Photos From 'Bachelor' Women Tell All Are Here

Michael Yada/ABC

One of the biggest spoilers of the season — That Rachel Lindsay wasn't going to end up marrying Nick because she'd be way too busy being the next Bachelorette — was spoiled unusually early for Bachelor Nation. After all, ahead of the finale, Rachel hasn't even been eliminated yet going into the final two. But brace yourself for another spoiler, guys. Photos from The Bachelor's "Women Tell All" are here, and they basically reveal exactly when Rachel gets eliminated from The Bachelor in advance. You see, Rachel appears in the images from the special, which means that the says her goodbyes on Monday after the Fantasy Suites.

I mean... obviously I'll still watch, because I'm in too deep at this point, and how could I not? But this has been one heck of a twisty and unpredictable season. Between Nick running wild, eliminating zero women one week and six the next with no regard for traditional Rose Ceremonies or episode structure to spoiling upcoming details for anyone doing a reasonably close watch on promo materials, the only sure thing about this season of The Bachelor is that even longtime fans have no idea what's going on — or too much idea what's going on.

Aside from the big reveal of Rachel as the Bachelorette, there have been all these little moments that give things away about what's coming next. For example, during the Feb. 27 episode, which was oddly only an hour, there was a preview of a talking head interview with Raven Gates that clearly took place in Finland before airing the Rose Ceremony that would either keep her safe or send her home.

Michael Yada/ABC

Which brings us to Monday, when Rachel is not only clearly visible in photos from "The Women Tell All" episode, but even gave an interview talking about how it felt to see Nick again for the first time after leaving the show:

"To know that I was gonna see Nick for the first time in a few months, I was nervous. To have those emotions come back. And it was a little difficult for me. I’m not gonna lie. But I’m glad I did it, you know. It’s coming full circle. It’s closing a door, and that is very therapeutic."

Since Raven and Vanessa don't appear in these photos, that more or less confirms them as the final two that Nick will be choosing between during the finale and confirms that Rachel will be sent packing the very next time we see her. I suppose I should have seen this one coming, but I won't deny that I was sort of hoping that Rachel would make it all the way to the end and maybe even turn down Nick's proposal, thus paving the way for her Bachelorette stint and living up to all those hints Nick has left that he might end the season a single man.

Michael Yada/ABC

But, regardless, now that we know what happens, all that's left to do is to tune in to find out exactly how it happens. And I know we all want to do that.