7 Hats That'll Keep You Cool All Summer Long

by Amber Petty

Until recently, I've never been much of a hat person. But since I moved to LA, I've found myself constantly blinded by the bright sunshine, and I realized just how essential hats really are. Luckily, the best hats to keep you cool on the hottest of days also happen to be some of the cutest.

At first, the idea of adding more fabric to your head to keep it feeling cooler might sound kind of odd. Don't we wear hats in the winter to keep heat from escaping and making us colder? Well, sure. But there's way more to hats than thick, knit caps. Many summer hats promote airflow and even wick away moisture so your head won't feel sweaty. Hats with wide brims give you instant shade, which is sure to help you feel cooler than direct exposure to the sun. And, best of all, a lot of these hats are made from sun protective fabric that'll prevent your face and neck from burning.

If you're having a hard time with the summer heat or just want an accessory that's as practical as it is cute, a cooling sun hat is a great way to stay comfortable and protected when you're out in the sun.


The Convertible Visor That's Two Hats In One

Bellady Large Brim 2-in-1 Sun Hat, $12, Amazon

I've never seen a convertible hat before, but now I think they're genius. This hat can switch between a wide brim hat that keeps your head lightly covered, to a visor. The visor's brim keeps the sun out of your eyes, while your head gets to enjoy the breeze. This is great for a trip with unpredictable weather, plus it's always great to get a two-for-one deal.


A Packable, Crushable Straw Hat That Goes With Everything

Siggi Wide Brim Summer Hat, $20, Amazon

This lovely straw hat has the perfect sized brim for summer. It's wider than a fedora, but not quite as large as the floppier beach hats out there. The crocheted straw is super breathable while the wired brim is bendable, but keeps its form. Then, you can fold this or crush it into the bottom of your bag, it won't crease or lose shape.


A UPF 50+ Baseball Cap That Dries In An Instant

WINCAN Summer Baseball Cap, $12, Amazon

This sun protective baseball cap is great for the summer. The fabric provides high UV protection and dries extra fast to keep you cool. Even with the longer bill that keeps your face in the shade, the cap still folds up easily to fit into any bag or pocket. It's super comfortable and has an adjustable back for an extra good fit. Plus, it comes in tons of different colors to match any taste.


A Straw Beach Hat With A Bow On It

Lanzom Big Bowknot Foldable Straw Hat, $15, Amazon

If you're in the mood for a big beach hat, this is one of the cutest ones around. Made from a breathable poly-cotton blend, it's super comfortable and offers strong UV protection. The brim is foldable, so you can style it however you want and it makes it easy to carry around from beach to beach.


A Classic Panama Hat Made From UPF 50+ Materials

Lanzom Women Wide Brim Straw Panama Hat UPF 50+, $15, Amazon

This classic Panama hat is made from UPF 50+ materials to help protect you from sunburn — and it'll look great with everything from jeans and a casual white tee to your favorite swimsuit. Best of all, this travel-friendly hat retains its shape even after being crushed into your carry on bag. And, it's available in 12 different color combinations.


A Sun Protective Hat That's Super Breathable

Coolcore Cooling Sun Hat, $30, Amazon

If you're going hiking or camping, this hat will definitely keep you cool. With mesh sides for better airflow and moisture wicking fabric, your head will stay dry all day. It provides UV protection and is made from all hypoallergenic materials. To make sure you don't lose this to the wind, there's a drawcord to keep it on tight.


A Striped Hat For That Old Hollywood Glamour

Itopfox Striped Floppy Big Brim Hat, $13, Amazon

If you want to feel like a classic movie star and stay cool this summer, try this wide brimmed sun hat. The material is light enough to allow for great airflow, yet heavy enough to maintain its shape. Best of all, you'll look like an old-school bathing beauty whenever you put it on. Who doesn't appreciate a little added glamour when they're at the beach?

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