The 6 Most Comfortable Pajamas

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Getting a good night's rest is the single most important factor that can mean the difference between a great day and one where you want to dive into a pot of coffee and never come out. Relaxation techniques can help — and so can owning the most comfortable pajamas on the planet — the kind of PJs you'll secretly want to keep on all day, under layers of shirts where no one can see.

There's really nothing like a pair of super warm pajamas on a cold night to help regulate your body temperature and keep the chill off your skin, something that is easily accomplished with a pair of fleece PJs like the set on this list. Other times, you may need breathable pajamas that keep sweaty sleepers cool — the shorts and tanks or T-shirt pajama sets on this list are made from breezy cotton fabrics and are so roomy, they allow for plenty of airflow and ventilation. Or maybe you want nothing more than to wrap yourself in a pair of silky satin pajamas — a two-piece set with a button down shirt and the kind of contrast piping that makes you look and feel like a boss.

No matter what fabric you favor or which style gets you into sleep mode, one of these pairs of comfortable pajamas, below, will put you in relaxation mode pronto.

1. A Comfy Pair Of PJs To Keep You Cool: Shorts And Tank Top With A Vented Back

Boosting a near-perfect five-star rating on Amazon, this pajama set has reviewers raving about how cute and comfortable they are — and it's easy to see why. Not only does the set feature a stylish tulip tank top and breezy shorts, but it's also made 97 percent rayon with just a hint of spandex. Rayon is a really unique fabric that offers a great four-way stretch, drapes beautifully, and feels cool to the touch.

  • Available Sizes: X Small - X Large

2. Another Great Pair Of Pajamas For Hot Nights: Shorts And Tank Top Set In Plus Sizes

Keep cool with this adorable shorts and tank top pajama set, made of cotton, rayon, and a stretchy lace trim. Reviewers caution against sizing up because the top, especially, is roomier than it looks. The opaque material is described as soft, lightweight, and slightly silky. The shorts are not so short that you won't feel comfortable walking around your house, and this set works especially well on anyone who tosses and turns while sleeping since the material won't snag or make you feel hot and sweaty. The biggest complaint is that it only comes in two colors/designs: black and pink or black and white — but with such pretty options, you'll want to snag them both.

  • Available Sizes: 1X Plus - 3X Plus

3. The Best Pajamas For Sweaty Sleepers: A Breathable Moisture-Wicking Bamboo Sleep Shirt

The last thing you want to do when the weather is hot, humid, and sticky is force your legs into the hell that is pants. This cooling chemise slip is the sleep solution you need to prevent sweat from waking you up at all hours. It’s made from moisture-wicking bamboo viscose and has adjustable straps and a curved hem. Choose among four colors: heather grey, black, pink, or white.

  • Available Sizes: Small - X Large

4. Also Great For Sweaty Sleepers: A Pair Of Bamboo Pajamas You Can Wear All Year Round

Night sweats don't just happen when its hot outside. If you tend to wake up damp and sticky whether it's June or January, these modest, moisture-wicking pajamas are a fantastic compromise between shorts and weightier full-length pants pajamas so you can wear them all year round. Featuring 70 percent viscose derived from bamboo, 25 percent organic cotton, and 5 percent spandex, this classic button-down top and capri pants won't just keep you dry, but they're super soft, too.

  • Available Sizes: X Small - XX Large

5. The Coziest Pajamas: An Adult Onesie Made Out Of Micro-Fleece

This micro-fleece onesie is the coziest solution for a cold winter's night. It features a plush-lined hood with pom pom pulls and a kangaroo pocket where you can warm your chilly hands. This onesie has contrast ribbed cuffs to keep your body heat in and comes in three designs: plaid, reindeer, and hearts.

6. Another Warm Pair Of PJs: An Award-Winning Organic Cotton Pajama Set

If you prefer snug, slim-fitting pajamas to roomier ones, why not go for a long-sleeve T-shirt and pant pajama pair that won the Cribsie award for softness two years in a row? Designed from 100 percent organic cotton, this pajama is warm, but won’t cause you to overheat. Its ribbed fabric provides stretch and it comes in six designs.

  • Available Sizes: X Small - X Large

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