7 Dog Breeds Who Make The Best Road Tripping Buddies

by Megan Grant
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Similar to paying your bills on time and meeting your in-laws, caring for pets can be a real handful. When choosing a breed, you must consider your own lifestyle. So, if your lifestyle involves a lot of road trips — whether that be because of work commitments or simply because you’re into that #wanderlust life — then check out this list of the best dog breeds for people who love to go on road trips.

If you're not home a lot, you might think adopting a dog is out of the question. But believe it or not, you don't need to remove "to be a fabulous dog parent" from your list of life goals. It is necessary, however, to research dog breeds that enjoy traveling as much as you do.

There are indeed certain breeds who prefer being home and are maybe even a bit of a couch potato. Try dragging them on a road trip and you're probably going to be met with a lot of blank stares and grumbling coming from the backseat of your car.

Go with the right breed, however, and your dog is going to be living its best life. Here are seven you might want to start looking into.


Boston Terrier

Boston terriers have the traits that almost all avid travelers have: the ability to adapt and the passion for exploring new places. Plus, as Wag Walking points out, they need plenty of exercise, stimulation, and activity. An exciting road trip might be just the thing.

These pups are playful and good-natured, making them great company when traveling. They often stay cheerful even on long road trips and are fond of trying out new things.

Just be careful when taking them out of the car during stops. As Your Purebred Puppy notes, bostons can be sometimes be a bit stubborn and they can move really fast. Keep them on a leash when you’re taking a short break from the drive, or you might find yourself going on a high-speed chase — by foot.


Golden Retriever

Friendly, tolerant, intelligent, and cheerful, golden retrievers are always ready to spend time with their favorite human, no matter where life may take them. This doggo’s all-around pleasant personality will make your road trip even more awesome.

Plus, says that golden retrievers love to be active and need plenty of exercise. If you like outdoor activities like hiking or camping, then a golden retriever might be the right travel buddy for you.


Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are another excellent breed for people who like going on road trips. Intelligent, affectionate, and energetic, these pups enjoy playing and spending time with their human, making them fantastic sidekicks on long road trips. They also happen to be really good with selfies.

Just like their golden brothers (and sisters), labs are game bird dogs, so they’re generally happy exploring mother nature with you. Furthermore, these doggos’ energetic personality requires them to have sufficient daily exercise, according to DailyPuppy.

Labs that are left alone have the tendency to become destructive. Outdoor activities like hiking enable them to release their pent-up energy, preventing them from exhibiting destructive behaviors like chewing on your favorite shoe.


French Bulldog

Vetstreet says that French bulldogs are even-tempered and easy to train. They're up for adventure (to an extent) and are typically able to adapt to new surroundings, which makes them excellent travel companions.

Side note: Frenchies aren’t the best jogging partners and they’re fairly content staying indoors, so make sure you take them out for short walks to keep them active and healthy and also give them ample potty breaks.


Great Dane

Great Danes, also known as the Gentle Giant, are playful, sweet, and affectionate dogs (according to who love to lounge in cozy spaces — like the inside of your car. They’re delightful company for road trips and they also enjoy playing outdoors.

Just be sure you're ready to handle a dog of this size. The American Kennel Club says they can reach a height of 32 inches and can weigh up to 175 pounds! Understandably, they have serious appetites.

If you’re bringing them with you on your travels, make sure you plan accordingly.


Bichon Frise

Hill's says that bichons are bred for companionship, making them perfect road trip partners. They're middle of the road when it comes to their energy level, so they won't mind spending time in your car, napping peacefully. But when it's time to be social and have fun, they're all in.

Note: Grooming is no joke, so this is something to consider before you bring a fluffy bichon frise into your life.



One of the best things about chihuahuas, as the American Kennel Club says, is that they're highly adaptable. Plus, they're tiny and easy to take with you, no matter where you road trip may lead.

Be prepared, though, to give this pup plenty of quality one-on-one time. They grow very close to their owners and love sitting on their laps.

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