The 7 Best Yoga Towels

Being on your yoga mat should feel like a blissful escape from the stresses of your day — not a Slip 'N Slide in the middle of an exercise studio. When it comes to surviving your sweatiest practices, sometimes a non-slip mat isn't enough. Good thing the best yoga towels can keep your hands and feet where they should be, so you can focus on zenning out.

What is a yoga towel exactly, and can't you just grab one from your bathroom, throw it across your mat, and call it a day? Not quite. A yoga towel is made to absorb moisture — much like your typical bath towel — but it's also made to fit on top of your yoga mat and create a non-slip surface for extra grip and stability in your poses. As a result, most are made with special fabrics (and sometimes even rubber or silicone) to ensure that you stay safe and face-plant-free during your practice.

That being said, and contrary to popular belief, you do not need to spend $60 on a yoga towel. These yoga towels will have you excited to get your om on without costing you a ton, and there are plenty of options for any style, mat size, and price point.

1. This Highly-Rated (But Affordable) Option That Covers All Your Bases

People are obsessing over this IUGA yoga towel, calling it a "wonderful addition" to their practice and an even "better [option] than the more expensive towels." The premium microfiber material absorbs moisture and dries quickly for a safe practice, while the textured weave strikes the perfect balance between softness and grip. It's a little bit thicker (and bigger) than other brands for more cushioning, but it's still surprisingly lightweight. It even has corner pockets to keep it in place, no matter what pose you're working on. The best news? It's only $20, and it comes with a free hand towel and a spray bottle so you can dry your sweat and clean your mat.

2. This Towel That Comes In 12 Eye-Catching Designs

Give your mat a complete makeover with the YOGA DESIGN LAB hot yoga towel. With 12 gorgeous designs like 'floral flow,' 'chevron maya,' and 'mandala rose,' you're sure to have the most eye-catching mat in the room. They're printed with eco-friendly non-toxic inks that are completely water=based, yet they won't fade or bleed in the washing machine. They're also lightweight, extremely absorbent, and of course, stop your hands and feet from slipping in difficult poses.

3. This Towel For Bikgram Yoga That Becomes That Becomes Stickier As You Sweat

For the yogis that love to sweat, there's the Shandali Stickyfiber yoga towel. It's designed for Bikram yoga and sweaty practices because it's made with a silicone web-grip bottom that provides a whole different level of non-slip stickiness. In fact, the wetter it gets, the better it grips. It can also be washed and dried in the machine, comes in five zen colors, and is suitable for any practice — not just hot yoga. "I don't do hot yoga," says one reviewer. "I just sweat. A lot ... I am very pleased to say that the quality is phenomenal."

4. This Towel That's So Travel-Friendly, You Can Pack It In Your Carry-On

Whether you travel a ton or you're just dreading lugging yet another thing to the studio, the Gaiam yoga towel is for you. Despite its double-layer microfiber top and non-slip bottom, it's only 1.5 millimeters thick. That means you can fold it up into a tiny square or just roll it up with your yoga mat at the end of class. But don't let its thin and lightweight design fool you — it still absorbs sweat and prevents you from slipping with the natural rubber that's woven into the microfiber. This one is available in five double-sided colors, so you always know which side is which.

5. This Highly-Rated Towel That Does Both The Environment And Your Wallet A Favor

Even though the price tag reads $15, reviewers can't stop raving about how much they love this towel. The Ewedoos Yoga Mat is budget- and eco-friendly. Made from 100 percent microfiber, it absorbs five times its weight in water and dries far faster than most other towels, which means you save money on your energy bill and there's less of a chance of slipping in that sweaty, hot Bikram yoga class. It comes in grey with a choice of purple, blue, or green trim and features anchor-fit corners that provide a secure fit over your yoga mat.

6. This One That's Made To Stay Dry And Cool No Matter How Long You Practice

The Mission Vaporactive towel is my go-to yoga towel because I can't stand when my mat feels warm or clammy underneath me. Using a special VaporActive fabric, this one attracts all the moisture on your body so it can promptly remove it via evaporation. It also has framed corner pockets that wrap around your mat to keep everything in place. Best of all, the permanent non-slip technology never washes out, so unlike other mats, it stays safe even after countless classes.

7. When Every Other Yoga Towel Falls Short (Of Your Extra-Long Mat)

Most towels are made to fit standard-sized mats, but if yours is especially long or wide, the Gaiam maxTowel is your best bet. It measures 30 by 84 inches to accommodate the tallest yogis, like this one: "I am 6'11" and this works GREAT for my hot yoga classes! I purchased [an] extra long yoga mat and the towel does a great job helping to keep the mat and me dry through the 75 minute session." It's also hypoallergenic and is made from extremely absorbent (but quick-drying and non-permeable) microfiber.

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