These Are The 7 Best Sex Toys Of The Year

Dame Products

As the holiday season ramps up and 2018 winds to a close, why not focus some of that caring energy that you've been putting out into the world back on yourself? After all, we can't take care of others if we don't take care of ourselves. And luckily, 2018 has been a great year for sex tech and amazing new sex toys.

In the past few years the $15 billion industry has seen new designs, new technology, new marketing, and more women on top, and 2018 was no different. From Dame Products' new vibrator Pom — the result of the company's self-pleasure survey of 1,500 people with vulvas — to game-changing couples toy Ohnut, which lets you control the depth of penetration, these new sex toys are some of the most innovative — and aesthetically pleasing — sex products yet.

So in the interest of self-care through the holiday season, and to start the New Year off right, here are the best new sex toys of 2018. You'll find clitoral stimulators, wand massagers, vibrating anal beads, and a three-speed vibrator. You'll see toys you can use with a partner and ones you can use on your own. There's a little something here for all bodies, all genders. Have fun.



Ohnut is one of the most innovative sex toys I've seen in a long time. I love it because it focuses on pleasure, but not in the way you'd expect. It doesn't vibrate. It doesn't penetrate. If you have a penis, you can stick it in it, but it doesn't claim to feel like a vagina or a sphincter. Instead, it lets couples control depth of penetration, leading to increased pleasure by reducing pain. You can choose your preferred depth by adding or subtracting rings.



Ollie is part of the new line from the ladies over at Unbound, my personal favorite sex-positive, feminist sex shop. It's an external wand vibrator for the 21st Century because instead of having to be plugged in or needing a charging station, this bad boy recharges with a magnetic USB. It's 100 percent waterproof, covered in an ultra-soft medical-grade silicone, and boasts eight different speeds and patterns.



Fun fact: The clitoris isn't just a little nub. It actually stretches out into the body, with dorsal "legs" that fill with blood and become erect when a person is aroused. And while many vibrators target that little nub, tuLips is designed for the whole clit. With 10 different speeds, a waterproof design, and USB charging, tuLips "curves, flexes, and fits to your body" in order to stimulate the entire clitoris. Pretty cool, right?

"tuLips has, well two lips that cradle and stimulate the clitoris," Bustle sex writer Amanda Chatel, who's tried nearly 50 sex toys this year, tells Bustle. "It eventually replaced Sweet Vibration's Pixie as my favorite product from the relatively new brand... but that doesn't mean I have any less love for Pixie."


Satisfyer Pro Traveler

We've had vibes for a while now and we've had dildos for even longer, but a much newer player on the masturbation scene is these clitoral stimulators with air pressure. They work by applying suction to the head of the clitoris, a sensation that some people think mimics oral sex. And now, with the Satisfyer Pro Traveler, you can take your little sucker along with you when you travel. Plus, isn't that case the most chic?



vibe. by Maude is a USB-chargeable three-speed personal vibrator with a battery that lasts for up to 2.5 hours. It's waterproof and its completely gender-neutral shape, color, and packaging makes it a great option for people of all genders.

"Although a lot of really interesting vibrators come my way, my immediate love for Maude came before I even tried it, because I'm all about looks at first," Chatel says. "From beginning to end, with three speeds to choose from and lasting just over two hours, Maude delivered a very pleasurable experience. While I didn't use it internally, as clitoral stimulation is my thing, it can definitely be used to stimulate your G-spot, if that's your preference.""



Dame burst onto the market with their toy Eva, which was touted as a way for couples that include people with vulvas to have hands-free orgasms during intercourse. In 2018, they shifted their focus to self-pleasure and surveyed 1,500 people with vulvas about what was missing from their masturbatory aids. The end result is Pom, which works to more closely mimic the very first masturbatory aid — the hand. (But with a little something extra, of course.)

"In 2018, Pom became my absolute favorite sex toy of all time," Chatel says. "For starters, the shape is perfect. Far too many toys have your wrist and hand at an awkward angle, but not Pom. It sits perfectly in the palm of your hand as if it was specifically made to be, well, part of your hand. Ergonomic shape aside, although it did direct most of its stimulation to the clitoris, with its ridge, because of the size and shape, there was an all over vibration, which is great for people with vulvas who love vulva stimulation. Even I, who can pass on vulva stimulation most of the time, found it enticing — sort of like foreplay — while working your way up to the money spot.


Cinco Anal Beads

If you're into anal play, then b-vibe is the brand for you! Their contribution to the world of butt-friendly sex toys in 2018 is the Cinco Anal Beads. Cinco adds two more beads to b-vibe's Triplet Anal beads, lending itself to deeper play. The vibration also provides added stimulation and slightly easier use for those who are still beginning and looking to ease into anal penetration. Like all b-Vibe products, these come with a Guide to Anal Play and an online resource of educational materials providing insight into all elements of anal play.

Grab yourself a sweet treat and ring in 2019 the right way.