Without Damage

There are countless ways you can wipe and dust your laptop clean — but some tactics are definitely better than others. The best laptop cleaners get rid of smudges on your screen and crumbs between your keys, and they do so without damaging delicate hardware. That said, the best choice for you is largely going to depend on your needs:

Sprays: Sprays are best-suited for screens and other non-porous surfaces. (You don't want to use a spray directly on a keyboard, as the moisture could drip between the keys and destroy the electronic components.) The best sprays are non-streaking and free from harmful additives.

Wipes: Since they're often pre-moistened and individually wrapped, wipes are one of the easiest and most portable ways to clean your laptop. They're primarily used on the screen, but so long as they're not dripping wet, you can also use them on your keyboard. For the best results, look for a solution that's anti-static, streak-resistant, and free from unwanted chemicals.

Vacuums: A small keyboard vacuum can suck up dust, hair, crumbs, and residue from your laptop. If your vacuum is compact, handheld, and rechargeable, it'll be much easier to use and store.

Brushes: The right electronics brush can sweep away dust and crumbs. Make sure that the bristles are soft and won't scratch your laptop. (Some even have built-in screen cleaners.)

Cleaning gels: This cleaning solution has a putty-like consistency, which grabs onto dirt and residue in hard-to-reach places. While it's on the moist side, it won't damage unexposed electronics the way a spray might. Find one that's reusable and made from safe materials.

Compressed air dusters: Air dusters blow compressed air into cracks and crevices, so it's the easiest (and safest) way to clean sensitive circuitry. While compressed air is sold in a can, it's not the most eco-friendly choice, and a motorized unit may help save money over time.

With all of that in mind, here are the six best laptop cleaning solutions in all of the aforementioned categories.

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The Best Spray Laptop Cleaning Kit

This screen cleaning kit from Screen Mom comes with everything you need to keep your laptop looking like new. The bottle contains over 1,500 sprays, while the formula removes smudges, fingerprints, dust, and streaks — without ammonia, alcohol, or odors. Each order also comes with a high-quality microfiber cloth that cleans without scratching and can be used to dust your keyboard.

One reviewer wrote: "I'm a grad student. I live on my laptop. I work on my laptop. I eat over my laptop [..] This stuff is a godsend. I've tried other products to make my laptop look vaguely respectable, but they tend to leave streaks, fail to despeckle the harder specks from my screen, and make little headway with regards to the greasy blotches so many not-well-thought-out late fast food runs have left on my keys. This product, though, gets my computer clean and pleasant looking."


The Best Laptop Screen Cleaner Wipes

These special electronics wipes are made for delicate camera lenses, so they're definitely gentle enough for your laptop screen. The formula gets rid of smudges while resisting fog and static, and the tissue cloth is micro-fine to prevent scratching. Each one comes individually wrapped and the solution dries in seconds, so it's easily the most portable option on this list.

One reviewer wrote: "I'm a bit fanatical about cleaning my computer screens[... These] come individually packaged, so its easy to keep a bunch in my bag for when I'm on the go and need to clean my laptop."


The Best Keyboard Vacuum

Effortlessly remove dust, hair, crumbs, eraser shavings, and more from your computer, thanks to the MECO vacuum. It's mini, handheld, and USB-rechargeable for ease of use and compact storage. Plus, it runs for 30 minutes on a single charge so you have time to get every last speck. The brush is ideal for your keyboard, the crevice nozzle gets in between the screen hinges, and the flat head even cleans up your desk.

One reviewer wrote: "I wish I made the decision to buy this sooner. I purchased one for my home computer first, liked it so much I just purchased another one for my office. I highly recommend this vacuum!"


The Best Brush For Your Devices

If you're looking for a compact, moisture-free way to clean your screen and keyboard, look no further than the OXO Good Grips Sweep & Swipe. On one side, this little tool offers extremely soft bristles for keyboards and crevices that retract when not in use. On the other side, you get a microfiber pad that removes dust and smudges from your screen.

One reviewer wrote: "I purchased these for my kids' laptops and they are finding them to be very useful [...] One kid has a MacBook and the other a Dell, and the little tools work great with each."


The Best Cleaning Gel For Electronics

Because it molds around keys and gets into crevices, ColorCoral's cleaning gel is a great way to remove hard-to-reach residue and dust on your laptop. It's made from a biodegradable material that smells like fresh lemons, and it's reusable over and over again until it starts to turn dark. Each order comes in a storage jar. You can also use it to clean vents, car interiors, and electronics.

One reviewer wrote: "I used this to clean my laptop keyboard that had dust and dirt between the keys. It worked amazingly. I just sort of blobbed it down and blotted between the keys. Took less than 5 mins and keyboard is dust and dirt free. I'm very impressed honestly."


The Best Compressed Air Duster

Compressed air cans are effective, but they're usually not that eco-friendly and the cost of replacing them can really add up. The XPOWER air duster, on the other hand, creates its own compressed air at the press of a button — plus, it comes with more than five nozzle attachments for all different jobs. It also features a washable filter, two speed options, and a 10-foot cord. Finally, even though it has a powerful 500-watt motor, it's gentle enough for circuitry and lightweight enough for ease of use over and over again.

One reviewer wrote: "I dust my laptop often and my desktop, I saw an opportunity here, instead of buying those air duster cans, I'm sure I have saved some money already, It's obviously not so small but not bad size. Very powerful."