The 6 Best Sweat-Proof Sunscreens

No matter the time of year, if you spend a lot of time outside, you need a good sunscreen. And if you spend a lot of time sweating outside, then you need a really good sweat-proof sunscreen. Contrary to what some believe, not all sunscreens are sweat-proof. That means that the second you get a little heated, your SPF starts to melt off your body and fail. The solution? Find the best sweat-proof sunscreen on the market, which are rounded up just ahead.

Now there is something to remember when wearing a sweat-proof sunscreen. Just because something is sweat-proof doesn't mean that you can just apply it and forget it. It's the opposite, actually. Most formulas are sweat-proof from anywhere between a half hour and 80 minutes. That means you can sweat for that amount of time before your sunscreen starts to fail. Other sunscreens stop working as soon as you get wet, be it with sweat or water. But with sweat-proof sunscreen, it's necessary to reapply after you sweat for that amount of time — or sooner — otherwise, your skin won't be protected.

So if you're ready to sweat, scroll on. You'll find five of the best anti-sweat sunscreens, below.

1. For Face: A Hydrating Sunscreen From A Trustworthy Brand

Sunscreens that aren't sweat-proof tend to melt into your eyes and sting after a serious sweat session. But that isn't the case with Coola Sport Classic Sunscreen SPF 50, which has a lovely (but subtle) natural white tea scent. This stuff is sweat-proof for up to 80 minutes and was designed for the delicate skin on your face. It's hypoallergenic, free of parabens and oxybenzone, and contains 70 percent natural ingredients, making it a great option for green beauty-lovers and all skin types. The star ingredients, though, are the evening primrose and linseed oils, which help to even out skin tone and keep it moisturized. The formula also includes acai oil, which is rich in antioxidants, so it also protects skin from environmental aggressors like free radicals. And since it has an SPF of 50, your face will stay protected all day long. You can also choose from two versions with an SPF of 30: unscented and cucumber.

2. For Face: A Great Option For Acne-Prone Skin

If you have oily skin, then you know finding a sunscreen that doesn't make you break out can be a serious struggle. But when we're talking sweat-proof sunscreen that doesn't cause breakouts, then La Roche-Posay Anthelios Clear Skin Dry Touch Sunscreen — one of the most widely dermatologist-recommended sunscreens out there — is the best of the best. The cult-favorite (and water-resistant) formula melts into your skin, leaving behind no greasy residue. It dries matte and is non-comedogenic and oil-free, so you don't have to worry about it clogging your pores, therefore provoking blackheads and pimples. It's also free of parabens and fragrance, so it shouldn't irritate sensitive skin types, either. Just be sure to reapply it after 80 minutes of sweating or swimming, and you'll stay consistently protected from both UVA and UVB rays.

3. For Face & Body: A Travel-Friendly Tube Of Mineral Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin

If you prefer a mineral option, or have sensitive skin, then you'll want to pick up HomEco Sport Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 50. It's made with zinc oxide to protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays and is 100 percent natural and biodegradable, making it reef- and ocean-safe, too. Zinc is a great option for folks with sensitive or delicate complexions because it doesn't absorb into the skin like a chemical sunscreen would, so there's less of a risk of irritation. While it claims to be water-resistant for up to eight hours, the brand does note that it's a good idea to reapply your sunscreen every three to four hours for maximum protection. Better to be safe than sunburned, right?

It's important to note that this product comes in a TSA-friendly 3.4-ounce tube, so while it's a great accompaniment for trips, it won't last you the whole summer.

4. For Face & Body: An Even More Convenient Design For On-The-Go Application

If you're looking for a no-mess formula to apply in the car or on the beach, Neutrogena UltraSheer Face & Body Sick is a must-have. It's an on-the-go sunscreen packed into a stick that slides easily onto your face and body for easy reapplication. It's water-resistant for 80 minutes, so you can sweat and swim for over an hour without having to worry about reapplying. But that's not the only thing that makes this sunscreen stick amazing: It has an SPF of 70, which means it offers serious sun protection. It's also non-comedogenic and PABA-free, so you can feel good about putting it on your skin. Even if you purchase another option from this list, everyone should keep one of these sticks in their bag.

5. For Body: A Multi-Pack That Will Last All Year

If we're being honest, you can never have enough sunscreen. And if you're looking to stock up, there's no better option than Coppertone Sport SPF 50. Though it's affordable, it's just as durable as most others on this list, being sweat-proof for up to 80 minutes. The formula is also nice and lightweight, making it a great option for those who hate that thick and greasy feeling, and it contains vitamin E to help improve your skin's natural defenses with the help of antioxidants. Since it comes in a three-pack, you can stock up for the whole year. Just make sure to store the bottles in a cool, dry place to keep them fresh until you're ready to use them.

6. For Body: A Two-Pack Of Sunscreen That Also Repels Insects

Not all sweating happens at the beach. Sometimes it happens in the woods or in other spots where insects like to roam. If that's the kind of sweating you'll be doing, then you'll love Sunsect Sunscreen & Insect Repellent SPF 15. It's a sunscreen and insect repellent duo, so you only have to pick one bottle for your hike or camping trip. It's sweat-resistant for up to 80 minutes, making it great for your outdoor activities. It also dries clear and is unscented, and non-greasy. The one caveat, though, is that this bottle only has an SPF of 15, which means you'll have to reapply it more often than a formula with a higher SPF. But when you've got two benefits in one bottle, can you really complain?

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