The 7 Best Peach Color Correctors

It's a makeup artist secret: Using one of the best peach color correctors can help you disguise dark circles and shadows on your skin. But sometimes, finding the right one can feel like a difficult task since there are so many products to choose from. Before you begin your search, though, you'll want to determine how you're going to be using it.

Color correctors — specifically those that are peach or orange in tone — are typically used underneath concealers or foundations to cover dark circles and shadows with blue or purple tones. You'll also want to consider the formula type, the level of coverage, and the shade.


In general, cream-based sticks and liquid formulas are easier to apply and blend, which can make them simpler to use when you're in a rush. Correctors that come in a pot or a palette can take more time to apply because they might need brushes or applicators. Meanwhile, a droplet container is a great option if you have a larger area you'd like to cover.


Consider the level of coverage you're looking for in your color corrector. There are some products that offer lightweight coverage that's sheer or transparent, and others that provide full coverage that's opaque.


You'll also want to decide between light and dark shades. There are tons of products on the market that range in color from soft peach to nearly orange. Keep in mind that lighter peach shades will help to cancel out blue and purple shadows on light and medium complexions, while deeper peach hues and orangey tones will work better on darker skin.

From creams to droplets and palettes, this guide will help you choose the best peach color corrector for your skin. To make things even easier, you can order them straight from Amazon.