The 6 Best Wooden Hair Brushes

by Deanna McCormack

When you're ready to reap the benefits of a wooden hair brush, it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you. The best wooden hair brushes, however, stand out because their shapes and designs allow them to eliminate static and gently detangle your hair. That being said, it's easier to shop for a wooden brush when you know what to look for and what to avoid.

Before you buy, think about how and when you use your current hairbrush. Do you use it mainly to detangle wet hair or do you keep it with you all day so that you can add volume and shine whenever you want? A wide-tooth wooden comb, for example, is better for damage-free detangling whereas a mini brush with wooden bristles is great for styling (and reducing static!) on-the-go.

Also, you'll want to consider both your hair type and the style you wear most often before you choose a brush. A large paddle brush is better for long, thick hair, whereas a smaller, rounder brush is great for fine, thin hair that needs a boost from targeted scalp massage.

To make your decision a little easier, below are six highly-rated wooden hair brushes that will deliver all of the benefits you've been looking for in a brush: reduced static, gentle detangling, and serious durability.


The Best Value: A Three-Piece Set Of Handmade Wooden Combs And Brushes

If you want to switch over all of your hair tools to wood, start with this VKCB natural wood hair brush, scalp and beard comb set. For just $15, you get the hair brush you've been looking for, plus a peach wooden comb, and a moon-shaped comb. Each is handmade from a solid piece of peach wood which makes them extremely durable and highly elastic. This set is great for men and women, works on all hair types and is light enough to travel with when needed.


The Best For Detangling: A Sandalwood Wide-Tooth Comb That Doesn't Snag

The best and most hair-friendly way to detangle wet or dry hair is with a wide-tooth comb. And a wooden wide-tooth comb like the Breezelike sandalwood hair comb, which is made of 100 percent natural green sandalwood, stands out from the crowd because it glides gently through your hair without snags. This comb, in particular, is lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly, and its natural sandalwood and rounded wooden teeth help massage the scalp and distribute your scalp's natural oils.


The Best For Long Hair: A Professional-Quality Carbonized Wooden Paddle Brush

With its natural wooden pins, the Ibiza Hair CX2 Series brush is one of the few truly high-end wooden hair brushes. And it's worth every extra penny. Its large paddle design makes brushing through long, thick hair a breeze. And the brush itself is made of durable, lightweight, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic carbonized wood that soaks up less water, which means your hair will stay hydrated. It's even designed with a small hole on the bottom of the rubber pad that increases the brush's airflow for gentler styling and less breakage.


The Best For Travel: A Lightweight, Mini Wooden Hair Brush

If you prefer to keep your brush with you at all times for on-the-go styling and detangling, this tiny 4.5-inch hair brush is the right choice for you. Its small size makes it perfect for travel and its natural wooden handle and bristles give you all of the benefits that you won't get from a plastic travel brush: increased shine, less breakage, and less static.


The Best For Targeted Scalp Massage: A Hair Brush With Rounded Sandalwood Bristles

The pureGLO Wooden Bristle Hairbrush features rounded bristles that deliver targeted scalp stimulation and a gentle massage as it combs through your hair. Its polished, sandalwood bristles make detangling easy and evenly distribute your hair's natural oils down the hair shaft. It also features a cushion base for increased airflow and reduced breakage, and a durable, ergonomic handle for easy handling.


The Best For Styling: A Rounded Wooden Brush That Boosts Volume

This rounded styling brush with 100 percent natural boar bristles is the perfect brush for anyone looking to boost their hair's body. With 360-degree bristles wrapped around the brush head, this brush will add volume to your hair as you use it. And the natural boar bristles on this option help spread your scalp's naturally-produced sebum to reduce frizz and give your hair a luscious, soft sheen. At just $10, this brush is a steal. One fan goes as far as to say, "OMG this brush is a game changer!"

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