Get Your First Teaser Of 'AHS' Season 7


Well, I hope you weren't planning on getting any sleep tonight. Ryan Murphy teased fans with an American Horror Story Season 7 photo, and it's the creepiest thing you will see all week. I mean, this thing is terrifying. Part demon clown, part elephant, part skeleton, this thing is wretched. Imagining what the monster will look like when it comes to life on the show is actually a bit too horrifying to imagine. AHS has featured some gruesome and graphic monsters before, so it's not exactly out of the ordinary that something like this would pop up. That said, I'd argue this is perhaps the most unnerving monster ever created for the show.

What's worse is that Murphy, who posted the tease on his Instagram, gave zero context for how this creation would figure into Season 7. Simply captioning the photo, "American Horror Story Season 7 tease," Murphy dropped a bomb full of scary on us without warning. There's no indication whether this monstrous creation will be the main villain of AHS Season 7, but something tells me that we will be seeing it more than once.

Perhaps the biggest clue that we can get about the upcoming season in regards to this creature is just by looking at it. Interestingly, this creature looks a lot like an elephant. Considering that AHS Season 7 is about the 2016 election and the elephant is the official Republican party mascot, it's pretty easy to see who Murphy is going to position as the villains of this next season.

I suppose it makes sense that Murphy, who has said that Clinton and Trump won't appear in Season 7, would create a stand in for one of the candidates on the election-themed season. Again, it's pretty easy to guess which candidate that is since this elephant monster may represent the Republican party.

All things considered, the only thing I really know for certain is that this AHS teaser is going to give me actual nightmares tonight. Sweet dreams?