The ‘Infinity War’ Super Bowl Ad Sends Spider-Man To Space & Fans Are Not OK

by Kadeen Griffiths
Marvel Entertainment

If you managed to make it through most of that football game and all of that Justin Timberlake show, then you were treated to an Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl commercial. It was short, much shorter than the original trailer, but it was good, just as good as the original trailer. There are a lot of images to unpack here, some of which have been seen in previous Infinity War trailers, but that doesn't make it any less exciting to see them now. This will be the biggest Marvel superhero movie since Captain America: Civil War, and everyone's come along for the ride — from the Guardians of the Galaxy to Doctor Strange, from Spider-Man to Black Panther and the Wakandan army. It's going to be lit to take down Thanos, guys, so strap on your seatbelt and let's get focused.

The TV spot opens with Peter Parker standing with Tony Stark and Stephen Strange — all of them in costume, but with their masks off. (Well, Tony and Peter are lacking in masks; Stephen never wears one.) We then see a lot of cool and occasionally disturbing images like, oh, say, Spider-Man being shot into space. Why is Spider-Man being shot into space? Fans need to know, like, right now.

Peter Parker is basically the son of the collective Marvel fandom, so to see him clinging to the side of a ship that's taking him way, way into the atmosphere was incredibly alarming for many fans. If you need a standout moment from the TV spot, that was probably it. Even though we get to see Thor riding with Rocket in a ship, Scarlet Witch stroking the face of what appears to be a human Vision, and Captain America hanging out with T'Challa in Wakanda while Black Widow is flying in a ship with the Dora Milaje — Peter Parker is in danger, and fans are concerned.

And also wondering how the heck he's able to breathe up there, but, you know, one question at a time.

The question of why exactly Peter thought it was a good idea to rip his mask off, like the powers from that spider bite include the ability to breathe in the airless vacuum of the cosmos, is one that will surely haunt us until the next Infinity War TV spot. Or until the movie itself comes out. But what it shouldn't do is make anyone concerned that Spider-Man is going to die in Avengers 3. After all, Marvel is already planning a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, which will debut after Infinity War. So, Peter Parker is going to somehow survive going into space without a suit or a helmet or any kind of protective gear — though at what cost?

If there's one thing that's becoming clear with all the footage being released from the film, it's that this final battle might be every bit as epic as we need it to be. It's been a long time since Thanos was introduced, and he's largely done absolutely nothing since then. The villain of the first Avengers film was Loki; the villain of the second Avengers film was Ultron; and the last time we saw Thanos, he was finally getting up off his lazy overlord behind and saying it was time for him to take care of the Avengers himself. Well, it looks like all of the anticipation may be worth it, because our heroes seem like they're in the fight for their lives.

Will anyone have the time to get Peter a helmet? We'll just have to stay tuned and figure that one out for ourselves.