9 Moisture Wicking Socks That Keep Your Feet Cool & Dry

Warm weather and sweaty workouts almost always add up to the same thing: feet that feel sticky and uncomfortable in socks that are trapping all of that moisture within. But, the best moisture wicking socks that keep your feet cool are the perfect solution — whether you live in a hot climate, spend a lot of time inside of a gym, or simply prefer breathable fabrics on your feet that will help keep foot odor at bay.

Quality moisture wicking socks are made with fibers that absorb wetness the minute it's detected and can actually whisk it away from your feet, leaving you dry and more comfortable. When your feet are bone dry, there's less risk of developing blisters from friction caused by rubbing against materials — which is another big plus. And many of these socks contain features like cushion heels and arch support, or reinforced heels and toes for added comfort.

You can find moisture wicking socks in ankle length, crew length, and knee-high styles. There are even no-show liner socks that can be worn with your lowest flats and will prevent foot odors and friction without interrupting the flow of your outfit. Really, these fabrics are practically magic.


No-Show Liner Socks That Will Keep Feet Dry

KEAZA No Show Liner Boot Sock, $11 (5 Pack), Amazon

These breathable moisture-wicking socks, which are invisible under most shoes, are made with 75 percent combed cotton, 10 percent rayon, and 15 percent wool — so your feet will stay cool and dry. Each five pack of boot socks comes with a variety of colors like pink, green, and black.


Antibacterial No-Slip Copper Ankle Socks

Kodal Copper Antibacterial Athletic Socks, $6-23 (5 Pack), Amazon

The antimicrobial copper yarn used to design these no-slip unisex athletic socks kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses with which your foot comes into contact. Moisture-wicking cotton with mesh venting keeps feet dry and free of odors and a protective foot loop provides additional support that prevents blisters and injuries caused by foot friction.


Moisture-Wicking Crew Socks With Arch Compression

Dickies Dri-Tech Advanced Moisture Wicking Crew Socks, $14 (6 Pack), Amazon

A combination of arch compression and a reinforced heel and toe in these moisture wicking crew socks provide a great deal of support and durability (yay for fewer ripped socks). They're thick, but not too thick, come up to mid calf, and are extremely comfortable, according to reviewers.


Low Profile Socks With A Cushion Heel

Champion Women's Double Dry Performance Heel Shield Socks, $13 (4 Pack), Amazon

When you need low profile moisture wicking socks that support your feet with a cushioned heel, arch support, and a shield at the back ankle, these cute socks are all that and then some.


Breathable Bamboo Knee High Socks

TeeHee Viscose from Bamboo Compression Knee High Socks, $10-12 (3 Pack), Amazon

Viscose bamboo used to design these compression knee high socks is a sustainable and breathable fabric that helps wick away moisture from feet, while the graduated compression technology promotes circulation and relieves pains and leg fatigue. Choose among seven neutral colors that include white, olive, navy, and taupe.


Hiking And Outdoor Moisture Wicking Crew Socks

Multi Performance Cushion Hiking/Outdoor Crew Socks, $25 (5 Pack), Amazon

If you're searching for comfy socks that will support outdoor sports, walking, and hiking, you've found them: these moisture-wicking crew socks have mid-weight extra padding cushioning in the heel and balls of feet to prevent injuries and blisters. A Y-heel tab keeps your socks from slipping and a compressed top ensures they stay in place on your calf.


Odor-Killing Socks That Conform To Your Foot's Shape

Under Armour Essential Twist 2.0 No Show Socks, $20 (6 Pack), Amazon

You probably already know that Under Armour is a trusted athletic attire brand — and there's so much to love when it comes to these no show moisture-wicking ankle socks, which boast a flat knit that conforms to your feet, arch support, and Armour Block Technology that prevent bacteria growth and odors. Each pack provides an assortment of colors.


Anti-Blister Running Socks With UV Protection

Anti-Blister CoolMax Running Compression Recovery Socks, $26, Amazon

If you're going for a run (and that goes double if you're running outside in the sun) the UV protection and compression technology in these moisture wicking socks make them the perfect fitness accessory. These socks are made with COOLMAX technology and will help prevent blisters and pain.


Compression Moisture-Wicking Socks That Help With Pain

EvoNation Coolmax Graduated Compression Socks, $20, Amazon

These medical quality compression support socks help relieve pain from tired, aching feet, but they have the added benefit of being made from moisture-wicking fabric, thanks to FDA-approved Coolmax technology. They're ergonomically designed, have extra toe space, and will keep feet cool and comfy.

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