The 7 Best Sunglasses For Small Faces

If your face is on the petite side, it can be hard to shop for sunglasses. But the perfect pair is out there — you just need to dig around a little. To make this process easier, I've done some research and made a list of the best sunglasses for small faces.

Given the variation in size among styles (aviators, for example, tend to be bigger than athletic sunglasses), I relied on customer reviews to verify their small-face compatibility. I also looked for manufacturer descriptions noting a pair's suitability for small- and medium-size faces.

However, I didn't want size to be the only qualification, so I also evaluated things like durability, UV protection, visual clarity, weight, and scratch-resistance. When considering these points, I looked at the following:


Frames are usually made from plastic or acetate. Both are good choices, though acetate tends to have greater glossiness and richer color. Plastic, on the other hand, is often more flexible, particularly choices like Grilamid (aka TR-90), which tend to be best for sports and other high-impact activities.

Lens Material

Lenses are usually made from either plastic (typically polycarbonate) or glass. Polycarbonate lenses are lighter, more impact-resistant, and less likely to cause injury if you wear them during sports. However, they're also less scratch-resistant and the visual clarity isn't as crisp. Glass lenses, in contrast, are almost fully scratch-proof and have better optical clarity. There are also composite lenses, which are made with a lightweight blend of materials that usually includes polycarbonate.

UV Protection

When evaluating lenses, UV protection is another big consideration. Polycarbonate is naturally UV-blocking, so it's one of your best options for bright, sunny locations. However, both glass and polycarbonate can be treated with UV-blocking coatings, so the former isn't necessarily inferior in this regard.

Polarization & Mirrored Lenses

Although often confused, polarization and mirrored lenses are actually two different things. Neither one blocks UV rays — instead, they both reflect light away. Polarized lenses target glare specifically, so they're usually ideal for water, snow, or other reflective areas. Mirrored lenses, on the other hand, are metallic coatings that simply reflect light. This actually makes it brighter for the person wearing them, thus reducing eye strain.

With these qualities in mind, check out the list below of the best sunglasses for small faces. If you wear prescription lenses, check out a company like SportRX, which can transform regular sunglasses into prescriptions.


The Best Overall

What's great about them: On top of their chic design and top-notch visual clarity, these high-quality women's sunglasses have tons of reviews that vouch for how well they fit small faces. The frames are built with durable Grilamid that's tough, flexible, and snap-resistant, and the polarized polycarbonate lenses offer impressive optics given the midrange price. If you wear them on water or snow, they'll reduce glare while keeping the color transmission stellar. They have 100% UV protection, and they're available in 10 different lens-frame combinations.

What fans say: "I ordered a few different pairs of sunglasses to try (all Smith's except for these) and these were the least expensive and the most fashionable (in my opinion). I've used them on a 4 day backpacking trip, riding my bike around town and walking so far and they've worked great! An added bonus is that I have a small head/face and these fit super well!"


The Best Budget Option

What's great about them: The optics aren't quite as amazing on these as with the first pair; however, given the price, they remain some of the best budget sunglasses out there. Built with relatively strong, hand-polished cellulose acetate frames, they're not prone to cracking easily, and they offer a decent amount of flex. The polarized lenses feature glare reduction as well as UV protection. They come in a variety of colors and have a 4.4-star rating on Amazon.

What fans say: "If you have a small face these sunglasses are for you! I’ve been wearing the same pair of smaller size Ray Bans for years because it’s so hard to find anything else ... These are PERFECT! You need these in your life. They’re also polarized which is a plus, although it does take some getting used to."


The Best Sunglasses For The Beach

What's great about them: Most of the picks on this list are good for the beach, but these Costa Del Mar sunglasses are specially designed for water activities like fishing, boating, and stand-up paddleboarding. They feature top-grade polarization to reduce glare, and certain color options have mirrored lenses, too. (The blue, green, and copper lenses make the best beach choices because they have the lowest light transmission rates.)

These sunglasses come in your choice of glass or polycarbonate lenses, but both options offer full UV protection, according to the brand. The glass ones are especially great for the beach because they're more scratch-resistant and withstand saltwater and sand better. Keep in mind, however, that if you opt for the glass, you'll want to be careful during activities like beach volleyball or other high-impact sports.

What fans say: "I have a small head/face and these were a perfect fit. They are comfortable and stylish, and stayed put even when I was more active. I highly recommend."


The Best For Running

What's great about them: Specifically made for high-activity sports, these are some of the best running sunglasses for small faces. The frames are made with extra-lightweight Grilamid that's super durable with lots of flex. The polycarbonate lenses are 100% UV-blocking, and they have glare protection, too. The aerodynamic design prevents them from slowing you down, and fans say they stay on your face without bouncing. Plus, they come in four color options. The only drawback is that they are nonpolarized.

What fans say: "I have a very small face & have never had glasses fit like these. Perfect!! [...] I am wearing these on a very bright sunny beach and they are wonderful. "


The Best Aviators

What's great about them: Fans say these chic women's aviator sunglasses feel lightweight and, unlike many similar pairs, the nose bridge doesn't dig in or leave red marks. The composite lenses feature a blend of polycarbonate and other tough materials, making them strong, flexible, and scratch-resistant (several reviewers wrote that they've had them for years). These sunglasses have metal frames showcasing sleek, low-profile arms that look stylish, making them a great pair to wear around town. They are not polarized but do feature UV protection.

What fans say: "These sunglasses are a perfect fit. They are very comfortable and the right size for a small face. I have never had a pair of sunglasses that were as comfortable as these. They are beautiful and stylish! Very classy glasses!"


The Best Cat-Eyes

What's great about them: With a cute cat-eye shape, these stylish women's sunglasses make a great choice to wear while you're out and about. They boast top-grade composite lenses that offer 100% UV protection and a strong resin frame. The built-in nose guard prevents them from sliding down, and the dual-colored aesthetic lends them extra style points. Like the previous selection, however, they are nonpolarized, so they won't perform as well near water or other reflective places.

What fans say: "I have a small head and it is difficult to find sunglasses that do not slide. These were a perfect fit and very stylish! [...] Would highly recommend!"


The Best Round Glasses

What's great about them: If you like the look of round sunglasses, these John Lennon-style Ray-Bans are the way to go. Reviewers say they fit comfortably on smaller faces and they don't constantly slide down, largely due to the curved nose bridge. They have a cool, retro aesthetic with small circular lenses and wire-thin arms. Available in 12 different color schemes, they're pricier than the other selections but, like the Ralph Lauren pair, fans say they last for years. They boast 100% UV protection, and some options have polarized and mirrored lenses.

What fans say: "AMAZING. Best glasses I’ve bought. At first, I was a bit worried that they weren’t going to fit my small head but they ended up being the perfect size [...] Highly recommended."

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