The Obamas' All-time Best White House Moments

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The Obama family has been an incredible source of laughter and comfort throughout the last eight years, but as Jan. 20 draws inexorably nearer, everyone must come to terms with the end of their time as First Family. For the millions of millennials who grew up with Barack, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha, they can seem almost like family, and seeing them leave office feels like saying goodbye. The Obama's all-time best moments in the White House are a bittersweet reminder of all that they have shared with the country and with each other during this unique experience.

All this, of course, is made even more bitter by the fact that the next president is so shockingly uncool, a stark departure from the awesomeness of the Obamas. Barron Trump could maybe bring some chill to the White House, but he won't even be living there for a while and he's still a bit young to bear such a heavy burden.

Unfortunately, the Obamas have to move on, but they're going to continue to do great things. Whether they remain active in the public eye remains to be seen, but either way, they'll keep fighting for the things they believe in and working together as a family.

These 11 moments with the Obamas show how much they've grown and experienced as the First Family, and why they'll always be remembered as one of the most beloved presidential families ever.

The Infamous Turkey Pardoning

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Though Sasha and Malia Obama missed the 2016 event and got unnecessary flack for their outfits the year before, all of the turkey pardonings showed how ordinary and hilarious the Obamas really are as a family. Sometimes you go to work stuff with your dad and he cracks bad jokes, even if your dad is the POTUS.

Michelle Obama's Impression Of Her Husband

The impression itself is hysterical, but the real gem of this interview is the First Lady's description of the family's dynamic. Moms always have a talent for bragging about their families, but Michelle makes especially clear how much the Obamas all love each other.

Story Time At The White House Easter Egg Roll

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This photo shows off some of the greatest and most lovable things about the Obamas — their sense of humor, their relatability, and their teamwork skills. Family goals for real.

Sasha On Stage At The 2008 DNC

Ok, so this one is technically from before their time in the White House, but it's too cute not to include in this list. It also shows how much the girls have grown over the last eight years, and if that doesn't make you want to cry a little, you should just stop here.

Barack And Michelle In The Elevator

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This photo is nearly as iconic as Obama's presidency at this point, but I will never get over the adorableness.

Malia's 18th Birthday Party


Not everyone gets to have Kendrick Lamar and Janelle Monae perform at their birthday party, but Malia did, officially making her the coolest teenager of 2016.

Michelle's Legendary Dunk

Ball is life, even for FLOTUS. This video highlights two of the best things about Michelle Obama: her commitment to healthy living and her sense of humor.

Malia's Smoking Kills Shirt

The Internet freaked out when Malia wore this shirt to Lollapalooza last summer, since she had been caught on camera allegedly smoking marijuana just a few months earlier. It actually became Malia's most iconic moment, making it a perfect addition to this list. Personally, I still think her parents made her wear the shirt thinking she would be embarrassed by it, but she slayed the look either way.

Barack's Dad Jeans

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One of the best memes throughout Obama's presidency is the dad jeans, which even his family made fun of him for. The president has become more of a fashion icon in recent years, but his original style let the country know that he is a down to Earth dad like any other.

Barack And Michelle On Kiss Cam

Your fave could NEVER. They're just too cute.

The Whole Family's Vacation To Maine


The president told Oprah Winfrey in a 2011 interview that this family vacation to Maine was one of his favorite moments in their early days in the White House. "That felt normal," said Michelle, about the day the family spent hiking, skipping stones, and picking wild blueberries. "Because sometimes we don't have that, it feels that much more special," added the president. "You have those days where, while it's happening, you say, 'This is good. This is worth it.' Whatever else is going on, seeing those two girls and my wife, and us being a family skipping stones. Can't beat it."