Here's Your Guide To All Of Colton's 'Bachelor' Contestants' Instagrams
Rick Rowell/ABC

Audiences are waiting with bated breath to see if Colton Underwood will find love on this season of The Bachelor. It's not easy being courted by 30 women, and it's even harder to keep track of them all. Who are all of these women, what do they want out of life, and which of them are here for the "right reasons?" While ABC only allows viewers two hours a week to get to know each of Colton's suitors, the age of social media has turned The Bachelor into a round-the-clock experience thanks to the ability to follow Colton's Bachelor cast on Instagram and find out everything you want to know as you track your faves.

While some people's time on The Bachelor has already been cut short, after week 1 there are still a whopping 23 women competing for Colton's heart. With so many people still in the mansion, only some women will be given a lot of airtime — either due to drama they cause among the other women or because they're particularly fun to watch — while others fall by the wayside early on, only to become one of the final three. Luckily, social media has made it easier than ever for Bachelor Nation to keep up with their favs from Colton's season, so consider this your cheat sheet.

Alex B

When Alex B. isn't competing for Colton's heart, it seems she enjoys vacationing at various waterfront locations, as seen in Insta posts from her time in Indonesia. In addition to travelling, she also has experience with firearms and — like many former contestants of The Bachelor and Colton himself — loves spending time with her dog.


Angelique is North New Jersey born-and-bred, which makes her New York City-adjacent. Her Instagram features of a variety of pictures of her in standing in the foreground of the New York City skyline by way of Hoboken, NJ, in addition to a mix of selfies and pictures with friends and family.


Annie may have grown up on a farm in Wisconsin according to her ABC bio, but her Instagram is New York City through-and-through.


Don't be fooled by her accent, you won't be finding many images from Bri down under, as she's actually from Southern California. While there are a few photos on her feed of her living life and hanging with friends, as a professional model her Instagram also serves as a sampling of her career work thus far and includes several images from professional photo shoots.


Miss North Carolina and Miss USA runner-up Caelynn's Instagram reads less like a social media feed and more like a travelogue. After being the runner-up at the 2018 Miss USA paegent, Caelynn visited many of America's major cities, from New York to Las Vegas to Los Angeles, snapping pictures all along the way.


Caitlin is all about animals, which is great news for noted dog-lover Colton Underwood. While Caitlin took to Instagram to celebrate the receiving of a new puppy for Christmas, she also has pictures of her with deer, pigs and cows on her Instagram in addition to a plethora of pictures of her on and off of horses.


Cassie is a speech therapist and she loves the beach. A great deal of this Southern California native's Instagram feed features the speech pathologist posing with sand, water, palm trees, or other unmistakably ocean-themed objects surrounding her. Colton may be a midwestern boy at heart, but Cassie could have him leaving for the coast if he learns to share her love of the ocean.


Catherine left a big impact on the season premiere of The Bachelor, frequently stealing Colton away from the other girls much to the other suitors disdain. However, despite her big presence on the show, her Instagram is fairly sparse aside from some pictures from her time at Burning Man and her posing in unique locales.


WARNING: If you are susceptible to cravings for seafood or Cajun cuisine, do not look at Courtney's Instagram. This professional caterer specializes in the food stylings of Louisiana and will make owners of even the most well-disciplined appetites hunger for never-ending plates stacked to the heavens with gumbo, jambalaya and crawfish étouffe.


Demi has already announced herself as one of the stand-out contestants of The Bachelor thanks to her announcement that she was "Hot-doggin' for Colton," and yet there is not a single hot dog to be found on her Instagram page. There are however, a variety of selfies and an open invitation to play the popular video game Fortnite.


Elyse is a make-up artist, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that her Instagram feed is primarily a professional page, of sorts, showing of Elyse's skills when it comes to applying cosmetics and matching make-up with outfits — a skill that will absolutely come in handy while competing on The Bachelor.


Erika is currently best remembered as the contestant who gave Colton a bag of nuts so that he would remember her last name McNutt, which he then forgot. However, her Instagram shows that she's a well-traveled woman who has seen many of Europe's greatest towers and owns two massive, majestic dogs.

Hannah B.

Hannah, aka 2018's Miss Alabama, lives a seemingly varied life. Between surfing with her dog, dressing up as Marilyn Monroe, and "[loving] Jesus with [her] whole heart," according to her Instagram bio, Hannah's social media presence suggest that the paegent winner could also be a frontrunner to win the love of her fellow heartland resident, Colton.

Hannah G.

Hannah G. took home the coveted first-impression rose, and judging from her Instagram account is seems that leaving a good first-impression is a skill that she has mastered over time. The professional model's instagram proves that you don't have to live on the coast to find glamour in your life, as she documents how living in Alabama can look just as beautiful as life anywhere else.


No, you're not seeing double. Heather's Instagram page features a plethora of pictures of her with her lookalike sisters, in addition to a few pictures of her and her siblings visiting the beach and various music festivals - and her sister's Instagram page features the first meeting of Heather and Colton, a few months before her arrival on The Bachelor.


Katie's Instagram feed suggests that for her, the most difficult part of being on The Bachelor will be having to stay cooped up inside. Katie's social media posts are a cornucopia of blue and green, as she seems to spend most of her time outside in the sun taking selfies.


Kirpa's Instagram shows her playing with elephants and being the subject of a variety of professional-quality photographs, but it's also clear that she has a sense of humor. What other Bachelor contestant celebrates their network television debut by turning it into a meme about how dedicated and in love they are with Taco Bell?

Lucy The Pomeranian

Yup, Catherine's pup already has an Instagram of her own, too.


Nicole is Miami-based, but this Bachelor contestant has lived quite a life outside of the Sunshine State, including skiing trips to Colorado, vacations to Italy, and the Greek Islands. While the globe-trotting portion of the show may be especially romantic to some Bachelor contestants, Nicole is already adept at traversing the globe.


Nina, like many of the contestants on this season of The Bachelor, is well-traveled, but unlike some of the other contestants she has a seemingly unquenchable sweet tooth. Nina has posed with enough sugary concoctions to make any dentist shriek in horror at the idea of what cavities they could cause.


Onyeka is on The Bachelor in hopes of finding love, but should a party need starting, Onyeka will be easily able to help things pop off. Onyeka's Instagram shows her visiting some of the country's biggest musical festivals, including Coachella and Austin City Limits and could bring that same festive energy to The Bachelor.


Sydney, who left an impression on Colton when she brought out a string quartet to give her and Colton something to dance to during the first night of The Bachelor, provides a peek at what life is like when you're a dancer for the New York Knicks — that is to say, busy working, but also pretty fun!


Tayshia may be California based, but her Instagram shows her visiting Paris, Dubai, riding dune buggies in Arizona, and some of America's most beautiful mountain ranges. If Colton and her do end up together, he'll need to adapt to the fact that Tayshia is clearly not the kind of person content with staying in one place for too long.


Tracy has a passion for travel and dogs, making her an ideal fit for Colton, and the exact demographic that The Bachelor is looking for when it comes to contestants. Instagram also shows that Tracy has a passion for nail designs of various sorts, and that she apologizes for her offensive tweets.

Alex "Sloth Girl" D.

It feels like every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, there is simply one person that is gone too soon — and in Colton's season, that person is Alex. While "Sloth Girl" didn't make it past night one due to what people without a sense of humor could call a "weird" choice, her Instagram shows that she's fairly down-to-Earth when not climbing up trees.

As easy as it is to fit the contestants of The Bachelor into various stereotypes, the truth is that all of the women who appear on The Bachelor are so much more than they first appear.