Pull On A Pair Of These Socks Before You Go Frolicking In The Snow

When the snow starts falling outside your window, it's like an enchanting force beckoning you come outside and play. The air is crisp, the streets are fluffy, and the whole city looks like a magical winter wonderland. However, if you don’t have the best socks for snow available, your feet are going to be freezing.

It’s difficult to overestimate how miserable you can be when your feet are cold. Your feet are kind of like tunnels that go straight to your soul — when they turn to ice, so does your spirit. You can’t enjoy hiking through gorgeous landscapes or making snowmen in the front yard when you can barely feel your toes. And once your feet go over the edge, the warmest hot toddy in the world can’t bring you back.

It’s better not to let them get that cold in the first place. Get yourself a great pair of winter boots, along with some high-quality socks made specifically for snow and cold weather, and you'll be all set. To maximize warmth and coziness, look for socks with a high thermal rating that are able to wick moisture away from your feet. You also want them to be close-fitting enough that they wont slip down your foot, or bunch up around your ankles. Whatever you pick, a good pair of winter socks for snow will be a total game-changer.


A Fancy Mohair Sock That Prevents Blisters If You Walk, Hike, Or Run

Balega Blister Resist Crew Sock, $18, Amazon

If you're prone to blisters every time you wear thick winter socks, these crew-length socks are an excellent choice. Using a fancy combination of mohair and Drynamix technology, the socks wick moisture effectively while also offering stellar thermal protection. Best of all, the blend of materials is specifically engineered to create a blister barrier between your skin and your shoe, allowing you to engage in high-intensity movement, like hiking through the snow or taking long walks across town, without chafed-up feet at the end of the day.


An Affordable Five-Pack Of Soft Crew Socks

Zando Cabin Wool Socks, $12-19 (5 Pack), Amazon

Sure, you want to stay warm this winter — but you also don't want to take out a personal loan just to pay for socks. These cabin wool socks are a spectacular blend of quality and affordability. They're made with a mix of polyester, spandex, and wool, delivering warmth, comfort, and breathability while also being thin enough to fit inside cute fall boots or tennis shoes. The ultra-soft socks come in a five-pack, making them less than $4 a pair, and are offered in eight patterns, including stripes, diamonds, patchwork, solids, and more.


A Sock That Has Special Heat Holder Technology To Maximize Warmth

Heat Holders Thermal Socks, $16, Amazon

These miracle socks are for one thing and one thing only: keeping your feet warm. Featuring 91 percent acrylic materials with a splash of nylon, polyester, and elastane, the socks are woven with "Heat Holders Loops." This mega-warm knitting technology creates an extra-long looped cushion pile that holds in more warm air. Combined with a brushing process that traps heat, the result is breathable, machine-washable socks that keep you super warm whether you're out in the snow or cuddled up in front of the fire.


A Stretchy Fleece Sock That Offers That's Incredibly Comfortable

MOPAS Fleece Socks, $5-17 (6 Pack), Amazon

Made from ultra-cozy fleece material, these winter socks are just about the softest, most comfortable foot warmers you can find. The polyester blend is stretchy and flexible, not to mention safe to put in the washing machine. On top of that, they're cute as heck with five different patterns including leopard, polka dot, stripes, dark solid, and plains.


Tough Hiking Socks That Keep Your Feet Warm & Dry

Darn Tough Trail Magic Boot Warmers, $24, Amazon

Hiking fanatics will love these fantastic boot warmer socks. Meant to keep your feet warm and dry while hiking through snow, rain, sleet, and other nasty elements, the 1441-stitch count socks are thick without feeling bulky. They feature top-of-the-line moisture-wicking technology so you can work up a major sweat without that "hot and damp foot" feeling.


A Cozy Cashmere Sock That Feels Like Heaven Against Your Feet

VentoMarea Cashmere Knit Socks, $21 (5 Pack), Amazon

There is nothing cozier than the feeling of cashmere winter socks. These super comfy multi-colored socks blend polyester, spandex, and wool to offer soft, warm foot protection in a cute, vintage-style package. The breathable material allows perspiration to permeate the fabric, keeping your feet as dry as they are warm.


A High-Tech Ski Sock That Is Great Around Town Too

Wigwam Sirocco Winter Ski And Snow Sock, $15, Amazon

Whether you're someone who skis, or you just want the extra high-tech warmth to run errands around town, Wigwam's Sirocco ski and snow socks will fit the bill. The snug wool performance sock is super durable with robust material and a reinforced shin that offers impact protection during skiing or other high-energy sports. The polypropylene blends makes them moisture-wicking too, so you know your feet will stay dry while you move. The socks are fully cushioned with a seamless toe closure, making them supremely comfortable and cozy, too.

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