The 'Avengers: Infinity War' Ending Meme Is Giving Every TV Show & Movie You Love A Marvel Twist

Spoilers ahead for the ending of Avengers: Infinity War. "I don't feel so good." It's likely that you've seen those words pop on your Twitter timeline ever since Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters. The last moments of the film inspired the internet's favorite new Avengers: Infinity War disappearing ending meme, which has been giving every TV show and movie you love a Marvel twist. For those who haven't seen the film — and let's be honest, there aren't many who haven't seen the record-breaking movie at this point — it's a reference to the very heartbreaking ending of Infinity War when Thanos manages to wipe out half the population.

It works because it's a spoiler without really being a spoiler since out of context it really doesn't give anything away. But, no matter what pop culture references you use, this meme is undeniably funny and rather sad. Seriously, the internet is trying everything and even bringing new life to the most over-used meme.

The best, though, are the ones that re-write some of your favorite shows and films by making everyone from Spongebob Squarepants, the most meme-able TV character in history, to what seemed like the least likely character to meme. I'm looking at you Frasier Crane, and yes, you read that right. Now, get ready because you're about to experience all the feels thanks to these clever Infinity War memes.

1. 'Spongebob Squarepants'

futuremydad on Twitter

That pineapple under the sea would be very lonely without Patrick, which is why this meme should surely bring a tear to your eye.

2. 'Drake & Josh'

rusdddayyy on Twitter

Luckily, we know everything worked out OK between Drake and Josh. They're brothers man.

3. 'Doctor Who'

chimesmidnights on Twitter

Technically, this particular Doctor, David Tennant, did disappear in 2010.

4. 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

heathdwilliams on Twitter

This version of the meme manages to spoil both Infinity War and The Last Jedi.

5. 'Napoleon Dynamite'

adamhlavac on Twitter

Wonder if there's any quesadillas where he's going?

6. 'Scooby-Doo'

vanillariceyt on Twitter

Where are those meddling kids when you need them? Maybe they could have stopped Thanos.

7. 'The Walking Dead'

rickandthangs on Twitter

Too soon, Twitter, too soon.

8. 'Finding Nemo'

theauraguardian on Twitter

It might be a little more difficult for Marlon to find his son this time.

9. 'Spider-Man'

freshmemesupply on Twitter

A call-back to the OG Spider-Man might help you cope with Uncle Ben's death all those years ago.

10. 'Shrek'

freshmemesupply on Twitter

This time around, waffles aren't going to make Donkey feel any better.

11. 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2'

dariellerios on Twitter

Anyone else cheer after seeing this one?

12. 'Twin Peaks'

thedandynomad on Twitter

And Special Agent Dale Cooper was never the same again.

13. '30 Rock'

mcjesse on Twitter

Too bad Liz was working on her night cheese and totally missed this.

14. 'Call Me By Your Name'

adamjmoussa on Twitter

Even in his final moment, Oliver couldn't help being Oliver.

15. 'Back to the Future'

draculafetus on Twitter

Someone start playing "Johnny B. Goode" now. Like, right now.

15. 'Despicable Me'

scheuerdana on Twitter

Gru was just too good for this world.

16. 'The Office'

sloarslayer on Twitter

That's what she said.

17. 'Paddington'

ryanmatsu on Twitter

I would trade all the marmalade in the world to have this little bear back.

18. 'Titanic'

tomtomchap on Twitter

She never let go, Jack. She never let go.

19. 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1'

azalben on Twitter

Dobby is a free elf, a little too free.

20. 'Frasier'

buckleyjack on Twitter

Like tossed salads and scrambled eggs, it turns out, Frasier also had a short shelf-life.

Somehow, I don't feel so bad about that Infinity War ending after scrolling through these memes.