This Weekend Will Be An Emotional Roller Coaster For ALL Zodiac Signs — Here's Why

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Every new moon is a good time for all zodiac signs to pause, reflect on the cycle behind them, and the cycle ahead of them. When the moon appears, though invisible in the sky, it's a time to look inside of ourselves and study our intentions and objectives, closely and with care — the whole process is usually really intuitive. But, that's not always the case — for instance, it won't be this month. The August 2018 super new moon is happening during five retrogrades, so clearly this particular lunar event is going to hold a slightly different meaning for all of us. If your average new moon experiences leave you with a quiet mind, you should expect to experience the opposite this month. August's super new moon is going to stir things up for us, but in the end it will all be for the better.

As astrologer Linda Furiate tells Bustle about the various retrogrades, (Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune), there is a way to make the best of this tumultuous period of time. While it might seem like the combination of so many retrogrades and a new moon might be an internally chaotic time, it can actually be an incredibly dynamic and rewarding time if you approach it in the right way.

Each planet's retrograde influences and challenges people in a different way. And during a quiet new moon, you'll be glad to have some prompts to direct your mental energy. If you often have trouble meditating and connecting with yourself during the new moon, you'll definitely have a new experience on Aug. 11 when five different planets pull and tug at you in different ways and occupy your thoughts. If anything, the most chaotic thing about August's super new moon is that you might feel a bit overwhelmed, mentally. To stay on top of things, keep a journal so that you can organize your thoughts and write down the most moving ideas that pop into your head.

According to Furiate, Mercury retrograde might scramble our thoughts a bit. The planet responsible for communication might challenge our own communication with ourselves. To keep our thoughts linear and clear, journaling or even taking the time to talk to a friend will help. If you're feeling forgetful or foggy, it's not your fault. Keeping daily notes on a calendar can help, but remember that all of this is temporary.

Furiate warns that Mars retrograde might make the simple process of sitting down to meditate really complicated. Mars is in control of our energy, and can make even the most common task seem really complex. So if it's important for you to go through a new moon ritual, make sure you follow through with it, no matter how much Mars tries to inspire you to skip it.

At the same time, Furiate explains, Saturn retrograde will be inspiring us to take our internal discipline seriously, so the two might actually counteract each other.

Uranus retrograde naturally has a sort of inward pull, and during a new moon, Furiate says, Uranus' influence can be really nurturing.

Lastly, Neptune retrograde will not only encourage us to be introspective, but it will also allow us to be laser focused. Though because of that, Furiate warns that we should avoid addictive behavior or thoughts, because Neptune just might lead you to an unhealthy headspace if you aren't prepared to fight it a bit.

All of these different influences will definitely bring us into a contemplative and complex space on Aug. 11, so just be prepared to greet a lot of different ideas and memories, and have a journal nearby to help guide you through it all.