Disney World Just Launched Beignet Burgers & The Pics Are Stunning

Calling all beignet lovers! I have great news for you. Disney has blessed us all yet again with their latest food addition: the beignet burger at Disney World, which combines two iconic favorites in one. You can find the sweet-and-savory combo meal in Port Orleans French Quarter’s Sassagoula Floatworks food court. Per Disney Food Blog, the meal comes together starting with a homemade fresh beignet bun, a fresh and juicy burger, a generous amount of American cheese, bacon jam, shredded lettuce, pickled onion, and homemade pickles to top it all off. The burger is also served with a side of crisp and crunchy french fries and fresh coleslaw, so dig right in!

The thick, doughy bun probably makes for an out-of-this-world flavor combination with the rest of the burger. The best part? It's not ridiculously priced! For just $14 — and, uh, the price of your plane ticket — you too can savor the deliciousness of a beignet burger at the happiest place on Earth. How dreamy does that sound?!

However, before diving in, ask for a pile of napkins. According to Walt Disney World News Today, the beignet burger can get messy, quick. And one look at this photo captured by Instagrammer @centerofmagic is all the proof you need of that.

Not a burger person? No worries! Luckily, Disney World just released even more delicious eats and treats you can try for yourself. Scroll below for Disney World's best and most eccentric food offerings!


Cinnamon Roll With Christmas Icing

Find this ultra-festive, extra delicious cinnamon roll at Gaston's Tavern right in Magic Kingdom. How could you not fall in love with that red and white, ooey-gooey icing? Either grab a friend to share it with, or scarf it down yourself—whatever option you choose, you can't go wrong— as long as you eat it. BRB, my mouth is drooling.


Rum-Infused Hummingbird Cake

If you find yourself in Disney World anytime soon, head to River Roost at Port Orleans Resort and grab yourself a hunk of their signature Hummingbird Cake. The cake is perfect for any tropical fruit lover. Per its menu description, the cake pairs moist pineapple and banana cake and tops it all off with indulgent cream cheese frosting. It's also soaked with Bayou Spiced Rum (YUM) and filled with roasted pecans.


Mr. Kamal's Season Fries

If you have an exotic palette and love trying new flavor combinations, order yourself a plate of Mr. Kamal's seasoned fries at Animal Kingdom. The fries are crisped and seasoned to perfection before being topped with tzatzki salad and sriracha ketchup. According to Disney Food Blog, "the tzatziki salad is a saucy mix of cool tzatziki, cucumbers, and tomatoes," but it's the sriracha that is "the real star here." All in all, these fries make for a great, savory, on-the-go snack!


S'mores French Toast Sandwich

Head to Woody's Lunch Box for the ultimate snack mash-up: I present to you, the s'mores french toast 'which. It's stuffed to the brim with gooey, creamy marshmallows, chocolate, and subs the signature graham cracker with fluffy french toast! Just make sure to eat it quick so it doesn't melt all over your hands!

Happy eating, my fellow Disney World lovers!