'The Bachelorette's Tyler C. Left Thirsty Comments On Mike's IG... And So Did His Mom

ABC/Ed Herrera

Bachelorette stars' Tyler Cameron and Mike Johnson's friendship is the gift that keeps on giving. On Twitter, they kept that bromance going as Tyler wrote about his mom's thirsty comments about Mike. But, that wasn't all he had to say about his friend's "thirst trap."

On Sept. 11, Tyler graciously alerted fans to one of Mike's latest, greatest Instagram posts, in which the contestant could be seen posing shirtless on a motorcycle. He also highlighted his mom's (and his own) very relatable comments to said post on Instagram. "I think my mom was drunk commenting on @MikeJohnson1_ thirst trap of an IG post today," he wrote. "can't fault her though... because so was I." Basically, Tyler is just as much of a fan of Mike as everyone else. More so, he's exactly right, when it comes to any of Mike's "thirst traps," can you really fault anyone from commenting in a thirsty fashion?

Mike appreciated all the love, as he responded to his friend's tweet by giving a shoutout to Tyler's mom, Andrea Cameron, and writing "ily!" It's clear that Tyler and Mike's friendship is still going strong months after the ending of The Bachelorette, which is simply the best treat for fans of the two charismatic contestants.

Tyler wasn't exaggerating about his comments either, as one glance at his Instagram Story shows that he's indeed one of Mike's biggest fans. He reposted a photo from the Bachelor in Paradise alum's photoshoot with Raven Red's Angela Michelle and wrote, "This MF guy." Additionally, like he said, he left a rather cheeky comment on Mike's own Instagram post that featured the photoshoot moment, writing, "Instaboner."

Ever since they both competed for Hannah Brown's heart on The Bachelorette, Tyler and Mike have enjoyed a tight friendship. Luckily for Bachelor Nation, many of their best friendship moments have been chronicled on social media for everyone to see. Previously, on Sept. 4, Mike tweeted that he wanted to go to The Magic Castle, a private cub for magic fans, in Hollywood on his birthday.

Tyler went to shoot his shot with his friend as responded to his post with, "You need a date?" In turn, the BiP star wrote that he's down, possibly for a double date with their famous, rumored love interests. The model said that he'll be in town (in Los Angeles) soon, so it sounds like fans could be getting a glimpse of Tyler and Mike's magical takeover sometime in the near future.

While Demi Lovato and Gigi Hadid might be headed to The Magic Castle with the Bachelorette bros on a double date, Andrea Cameron doesn't want the guys to forget about giving her an invite. Tyler's mom responded to the reality stars' thread with a fun-natured, "Uhmmmm Hello?!?! What about Momma C coming along?" Honestly, a group outing with Tyler, Mike, and Momma C sounds like such a cute idea.

Clearly Tyler and Mike (and Momma C!) have enjoyed a close bond even after their reality TV journey together. And, thankfully, the two Bachelorette bros have highlighted that bond on social media so that fans can still follow along to all of their thirsty, magic-filled moments.