9 Utterly Adorable Cat Costumes You Can Score On Amazon


Every Halloween, cat parents who absolutely love to dress up their pets are faced with the inevitable question: how do you top last year's look? Even though the best Halloween costumes for cats are pretty hilarious, finding ones that are as funky and unique as your favorite furball can be tough, especially if you're unsure where to look.

For starters, cat costumes get weird. Like, think giant-fuzzy-slice-of-pizza levels of weird. While that's definitely part of their charm, there's no getting around the fact that pets themselves can sometimes struggle to feel comfy in them, especially if they're not sized correctly. While Amazon is full of bizarre yet oddly genius stuff for pets, when it comes to outfits for cats, it's important to take size, fit, and material all into account before investing in anything.

Ready to take the plunge? You can scare up some quality laughs (and maybe make your cat hate you in the process) with the deliciously good and kind of ridiculous costumes featured in this round-up. Whether you're looking to add a little something extra to your party or you just want to post a couple of silly pictures to Instagram, these creative Halloween outfits for cats are sure to make you crack a smile or two, even when you're feeling spooked this season.

This Mane That'll Make Your Cat Look (And Feel) Like The Ruler Of Everything

Chances are your cat already rules your house with a cruel, exacting (but also cute AF) paw. Well, with this lion mane wig designed just for cats, your pet can finally start looking the part too. Sized to fit most average-size cats, this can make any feline seem like the king of the jungle. It also feels super soft to the touch and comes with plush lining, fuzzy ears, and adjustable magic tape, so no matter how much your cat lunges and leaps from one summit spot in your home to another, this mane will absolutely stay in place. This is easy to wash too, and you can run it through a washing machine if you prefer, so it's gonna stick around. You know, kind of like your cat's whole "You-live-to-serve-me" complex is going to.

This Adorable Costume That's Extra Cheesy

Pizza? Good. Cats? Even better. Put 'em together and what do you get? A Halloween costume that's almost too adorable. This costume turns your cat into a slice of warm, gooey, and delicious-looking slice of pizza. Unlike a lot of other costumes designed for cats, this one is actually structured like a jumpsuit. This can be more comfortable for cats that really hate having things strapped on their heads or hanging from their necks and torsos since it doesn't restrict movement and allows pets to move and frolic around as they normally would. Another advantage to this suit is that it comes in multiple sizes, including extra-large, so it can even fit larger cats, say reviewers. "Everyone needs a Pizza Kitty," one raved. "Trust me."

This Devilish Outfit For Cats With A Fiendish Side

For the cat that's a real hell-raiser, only one costume will really do, and that's this cape with a matching set of devil horns. Completely adjustable to the point where it can comfortably fit petite cats or more heavy-set ones, this set is decorated to bedeviling effect with crisp red edges and satiny black acrylic fabric that feels smooth to the touch, while the horns on this headdress are made with PU leather and cloth. Perfect for your favorite cuddly devil, this one is definitely sure to suit mischievous cats, especially for the spookiest season of the year.

This Totally Eye-Catching Peacock Costume That Really Makes A Statement

This five-star rated peacock costume is sure to make your cat stand out in a room even more than they already do. Designed with an easy velcro closure, your cat won't feel stuffed in while they're wearing it. This also comes with a sparkly blue headdress and bodysuit with a vibrant peacock-esque tail attached to it. "Exceeds expectations! At the risk of sounding looney, I could not be more giddy of this cat costume," wrote one reviewer. Another added: "Absolutely purrfect!" While small to mid-sized cats under 12 pounds can fit into this comfortably, reviewers say it can be a struggle to fit onto larger cats, so be sure to keep that in mind before you grab it.

This Witchy Little Hat That'll Put A Hex Right On Your Heart

Feeling witchy this Halloween? This time around, you can transform your kitty into the perfect familiar with this spellbinding little classic. Decorated in purple and black with a cool spider-like design in front, this hat is stuffed with cotton fillers inside so it stays upright as cats wiggle and move. Since it's also designed to be worn at a slight angle, it won't disrupt a cat's ability to dart around as they wear it and comes with fully adjustable straps. "I love this outfit for my cat. Of course they hate it," wrote one reviewer.

This Nautical-Inspired Apparel That Even Land-Bound Cats Can Love

Up the aaaaaw factor on your favorite feline with this basic nautical-themed look that comes with everything you need to make your pet seem ready for a seafaring adventure. This two-piece set comes with a cap and collar and will make your pet look like they belong on the high seas in no time. "Cute but he hates it," wrote one reviewer. "This is why you don't browse Amazon while drinking... However, the five dollars spent is100% worth how hilarious it is." And while sure, most cats technically hate the water. But on Halloween, just about anything is possible.

These Bat Wings That Are Great For Kittens

Turn your pet into a real-life bat-cat with this set of felt wings. Adjustable and designed to be fastened along a cat's torso, these wings can help them take flight (in fantasy) and give them flexibility to move. Since these wings are super cheap, they're a fun little buy for the season, according to reviewers. Another big reason to grab them up? Many say that these wings are actually great for kittens because of how small they are. "I love this!!! It’s perfectly adjustable, and can fit my little four month old kitten," described one. Technically, your pet won't actually turn into a superhero or anything with these, but it'll make all those nocturnal prowls around the house seem that much more exciting.

This Super-Cute Dino Costume For Felines That Love To Get Their Growl On

Your cat can have a roaring good time and tap into their inner grr in the process with this playful dinosaur suit, which is definitely one of the most sought-after picks for cats on Amazon. Available in a range of sizes from small to extra-large, this one can fit pets of any size and has a smoothly stroke-able cloth texture, so kitties stay cozy during wear. Unlike some other outfits that definitely have more of a Halloween vibe, this cozy apparel is warm enough that you can have your cat wear it throughout the colder months, too. Since this is in a jumpsuit style, cats also can enjoy plenty of movement and won't feel as distracted as they sometimes can in a basic headdress. "My cat who is fairly large fits happily in the XL [and] he is nothing short of adorable in it. Love that it's once piece making it easier to get him into it," described one reviewer.

This Pumpkin Costume That Definitely Won't Make Your Cat Hate You Or Anything

Your cat will probably hate you for all eternity for making them wear this absolutely ridiculous pumpkin-inspired suit. But it won't matter, because the fun you'll have watching them totter around for the night in this velvet-soft apparel will seriously make it all worthwhile. Great for pumpkin lovers (or big fans of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown), this get-up screams autumn in all the right ways. Designed with an adjustable headdress and a matching cotton suit decorated in orange and bright leaves, it's also visually eye-catching and sure to be a big crowd-pleaser. One reviewer wrote: "My cat hated it and it was amazing lol. Good quality costume, would recommend!"

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