Get The Best Of Both Worlds With The 7 Best Vibrating Dildos

by Shayna Murphy
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Finding the right sex toy can be difficult — especially if you're on a budget or you've got limited space in your bedside drawer. It means every toy you invest in has to count, which is why the best vibrating dildos are worth researching; not only are they reliable, but they're like getting two sex toys for the price of one.

Whether you're looking for penetration or some external stimulation, vibrating dildos have got you covered. The best options are typically made from body-safe silicone and feature adjustable settings, so you can really explore different sensations and intensities. Unlike more tech-focused toys that can sometimes require a learning curve, most standard vibrating dildos are quick and easy to figure out. (That makes them really terrific for people who are just starting to build out their sex toy collections).

Besides material and settings, the most important factors to keep in mind are the shape and size; be sure to check the measurements as well as what other buyers have said about the experience. Since you're making your purchase online, these extra steps can ensure that you're choosing the best sex toy for your needs.

From small to large (and everything in between), this list features seven of the best vibrating dildos available right now.


The Overall Best Vibrating Dildo

For someone looking for an all-around great vibrating dildo, this one from Treediride is a number-one bestseller in its category because it's got all the right features. In addition to seven different remote-controlled vibration and telescopic modes, this pick also has a heating function and a suction-cup base. It's made from medical-grade silicone and is quiet, waterproof, and USB rechargeable. Its 7-inch length is on the larger side, but reviewers say it's comfortable nonetheless because the "material is soft" and the design is "easy to use." (It can even be used along with some strap-on systems.)


The Best Budget-Friendly Beginner Pick

Not all vibrating dildos are budget-friendly, but this one from Louviva sure is. Equipped with 10 quiet but powerful vibration modes, this ergonomically-designed toy comes in at just $10. It's also made from body-safe silicone and has on-device controls for easy, comfortable use — though it utilizes batteries, so it's not as high-tech as the rechargeable options. Even though this pick stretches 9 inches due to the handle, the penetrative section is thinner and shorter than most other vibrating dildos, making it a great pick for the beginner.


The Best Option For Size

If you're looking for size in terms of both length and girth, Blush Novelties vibrating dildo is one of the best options available. It measures 9 inches from base to tip, and since it doesn't feature testicles, the insertable section is larger than most others — plus, with a width of 1.75 inches, it also offers more girth. The battery-operated motor offers multi-speed vibrations, and according to reviewers, it has a harder, more resilient interior for advanced play.


The Best For Water Play

Dip into some shower fantasies or bath-play with this dildo vibrator from PALOQUETH. The insertable length on this pick is under 6 inches, making it a good intermediate option in terms of size. Since it's double-layered with waterproof silicone, you can take it with you in the shower, tub, or other similarly-drenched setting. Inside, there's a powerful motor with 10 vibrator modes and the ability to swivel in a 360-degree motion. It even has a suction-cup base for hands-free use alone or with a harness.


The Best Dildo For A Thrusting Motion

If you prefer realistic textures and realistic movements, this thrusting vibrator from Feelingirl is the one for you. It has six vibrational modes for internal and clitoral stimulation, but it also features rotating beads in the shaft to simulate a back-and-forth thrusting motion. It's made from a hypoallergenic, odorless silicone, is entirely rechargeable via any USB port, and has a remote control that allows you to effortlessly change between modes. Currently, it has a 4.9 star rating because it's soft, flexible, and "unlike any other toy," according to reviewers.


The Best Dildo For P-Spot Stimulation

The Orlupo dual vibrating dildo is one of the best options for anal play due to several reasons: For one, it's made from medical-grade silicone and is entirely waterproof, so you can ensure a thorough cleaning. For another, it's carefully curved and textured to stimulate the prostate (though it's still a great toy for those without P-spots), and it has a textured, elongated base for simultaneous testicular stimulation. Throw in the 10 vibrational settings, dual intense motors, and 49-foot remote control capabilities, and it's no wonder reviewers call this one "amazing."


The Best For Clitoral Stimulation

Most vibrating dildos focus primarily on penetrative stimulation, but the 7.8-inch PALOQUETH Rabbit Ear keeps another important area in mind — the clitoris. Covered in velvet-soft silicone, this dildo has three separate motors and seven vibration modes, but the real selling point is the dual-eared clitoris stimulator. Needless to say, reviewers are calling it their "new best friend" because it's "large and powerful." It's also USB-rechargeable and has a suction-cup base.

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