The 7 Best Peach Color Correctors

It's a makeup artist secret: Using one of the best peach color correctors can help you disguise dark circles and shadows on your skin. But sometimes, finding the right one can feel like a difficult task since there are so many products to choose from. Before you begin your search, though, you'll want to determine how you're going to be using it.

Color correctors — specifically those that are peach or orange in tone — are typically used underneath concealers or foundations to cover dark circles and shadows with blue or purple tones. You'll also want to consider the formula type, the level of coverage, and the shade.


In general, cream-based sticks and liquid formulas are easier to apply and blend, which can make them simpler to use when you're in a rush. Correctors that come in a pot or a palette can take more time to apply because they might need brushes or applicators. Meanwhile, a droplet container is a great option if you have a larger area you'd like to cover.


Consider the level of coverage you're looking for in your color corrector. There are some products that offer lightweight coverage that's sheer or transparent, and others that provide full coverage that's opaque.


You'll also want to decide between light and dark shades. There are tons of products on the market that range in color from soft peach to nearly orange. Keep in mind that lighter peach shades will help to cancel out blue and purple shadows on light and medium complexions, while deeper peach hues and orangey tones will work better on darker skin.

From creams to droplets and palettes, this guide will help you choose the best peach color corrector for your skin. To make things even easier, you can order them straight from Amazon.


The Best Moisturizing Peach Color Corrector

The formula of NYX's Dark Circle Concealer is made with coconut oil, which helps it glide on easily and moisturize your face. Thanks to a mixture of slightly orange hues and skin-like tones, the concealer provides full coverage upon application. It also comes in a range of colors, offering four different peachy shades that'll suit various skin tones. As with most NYX products, this pot is vegan and cruelty-free. It's also pretty inexpensive, making it one of the best color-correcting options available.

What fans say: "This stuff really works. I have very fair skin, so I have been looking for a peach concealer for dark circles that would work on my light skin. This stuff is wonderful. It conceals so well, and it blends seamlessly."


The Best Bold Peach Color Corrector For Darker Skin Tones

Becca's Backlight Targeted Color Corrector in peach is the perfect shade to camouflage darkness on various skin types, working particularly well on those with darker skin tones (thanks to its vibrant orange hue). According to Becca, the clay-based formula will also absorb oil, which will help create a great pre-concealer base, especially on oily skin types. Like some other correctors on the list, this option is paraben-free.

What fans say: "I dot this mix under my eye and then blend with a finger. I apply until I get the coverage and concealment I want. The dark under eye disappears. It’s like magic."


The Best Waterproof Peach Corrector

Pixi By Petra's waterproof color-correcting formula offers the best of both worlds when it comes to moisturizing and long-lasting coverage of dark areas. This product not only neutralizes darkness around the eyes, but it also nourishes those delicate areas of skin with the help of rosehip extract along with vitamins A and C. Like some other correctors that've been mentioned, it is cruelty-free and is free of parabens.

What fans say: "I LOVE this product because it is the only thing I've found to cover my under eye darkness so well. It blends well and covers well. I will always use this product. It's the best! Trust me, I've tried dozens."


The Best Liquid Peach Corrector

This airy L.A. Girl's Pro Conceal HD Concealer is liquified and easy to use. It's heavily pigmented, offering opaque coverage that'll correct your bluish-purple shadows. Thankfully, the corrector is also resistant to creasing, which means you'll be able to use generous amounts without a care.

What fans say: "This is a must have! I love this so much that i just ordered 5 more!"


The Best Peach Color-Correcting Drops

Color-correcting droplet containers — like this one from Algenist — are perfect for covering larger areas. This formula in particular uses golden micro-algae to help with color correction. It's super easy to drop and blend over your entire complexion before layering on your makeup. Plus, this corrector can also be mixed with your moisturizers, per customer reviews. Like various other products mentioned throughout this list, this formula is made without parabens.

What fans say: "Its great for covering dark circles and spots."


A Roll-Up Peach Color Corrector With Great Portability

Whether you store it in your makeup bag, purse, or desk drawer, Cover FX Correct Click Color Corrector is a great option for covering dark shadows when you're on the move. The roll-up stick formula goes on extremely smoothly, making it simple to apply and even easier to transport. Plus, its subtle peachy color works well for skin that's light or medium in tone.

What fans say: "Tiny and easy to carry along with me if I need a touch up during the day."


Another Portable Peach Corrector That Acts Like A Pen

If you're looking for a different portable option that offers nontransparent liquified coverage, check out this color corrector by Maybelline New York. Unlike the others, this pen-style container has a cushioned tip so you can simultaneously mix while you apply. The bold, orangey shade Apricot is meant for customers with light and medium complexions, per the brand.

What fans say: "Very happy with this. It works well with my very dark under[-]eyes paired with a medium or full coverage concealer or foundation. A little goes a long way."

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