August’s Super New Moon Is In Leo, But All Zodiac Signs Will Feel It

Typically, the arrival of a new moon is a calm and introspective time to turn inward and take stock of your life. It's a good time to ride out the quiet and meditate on your intentions for the lunar cycle ahead and reflect on the lunar cycle behind. But this month, the mighty power of Leo, combined with the "super" nature of August's new moon makes the celestial event a bit different. If you're wondering what it means when a super new moon is in Leo, it's exactly what you'd think it would be: a lot more ferocious. The special new moon will fall on Saturday, August 11, a date which is also host to a partial solar eclipse. While people won't be able to see the partial solar eclipse from North America, nor the new moon, we'll definitely be feeling the bold energy of all of these events in our bones. So just because we won't be able to view the eclipse or the moon, doesn't mean we shouldn't take the time to step outside and look up and connect with the universe.

While the super new moon is not much to look at in terms of any kind of lunar spectacle (that's putting it lightly, the moon is literally MIA in the sky) there's still something magical about the sky during a new moon. With the glow of the moon non-existent, the stars and nearby planets come forth with a bright intensity that they can only shine with during this lunar phase.

Speaking with Bustle, astrologer Linda Furiate explains what the combination of all these events will mean for everyone — aka, all zodiac signs.

According to Furiate, Leo's charisma is going to bring out the zodiac's gregarious nature — even from those who didn't know they had it in them. During a time when we'd otherwise be feeling pretty quiet and mellow, we can expect to feel more outgoing than usual. Furiate elaborates we might feel more creative and passionate, so if there are any artistic projects we've been thinking about starting, Aug. 11 is a great time to begin.

As Furiate explains, "this is a great time to show off our talents in a manner that will get us noticed," so if you've been meaning to finally learn how to play guitar or step up and sing at karaoke night, let Leo help you into the spotlight. "Spending time with a child or loved one may inspire us to feel like our younger selves," Furiate says, encouraging us to embrace those desires to get in touch with our youthfulness.

If you feel like getting out of town around this time, that might be Leo's encouragement, too. Furiate says, "when the sun and moon are both in the sign of Leo this may be the perfect time to plan or take a vacation," so take a trip! Have a summer adventure and make the most out of it. Especially during a Mercury's retrograde, you might have been feeling slow and motivated. So if Leo gives you some pep, take it and run.

That said, Furiate reminds us to be mindful that this super new moon in Leo and especially Mercury makes a challenging aspect to the planet Jupiter in Scorpio. "We may find that our desire for fun gets out of hand. A small disagreement could easily turn into a full-blown argument. It is best to think before you overreact," so take it easy, enjoy the energy, and try to channel it into something productive for yourself!