Picking Your Next Holiday Just Got WAY Easier Thanks To These #NoFilterNeeded Spots

Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Taking glorious snaps of your holiday is all part in parcel of actually going, right? There is nothing that lifts your spirits more on a dreary mid-November afternoon quite like searching for images of a place you are visiting soon or looking at your own holiday pictures and trying to remember what it felt like to wander around and truly relax. With the creation of Instagram we are lucky in that we have a curated photo album all in our phone. So if you need a little pick-me-up or some inspiration travel company Contiki has released a list of the top seven most Instagrammable holiday destinations.

As experts in global travel for 18-35 year olds, if you're in need of a bit of travel inspo look no further than the Contiki Instagram page. From New Zealand to Egypt, the page pretty much has you covered for envy-inducing snaps and the photography is so so good. With this in mind Contiki conducted research into the some of its most liked travel posts of 2018, to discover how this might help travel fans up their photography game in time for their next trip. Because if it isn’t on Instagram did you even go?


Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

The most liked shot on the Contiki travel Instagram page of 2018 is of Ha Long Bay and was taken by @adventures.of.khaya. It isn’t hard to see why this picture racked up a massive 12,795 likes. The sky is as pink as candy floss and the water is so vividly blue and serene you just want to jump into the image. This is wanderlust at its best. Experts at Contiki have said that if there is water in your holiday snaps “be it a lake, river or ocean, if it’s blue your followers will love it."


Banff’s Moraine Lake, Canada

If you are prone to getting the travel bug and dropping everything to head off on an adventure then look away now. This amazing picture taken by @jordentually of Banff’s Moraine Lake in Canada fills me with longing to be there. And it looks like 11,292 people agree. The water looks almost too blue to be true, it’s every travellers' dream.


Venice, Italy

It isn’t just natural wonders that made the cut as the most liked Instagram destinations of 2018. City breaks prove equally popular and this shot of Venice by @anniiaj is proof of why you should always look up. It has gained 11,107 likes and really feeds into my dream of waking up in a little Venetian apartment, drinking strong Italian coffee, and living off pizza — the dream essentially. It's all in the artsy details.


Lucerne, Switzerland

If rolling hills are more your scene than cobbled streets then I defy you not to pack your bags at the sight of @_danielletate's picture of Lucerne in Switzerland. The scenery is epic and the lush rolling hills stand prove just why the Swiss countryside is an outdoors adventurers' dream. While Switzerland might only be a short flight away, it seems so other-worldly from this image and after racking up 10,050 likes I don't think you'll be the only one heading there.


Krka National Park, Croatia

This perfect image captured by @meg_patt is proof enough that heaven is a place on earth and it lies in Krka National Park. Everyone has experienced the temptation of throwing themselves in a pool of water when the weather gets too warm (granted that isn’t too often in the UK.) @meg_patt has perfectly captured that. With 9,961 likes this picture has everything from the awesome waterfall to the forest around the edge.


Eiffel Tower, France

Everyone knows what the Eiffel Tower looks like, some of us have been lucky enough to see it for ourselves. However, there is no surprise why image of the well known monument has racked up a cool 9,811 likes. With the sun in the background and the Eiffel Tower taking centre stage, Sam has managed to capture Paris in all of its beauty. It's giving me serious temptation to book a flight to the city of love.


Barcelona, Spain

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is literally a ginormous piece of art. @gertjgoosen captured Gaudi’s yet-to-be-completed pride and joy, managing to highlight the intricacies of the world famous landmark. And 9,459 people agree that it is a pretty great shot of a really recognisable building. When trying to get a snap of an iconic scene on your holidays Contiki says, “there’s always a new way to capture something we all feel we’ve seen before, look at landmarks from a new perspective or a different time of day to get a truly unique shot.”


If you have managed to get to the end of that list without looking for flights then you have stronger willpower than me. Getting through the long winter nights can be hard and looking for a little bit of holiday inspiration never hurt anyone. With these helpful tips, tricks, and examples your holiday snaps may make you a bit of an Instagram star too.