The 8 Best Travel Cord Organizers

You know the drill: no matter how neatly you fold up your earbuds, their cords somehow transform into a labyrinth-like puzzle by the time you need to retrieve them. This is where the best travel cord organizers come in handy, organizing everything from earbuds to laptop chargers.

A good cord organizer does a lot of things. Mainly, it keeps the cords from becoming a jumbled mess, but it also keeps them safe and secure, and many can even protect your cords from water damage.

When looking for the ultimate cord organizer, the first thing to consider is your lifestyle. Do you fly frequently, with various cords in your carry-on bag? A larger organizer, maybe even one with extra pockets for small gadgets, would be helpful.

Or, do you just have a few cords — say, a laptop charger and the a pair of headphones — getting in your way at work or during your morning commute? If so, there are simple, clever solutions that will make a world of difference on your desk and in your bag.

These eight travel cord organizers will keep all your cords, earbuds, and chargers neatly tucked away, but easy to access when you need them.

1. An Organizer With More Straps Than You'll Know What To Do With

JOTO Electronics Organizer



This electronics organizer measures about twelve by eight inches, making it the ideal size to slip into a backpack, briefcase, or large tote. Its criss-cross design of rubber elastic bands allows you to safely strap down countless cords, as well as small devices and writing utensils. It also has a large, zippered pocket on the back for documents and small notebooks.

2. A Super Cute Cord Roll That Folds Into A Clutch

Brouk & Co. Travel Cord Roll



This travel cord roll holds eight cords, two plugs, and a few more various knick knacks safely with a combination of straps and pockets, which become undetectable on one side when you fold up the roll into its clutch form. Best of all, it's made entirely out of vegan leather and comes in seven colors.

3. An Organizer With A Hardy Waterproof Exterior

Fakeface Waterproof Organizer



This sizable organizer opens up to a single layer interior with a plethora of elastic bands, mesh pockets, and zippered pockets, giving you space for cords, memory cards, small gadgets, earbuds, and whatever else you need neatly put away. It also has a waterproof exterior, keeping your electronics safe from spills and bad weather.

4. A Simple Cord Organizer That Keeps Earbuds In Order

Seabaras Leather Cord Clam Headphone Cord Keeper



This adorable leather cord organizer is perfect for a single pair of earbuds, a cell phone charger, or maybe even a laptop charger. Each purchase comes with a bundle of three pouches and your color options include sky blue, pink, black, white, or red/black/blue.

5. A Clip That Saves Your Charger From Falling Behind A Desk

iGotTech Cable Clips



These cable clips have adhesive backing that sticks to any desk or vanity, keeping the various cords that wind their way up the back of your laptop or computer in check. They're designed not only to keep cords organized but also to keep them from falling, so you will never again have to crawl under your desk to retrieve a fallen charger.

6. A Compact Organizer That Fits Right In The Palm Of Your Hand

Sisma Travel Organizer Case



This organizer case has more than enough room for your cords, phone, and even some wallet staples, while still being small enough to zipper shut and fit in the palm of your hand. Its hardy rubber exterior resists wear and tear, making it ideal for hectic trips through the airport. It even has a bonus insert with rubber straps for extra storage.

7. A Hardcore Organizer Case That's Shock-Proof

iMangoo Shockproof Case



This sturdy organizer has a zippered pocket to store wrapped up headphones and other cords, as well as a separate compartment with a large elastic strap, ideal for a power bank or other device. When zippered close, this case was created to take a beating, keeping your electronics safe.

8. A Cable Bag That Locks Everything In Place & Folds Up Neatly

BUBM Cable Bag



This heavy-duty travel organizer expands to roughly nine by eight inches, with an assortment of elastic bands, mesh pockets, and zippered mesh pockets to keep all your cords, memory cards, and small gadgets in place. Then, it rolls up neatly and fastens shut, allowing you to stash it in your purse or backpack.

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