13 Things The 'Women Tell All' Needs To Cover


It's time for Nick Viall to be in the hot seat — for the third time. (Though the other two appearances were on an After The Final Rose, and not a Tell All, but who's counting, right?) On Monday, March 6, we'll be made privy to another of Nick's live audience appearances. But this time, the shoe's on the other foot, and the Nick's on the other side of the stage, where he also gets a couch to sit on. Which to be honest looks a lot more comfortable than the chairs, despite how bright those lights above his head probably are. And the heat from multiple women glaring at him. We have a lot to cover on this season's Bachelor: The Women Tell All, don't we?

At this point, we might as well call the special what it's going to be —The Bachelor: Corinne Tells All And Reveals Her Recipe For Pasta, This Time Without The Cheese. As she was Season 21's quote, unquote villain and the talk of the Bach town, there's no doubt Corinne will be put under rapid fire. I wouldn't be surprised if Raquel's there. I wouldn't be surprised if Corinne gets a lesson on how to clean spoons in front of a live audience. Think of the ratings, ABC.

Shockingly, there was more to this season than Corinne and her affinity for lemon salad. (What is lemon salad? Salad made of lemons?) Here's what else I hope to glean from the upcoming Women Tell All.

1. Did Most Of The Women Get Along With Corinne?

Sometimes — most of the time — villains on the show are made into villains via the editing room. But, as it turns out, they actually have a ton of friends on the show. I have a strong feeling (thanks to perusing Corinne's social media) that most of the women actually really liked Corinne.

2. Did She Actually Take All Those Naps?

Michael Jordan took naps. Abraham Lincoln took naps. Did Corinne take all those naps, or was this another byproduct of good editing skills? If the former, why is she so tired? Is it because she only eats salads-made-of-lemon?

3. What Is Corinne's Company?

It's a multi-million dollar company, but I need to know what the business is and I need to know her exact role.

4. Why Was Danielle L. Sent Home?

A detailed outline of Danielle L.'s fall from grace would be appreciated.

5. Why Did Nick Tell The Women He Wasn't Sure This Was Working For Him?

It seemed like a bad move. Like, a really bad move.

6. Who Is Whitney?

Twist: Whitney is actually Jen Saviano.

7. Did Liz & Neck Have Sex At The Wedding?


8. Liz's Side Of The Story

Did Nick seriously not recognize her? Why did she really come? Why didn't she leave sooner? What is it like being a doula? There's so much to unpack.

9. What's Happening With Danielle M.?

She's a sweetheart and the world should know if she's doing OK.

10. Does Taylor Forgive Corinne & Vice Versa?

Would love for them to bury the emotionally intelligent hatchet.

11. Jasmine's Explanation Of Chokegate

Also, can someone please explain what was up with that volleyball date? It seemed beyond weird. Maybe something was in the water.

12. Does Alexis Know The Difference Between A Dolphin & A Shark?

She does... right? No, she does.

13. Anything & Everything About Rachel's Season Of The Bachelorette

Ah, finally a silver lining. Some good news: Rachel Lindsay will be the next Bachelorette. Give us all the deets.

Prepare your minds, bodies, and souls for this. (Not to be confused with Chris Soules, who, if we are really lucky, will be in the audience that night to talk DWTS strategy with Nick.)