15 Gifts That Even People Who Are Hard To Please Will Love

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Courtesy of Amazon and Certain Standard

When you know exactly what to get someone, gift shopping can be fun and rewarding. But when you're stumped or have someone on your list whose taste you're unsure of, gift shopping can be tedious. If you've ever tried to find the perfect gift for an in-law who is very particular, a co-worker you don't know well, or a friend who seems to have everything, you know just how stressful it can be to find a gift that you're confident in giving. Here I've rounded up a selection of gifts for people who are hard to please, the kinds of gifts that are appreciated no matter who you are, or what you like.

Sometimes the wrong gift can actually have the opposite affect, and instead of making someone feel cared for or appreciated, it makes them feel misunderstood or offended. For some, flowers and fruit baskets come across as impersonal, while to others, they're always appreciated. To avoid making anyone feel as though you didn't have the time or energy to consider a more personalized gift, I've gone ahead and done the consideration for you and only included particular gift items that involve some level vetting, so that the recipient will feel cared for and special. Here's what to get that person on your list who you are completely stumped on:

1. A Customized Gift Box

An elegant and personalized wrapping job can make a few small items seem like a really put together gift. Blank Box allows you to pick out a gift box and create your own calligraphy card, so that you can present your gifts to the recipient in the classiest way possible.

2. A Spa Service Of Their Choice

Regi has hundreds of spas registered, so instead of guessing what service the recipient might want, you can get them a gift card that they can use at whatever registered spa they like, for whatever service they want.

3. A Personalized Canvas Print

Pick out a meaningful photo and have it printed on canvas for your recipient. If you can't think of anything they might like to have enlarged, pick one of their own photos from social media and have it printed.

4. A Christmas Plant

Flowers can be impersonal and it's easy to miss the mark if you don't know which flowers to get, but you can' t really go wrong with a stunning Christmas plant that's both a gift and a thematic decoration piece.

5. A Travel Case

You can never have enough pouches and travel cases. This vegan leather case is sleek, perfect to use on the go, and can easily be appreciated by anyone.

6. A Rent The Runway Gift Card

Instead of trying to figure out what clothes to buy your recipient, gift them a month of Rent the Runway services and let them pick out their own threads to borrow. Now that athleisure and ski-wear are available, it's the perfect time to try out their inventory.

7. A Holiday Robe

A nice clean, fuzzy robe is always appreciated. This holiday themed robe is plush and soft and is the perfect generous gift for anyone, no matter how well you know them.

8. A Versatile Work Tote

This is a great gift for a co-worker. It's the ultimate work/life bag that has a compartment for everything, but it's great for anyone on your list, as it can be used as a weekend travel bag too.

9. An Instant Camera

It's the most popular time of year to take pictures, so everyone on your list will appreciate a camera, especially this uber-portable instant camera that comes with a built in printer.

10. A Tumbler Set

You can never have enough drinking glasses, so when in doubt, opt for an artisanal tumbler set that your recipient wouldn't otherwise find on their own. This set is totally unique and festive.

11. A Chic Umbrella

An umbrella might sound like the least appealing gift there is, but these fashionable printed umbrellas are perfect for the person who has everything — they might have an umbrella, but it's certainly not as cool as this.

12. A Non-Itchy Hat

There is nothing worst than an itchy wool hat against your skin in the winter. This 100% cotton hat is not only soft, warm, and adorable, but it's also ethically and sustainably made, so you can feel good about buying it.

13. Peppermint Bark

It's hard to go wrong with a tastefully presented treat. This tin box of peppermint bark is thematic and delicious, made with Belgian dark chocolate, peppermint white chocolate, and crushed candy canes. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth or pulse.

14. A Personalized Goldbelly Order

Goldbelly ships neighborhood favorites across the country, so you can pick out a specialty food that might be meaningful for your recipient and send it to them directly. For example, if your girlfriend's parents were born in New York and haven't been in a while, you can send them a package of classic New York black and white cookies straight from a New York bakery.

15. The Perfect Travel Coffee Cup

A sleek, easy to hold coffee cup that actually keeps your drink hot for hours is invaluable. This affordable gift is also stackable, so they're not too cumbersome to store which makes it a thoughtful and useful gift, especially if you buy more than one.