The 8 Best Affordable Canada Goose Alternatives

By Scarlett James
Amazon / Bustle

Canada Goose is a cold-weather icon with a reputation for craftsmanship. The brand’s parkas were designed to work in Antarctica, which makes them a go-to brand for winter weather. But the label’s attention to detail and high-quality materials come at an equally famous price. (The cheapest Canada Goose women's parkas ring in at around $800.) Luckily, there are several affordable Canada Goose alternatives out there..

The most important cold-weather clothing commandments are ample insulation and synthetic fabric shells. Down is a popular insulator because of its lightweight warmth, but these benefits evaporate when it gets wet. So those looking for a parka that can withstand winter sports or just heavy snow storms would be smart to opt for water-resistant down, which is expensive, or manmade down alternatives and blends. This is why a synthetic shell is so important: Natural fibers like cotton absorb moisture and transfer it to your insulation, leaving you damp and chilly. Fabrics like polyester or nylon, on the other hand, are often designed to be water-resistant (sometimes even waterproof) to keep you dry and comfortable.

Beyond these technical specifications, it comes down to style: Most Canada Goose parkas hit at least the low hip if not longer and come in a muted rainbow of solid colors. They usually feature either large patch pockets or quilting on the outside, ribbed cuffs, and the most distinctive details of all: A fur-trimmed hood and patch. Canada Goose uses coyote fur, but if you're looking to avoid real fur, there are vegan alternatives on this list.

You don’t need to pay $800 for a sturdy parka that will keep you warm. Cozy up to these affordable Canada Goose alternatives — and they’re all available on Amazon.