11 Gifts To Get For The Instagram Lover In Your Life

While Facebook used to dominate when it came to social media, that's no longer the case. In the past few years, Instagram has become the preferred social media app, giving a platform to not just influencers, but anyone with a phone. It has reached such heights that many of us probably have friends who love Instagram so much, that not checking the app or posting on the reg is just inconceivable.

Although Instagram has changed quite a bit since its initial launch in 2010 — for example, recently removing the following tab and even removing "likes" as a means to promote less competition and better mental health among users — it still boasts over one billion active users. While some use it casually, others simply can't live without it. Whether it means being a voyeur to all the accounts you follow or being that person who posts and posts and posts nothing but perfectly curated IG photos, Instagram is there to both suck up time and give many of us the opportunity to show our followers what we want them to see.

If you happen to have friends who are so in love with Instagram that only an Instagram-related gift will do for them, here are 11 ideas to make sure their Instagram account is always on the up and up.


Perfect Selfie Ring Light + Lens

If your friend loves Instagram, there's a very good chance they're pretty into selfies too. But unlike the rest of us who just hope the lighting in the restaurant bathroom is enough to make us shine, an Instagram-loving person needs proper lighting at all times, because no other lighting will do. This ring of light illuminates the selfie-taker's face just enough to make them the right amount of perfect.


Peel And Stick Wallpaper

If there's anything Instagram-loving people adore, it's beautiful backgrounds. While a plain white background will do in some cases, it definitely doesn't offer the pizzazz of something colorful and unique. Peel and stick wallpaper gives any Instagram-loving person the opportunity to change up their background as often as they want. From ancient-looking tiles (above) that look like they were plucked off the wall of a building in Portugal, to a variety of other designs, peel and stick wallpaper is great idea.


Phone Ringer Holder

The thing with Instagram-loving people is they always, and I mean always, have their phone out and ready. One never knows when an Instagram-worthy moment will arise. An easy way to keep that phone in their hand, without the fear of them dropping it, is with a ring. And because we're talking about someone who always wants to make an impression, a glitzy ring is ideal for that.


"Read This if You Want to Be Instagram Famous" Book

What does every one of your Instagram-loving friends need, maybe even more than anything else you'll find on this list? A book about how to become the oh-so coveted Instagram famous. This books gives the reader all the tips they need on photos, captions, and what hashtags kill it when it comes to getting even more followers.



Although not all Instagram-loving people travel 90% of the year, many of them do travel quite a bit. How else are they supposed to get that epic photo of themselves in an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai? But traveling can really take a toll and because jet lag is no joke and one must always be Instagram ready, this travel kit by Aria has everything your friend needs. From moisturizers, to dental hygiene musts, and exactly what they need to get some proper shut eye on a long flight, this kit allows your friend to roll off a 16-hour-long flight looking like they're ready for their closeup.


Wide 18mm Lens

Even the best lenses on phones aren't good enough for that Instagram-loving friend who simply can't get enough of taking photos of everyone and everything. But the attachable (and detachable) wide 18mm lens can change all that. Sweeping landscapes and beautiful shots that would normally be too far away to really capture can finally be photographed as if using a digital camera with a zoom lens. This small lens will definitely take Instagram photography to the next level.


Short Saphir Necklace

We all know that Instagram-loving people are all about sparkle, shine... and, well, celebrities, too. The new brand of jewelry co-founded by Slick Woods provides adornment to make all your friend's IG photo shoots a dream come true. The pieces are delicate, yet make a statement and will be sure to pull together any look, making your friend ready to capture that extra fancy IG #content.

And the best part is this jewelry isn't just a brand, but a movement. The company reinvests 20% of the profits into underrepresented founders.


Yoobao Portable Charger

For someone who lives and dies by the 'gram, there's nothing more terrifying than a dead phone. But with a portable charger, the dead phone scaries can finally be put to bed. Small enough to fit in your pock, and sleek and stylish too, the Yoobao Portable Charger comes with two USB ports and even a flashlight — because Instagram doesn't stop just because the sun goes down.


Prabal Gurung Phone Case

For the Instagram-loving friend who's all about making a statement, look no further than this "This is what a feminist looks like," phone case by Prabal Gurung. It's perfect for those people who like to take selfies in the mirror, so every one of their followers know that this is indeed what a feminist looks like.


Portable Tripod

No matter how many friends your 'gram friend has, they can't always have them at their beck and call. That's where a portable tripod comes in handy. But this tripod isn't just any portable tripod; it's something even better: it's flexible. Your friend can twist and turn the legs of the tripod, so capturing the perfect angle is never, ever a problem.



All that perfect lighting, fancy backgrounds, and statement pieces might be great for Instagram, but what about getting a little old school with your holiday gift? While your friend will always have their favorite photos in the palm of their hand, taking their seven best images and putting them on a reel for a View-Master is a unique way for your Instagram-loving friend to admire those photos in a different medium. It also gives them the chance to show off those photos by keeping the View-Master out for anyone to pick up. People rarely walk past a View-Master and don't pick it up to check out what's inside it.

There you have it! Not only do you have a list to pull from for gifts for that Instagram-loving friend, but you can be sure your gift will end up in your friend's IG feed too: #bff #bestgift #omg #blessed.