The 75 Best Father's Day Gifts Under $20 On Amazon Prime When You Have No Idea What To Get

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How is it that every year when Father's Day rolls around, I always find myself scrambling to figure out a gift? You'd think that knowing somebody your entire life means I'd be able to pinpoint at least three perfect gifts for the man right off the top of my head — yet as the day quickly approaches I'm realizing that this year is no different. What's a perfect gift for dads who already have everything?

Taking a minute to break the fourth wall here, but I can't lie: I'm pretty excited to share these unique gifts for dads that he'll actually love. From a book all about Bill Murray's eccentric career choices and life, to a portable external battery with a built-in solar panel so that you can keep charging your devices without needing to top off at a power outlet, these gifts range from goofy fun to being genuinely useful gifts for practical dads.

And hey, depending on how you play your cards this gift could even double as a benefit for you. Not that you would ever buy your parents a gift just so you could use it yourself — but it wouldn't hurt to give them a wine aerator for when they break out a cheap box of red during the holidays. Just sayin'.

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