The 8 Sexiest Valentine's Day Episodes On Netflix


Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers. It's also for lovers of watching love on TV. Netflix has you covered in that area, since plenty of the series it stocks have produced a sizzling Valentine's Day episode or two. Whether you're streaming together or solo, these episodes from the realms of drama, comedy, and sci-fi have you covered with tales of love spells, forbidden attraction, and sweet shows of commitment. Forget the overpriced restaurants and save money on flowers. The eight sexiest Valentine's Day episodes on Netflix will be all the sustenance and sensuality you need this February.

A lot of series tend to go tongue-in-cheek for Valentine's Day. Because hey, as holidays go, it's an easy target. (For a goofier V-Day, I suggest How I Met Your Mother's "Desperation Day" and "My Fuzzy Valentine" from Bob's Burgers Season 3.) But sometimes you want to ditch the irony and sarcasm for some honest-to-goodness heat. So I've combed through Netflix to find the steamiest Valentine's Day episodes from some of your favorite Netflix shows of the past and present. Add a fuzzy blanket, a couple of pints of ice cream, and this marathon makes for an excellent self-care night or hot date — however you prefer to celebrate this love fest.

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer — "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered"

Silly Xander, love is too complicated to be influenced by magic. In this Season 2 episode, Xander forces Amy to put a love spell on Cordelia, who just broke up with him. It works — it's just not very accurate. Every woman he encounters except his ex gets supernaturally hot for him, including Buffy, Willow, and even the vampiress Drusilla.

2. Orange Is The New Black — "You Also Have A Pizza"

The Litchfield ladies swap love stories while they get ready for the prison's annual Valentine's Day party. The killer part of the episode is a flashback to Poussey's youth, and her sweet romance with a beautiful German girl. They're driven apart by hatred and unfair parents, but it's obvious that Poussey still carries that attachment and heartbreak with her.

3. Gossip Girl — "Crazy Cupid Love"

Calling all Dair fans: their kiss at Nate's Valentine's Day soiree isn't their first, but with Serena still not over Dan and Blair a (gasp) married woman, it might be the most illicit.

4. Charmed — "Animal Pragmatism"

It's another love spell gone awry when Phoebe accidentally helps some friends turn their men into "animals" for a satisfying Valentine's Day. The guys can't help giving into some other beastly instincts, which is when the sisters have to jump in and shut it all down. Meanwhile, Piper is sticking with Dan, even though she daydreams going back to Leo for this charged dance floor clinch.

5. Grey's Anatomy — "Valentine's Day Massacre"


Alex and Lexie realize they're wasting their time commiserating about being single on the most romantic day of the year and decide it's better spent working out their frustrations together in a supply closet hook-up.

6. Glee — "Heart"

The God Squad come out in full support of Brittany and Santana after they get a talking to about hallway PDA in this lovey-dovey episode. How could anyone hate on them? They're the cutest.

7. Bones — "The Bikini In The Soup"

The usually introverted Clark shows a new side of himself during a Valentine's Day seduction routine, and Brennan turns down a dinner date to let off some steam (and sexual tension) at the shooting range with Booth in honor of the Valentine's Day Massacre. That's romance, Bones-style.

8. New Girl - "Valentine's Day"

It's Valentine's Day, and Jessica Day is determined to get some — so determined, in fact, she almost propositions Schmidt, who's busy getting busy with Cece. This is one incestuous friend group, and I hope they never change.

No one gives you unconditional love and support like Netflix, on Valentine's Day and every day of the year.