These Are The Best Nightlights For Adults, Because The Dark Is Scary At Any Age


There’s a lot to be said for a solid bedtime routine that helps you catch more Z's so you wake up feeling rested and ready for whatever your day has in store. In that department, the best nightlights for adults can make you feel calm and comfortable before you even hit the sheets.

Here’s why: While studies show that sleeping in total darkness benefits your brain, the right kind of light at the right time can alleviate even the most stubborn sleep problems. Warm-colored lights can make you feel extra relaxed while you're curled up in bed with a book, and nightlights that grow brighter as the sun rises are great for waking heavy sleepers. Although any nightlight is good for illuminating a dark room, some are better suited for illuminating a dark hallway en route to the bathroom thanks to their motion-sensing technology.

And even though you’re grown up, who says nightlights have to be all business? There are plenty of cool adult nightlights that come in fun shapes and colors to match your bedroom decor. The trick is to find just the right nightlight that matches your style and needs.

With so many options out there, it can be tough to figure out exactly what you need in a nightlight. Whether you’re looking for a motion-activated light or a well-lit moon-shaped orb, here’s a list of the best nightlights for adults that will help you sleep easy.

An Affordable Four Pack Of Tiny Plug-In Lights

This pack of four tiny nightlights from iTimo is perfect if you are looking for a good deal on a no-nonsense nightlight that's small and gets the job done. Plus, with a built-in light sensitive timer that will turn off during the daytime to conserve energy, this little light has all of the bare bones features you'd need in a nightlight. Available in both a white light and daytime light, it can easily illuminate any space from a nearby outlet.

The Most Popular Battery-Powered, Motion Sensor Nightlight

For when you need extra light in a place far away from an outlet, AMIR's cordless nightlights are your best bet. With 1,900 five-star reviews on Amazon, these nightlights are tried and true performers that will light up your space. And you won't have to constantly change their batteries like other battery-powered nightlights, because they conserve power through their PIR motion and light sensors. They automatically turn on when someone walks within 10 feet of them, and turn off after 15 seconds of no motion. They also won't turn on if they detect there's enough light in the room, which is another battery-life saving advantage. With no hard wiring, these are also super simple to install. Just use the double-sided adhesive or built-in magnet to stick to any surface with ease.

The Best Plug-In Motion Sensor Nightlight

This plug-in motion sensor nightlight is a fantastic way to light up the path to the bathroom or your refrigerator. With a motion sensor specifically designed only to activate when your room is dark, this is the best high-quality plug-in nightlight on this roundup. Its sensor is sensitive enough to pick up on your motion without accidentally setting off when a light wind blows through. And it will stay on for about 60 seconds after you walk out of range of the sensor, helping you get back into your bed safely.

The Best Nightlight For A Warm, Amber Glow

For the warmest glow, this Himalayan salt lamp is a great addition to your space that will illuminate your room with beautiful golden light. And, because there are reports that Himalayan salt lamps can purify the air and relieve allergy symptoms, you might even receive additional health benefits from having this nightlight in your life. Each nightlight comes in its own unique shape based on the high-quality salt crystals it was made from and emits a soft amber glow (kind of like a mini campfire) for a relaxing effect. It comes with a standard plug so it can be inserted into any socket. One reviewer swears by this nightlight, writing, "Really nice and tranquil to look at. Hand carving is awesome!" And, as with many Himalayan salt products, these salt lamp nightlights emit a subtle soothing scent that will lull you to sleep.

A High-Tech Smart Nightlight

MIPOW's smart light is a tech lover's dream with its free downloadable app (for both iOS and Android) and completely wireless controls. All from the app, you can turn this nightlight on and off, adjust the brightness, color effects, and timer configuration without ever actually setting a finger on the light itself. You can even change the colors of your lights to one of 16 million RGB colors (you read that correctly), simply by shaking your phone. This light also comes with four effects, pulsing, flashing, fading, and rainbow, for a completely customizable look. You can also enable the motion sensor within the app so that you can simply tap the ball to change its colors or effects, or set a certain color to fall asleep or wake up to. With a built-in battery, this nightlight can charge completely within three hours simply when you set it on the included wireless charger.

A Style-Forward, Moon-Shaped Nightlight

This moon lamp from CPLA is another example of a nightlight that doesn't scream "nightlight." This sophisticated upgrade on the childhood staples as created with advanced 3D-printing technology, and it has the same texture as the actual moon (for real!) and is removable from its base. There's a built-in rechargeable lithium battery with LED color light effect so you can bring this moonlight with you from room to room and adjust the color from warm to neutral white. Its functional and cool design is available in three different sizes and as many as 16 colors, making this nightlight perfect in just about any room.

A Nightlight And Noise Machine Hybrid

If you're looking for a little more than a standard nightlight, PROALLER's sleep therapy light combines the soft glow of a nightlight with eight soothing, natural sounds. You can choose from white noise, brown noise, ocean, stream, birds, thunder, and two different lullabies to help you drift off to dreamland. This nightlight also features three brightness settings and an auto-off timer so that you don't have to worry about the light waking you up in the middle of the night after you fall asleep. It also comes with a USB charging port on the back so you can charge all your external devices, like your phone or iPad, without using up another plug.

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