Clues Rachel Was Destined To Be 'Bachelorette'

ABC/Mark Coffey)

The Bachelor is heating up, with the field narrowed to just four. But, while Nick's journey to love is not yet over, we already know how things go for one of his final four. On Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Rachel was announced as the Bachelorette — which is pretty early for this news, I have to say. But, while I may not have been expecting to learn the identity of our new leading lady so soon, I'm not surprised by who it is. There were so many clues that Rachel would be the Bachelorette. And, she'll probably be a pretty good one. She's a lawyer and general badass who is also smart, successful, oh, and the series first ever black Bachelorette.

She may not have won Nick's heart (announcing her prior to his finale is a pretty big spoiler that she goes home early), she won something arguably even cooler — the chance to pick her own one true love from a heap of 25 men. I knew there was no way this impressive lady would leave empty handed. But, if you missed the clues while you were distracted by Corinne, here's how you should have known Rachel was destined to be the Bachelorette.

She's Comfortable In Front Of The Cameras

Rachel shows an incredible ease in the awkward situation that is dating in front of a camera crew. Many women struggle to be open and articulate while trying to fall in love on TV. And, that's is perfectly normal, but not great for Bachelorette material. Fortunately, Rachel has been impressive this season in being comfortable and herself despite the craziness around her. It's a sign that she could be a dynamic Bachelorette, able to be herself despite an audience.

She Was First Impression Stand Out

Rachel received the coveted and highly competitive first impression rose. Getting the first impression rose is, well, impressive. It shows that she and Nick had an immediate connection. And, it could be further proof that Rachel would be the Bachelorette. In a sea of red dresses, Rachel was able to still stand out. A personality like hers is destined for the spotlight.

An A+ One-On-One

Rachel and Nick danced down the streets of New Orleans. They had obvious chemistry, witty banter and looked like a real cute couple. The thing I liked the best about their date was how "normal" it was. The Bachelor tends to send couples helicoptering around and hot tubbing in the middle of deserts. For me, seeing a bachelor couple wander around a market eating beignets was adorable. Her ease around Nick shows that she knows how to date in public, and it bodes well for more adorable "normal" dates on her own season.

She's Chris Harrison-Approved

Chris Harrison doesn't pick who wins the show (obviously). He also isn't the only voice in the room regarding the next Bachelorette. However, an approval from the show's handsome host bodes well for a contestant. When US Weekly asked Chris about Rachel as a potential next Bachelorette, he had this to say:

"She would be incredible. She’s incredibly smart, she’s sweet and caring yet strong and independent, obviously wicked smart and a lawyer and very accomplished, has a lot of attributes. That’s massively attractive to Nick, and it would be to any guy!"

An endorsement from Chris was a large clue that Rachel wouldn't walk away from the show with nothing.

She's Popular Among The Women

Rachel has been shown throughout the season comforting women as they deal with the difficulties of being on the show. Her post-show life continues to be evidence that she left the show with lots of friendships. Rachel's Instagram is filled with tributes to the ladies she met on The Bachelor. At the end of the day, Rachel will have plenty of support from her cast mates as she undertakes her own season. Plus, an ability to get along with others is always good when you're dating 25 people.

She's A Career Lady

Rachel is a successful lawyer who also comes from an impressive family. In a season of career women, Rachel still stands out for her success. It also means, once again, she will be an incredible Bachelorette. Andi Dorfman was also a lawyer when she took on the task of handing out roses. It was fun to see a powerful lady in charge, and it will be amazing to see that again.

It's Time For Some Diversity

The list of reasons Rachel will be a good Bachelorette have nothing to do with race. However, race is an important issue and something The Bachelor has struggled with over the years. Rachel will not only be a fantastic Bachelorette because of all the reasons I listed, but she will also be the first woman of color to take the leading spot, and it is about damn time.