The 9 Best Tea Infusers

Tea infusers encompass ball infusers, baskets, cup-basket combinations, teapot-basket combinations, and portable tea tumblers. Finding the best tea infusers for your desired tea drinking frequency, quantity, and brewing control is the trick. Here are your tea-infuser options and how the tea world weighs in.

Ball or Spoon: The smallest, most affordable option, these are a great, compact way to transition from single-serve tea bags to loose tea, but tea masters claim this infuser cramps tea leaves, not allowing the flavor to bloom.

Baskets: Also affordable, baskets allow for more space, which tea masters recommend for tea leaves to release their flavor. Truly versatile, baskets work in most mugs or in a teapots.

Mugs and Cups: These tend to be glass or ceramic mugs that come with lids to help retain heat while brewing and, of course, a fitted infuser basket. Just be sure your pick is dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.

Travel Thermoses and Tumblers: For brewing on-the-go, travel thermoses and tumblers with infusers are great. It can be hard to retrofit a basket to thermoses or tumblers so buying one of these makes tea-making a portable affair.

Teapots: Teapots are best for high-volume tea consumption by one or many. Teapots come in different materials like glass, porcelain, clay, ceramic, and cast iron, but material comes down to personal preference. The more important detail is infuser basket size. The bigger, the better the tea flavor.

Check out this list of the best infusers around for every loose-tea drinker’s needs.