7 Genius Tools That Make Carving Your Pumpkin Way Easier (& Less Messy)

by Emily Estep
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Whether you treat pumpkin carving like a competitive sport or you're just after some seasonal Instagram-fodder, the best tools for pumpkin carving will seriously up your gourd-carving game.

The fundamentals of pumpkin carving rely on a few good tools: a solid scooper or gutter that makes cleaning the inside of the pumpkin easy and mess-free; a couple of sharp saws and knives that will cut through the pumpkin like butter; and — if you're just not the artistic type — plenty of kits include pumpkin carving stencils, too. So if you're looking for an easy-to-use, all-in-one pumpkin carving kit, be sure it has everything you need.

On the other hand, if you consider this seasonal craft an art form, then it might be a good idea to invest in individual, professional-grade tools. Yes, those do exist. From a quality gutter that helps you get super thin pumpkin walls to a battery-powered rotary tool that helps you create intricate designs, these tools will ensure you have Pinterest-worthy pumpkins.

But most importantly the best tools for pumpkin carving are safe, efficient, and easy-to-use, no matter your skill level and artistic abilities. So, if you're still using just any old kitchen knife, get ready for a serious upgrade.


The Best Pumpkin Scooper: Dakota Products Pumpkin Gutter Tool

Dakota Products Pumpkin Gutter Tool, $12, Amazon

The first step to any good jack-o-lantern design is a good gutting, and this gutter tool can be attached to any electric or cordless drill to do the job quickly and with minimal mess. It gets rid of seeds, stringy pulp, and all the other goo inside, for thin pumpkin walls that won't rot as quickly.


The Best Set: Elmchee Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tools

Elmchee Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tools, $22, Amazon

This elaborate pumpkin carving set comes with 13 tools, including six double-sided tools for detail work, three saws, two hole punches, and an engraving pen. In other words, basically everything you'd need. While $22 is a bit more pricey that other carving kits on this list, this set has been tested out by over 100 people on Amazon who say it's "heavy duty" and "good quality."


The Best Interchangeable Tool: Warren Cutlery Pro Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit

Warren Cutlery Pro Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit, $20, Amazon

This pumpkin carving tool kit is feeling the love on Amazon, with one user raving, "This is by far the best pumpkin carving kit I have used to date." The kit includes a black walnut handle and various saws, blades, and gouges to attach to it, allowing you to create countless designs. While it's a bit more pricey, this tool has won over 300 fans on Amazon.


The Most Affordable Set: Sculpt Pro Pottery Tool Starter Kit

Sculpt Pro 21 Tools Art Set, $8, Amazon

For anyone looking to get creative on a budget, this art carving set is ideal. Included in the kid are 11 different double-sided tools, which means there are 22 different ends for a variety of effects, all for just $8. Bonus: These tools can also be washed and used for various other art projects, so you'll definitely be able to reuse them after the Halloween season is over.


The Best For Kids: Pumpkin Punchers Pumpkin Carving Kit

Pumpkin Punchers Pumpkin Carving Kit, $23, Amazon

Without any knives or sharp tools, you can make custom jack-o-lantern designs with these pumpkin punchers. Similar to cookie cutters, these punchers can be pressed into your pumpkin in order to create eyes or a mouth for your design. Even though $23 might seem like a high price, this fan-favorite pumpkin carving tool can be reused for all manner of art project.


The Best Electric Tool: Dremel 7000-PK 6-Volt Pumpkin Carving Kit

Dremel 7000-PK 6-Volt Pumpkin Carving Kit, $20, Amazon

This 6-volt rotary tool relies on AA batteries to add some power behind your pumpkin carving. To be clear, it creates designs in the pumpkin's flesh and does not actually carve through it. In case you fear this is a bit above your artistic abilities, the kit includes 10 template designs.


The Best Pumpkin Carving Stencils: Amscan Pumpkin Carving Stencil Book

Amscan Pumpkin Carving Stencil Book, $13, Amazon

Another tool you might need? A great stencil. This popular stencil book comes with 10 different designs ranging from difficult intricate ghosts to a simple black cat. Amazon fans say that both kids and adults enjoy this book, with one saying, "Nice, simple tools to make intricate designs."

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